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Summary: Dean meets the woman of his dreams, but can Sam save him in time? WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS – story is set some time post Devil's Trap and may refer to things that happened anytime during the first Season.

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Dean's Song

Chapter 1 – Long Road

Dean stood impatiently waiting for his brother to finish paying for the gas and munchies. Running his hand through his short hair, Dean frowned as he thought about the last time he had been anywhere long enough to have some down time. The truth was, he was getting tired…tired of the constant road, tired of looking over his shoulder, hell he was even tired of looking after his little brother…he needed something to take his mind off the job for a few days.

Dean slid into the driver's seat as Sam slipped into the passenger seat. Sam looked over at Dean, concerned by the paleness of his brother's skin and the dark circles under his eyes. He had noticed that Dean had been pretty bad tempered for the past couple of weeks. Actually, he couldn't blame him. They hadn't had any down time for months now. Evil never seemed to take a holiday…and neither did the Winchester boys.

They were heading towards yet another job. Sam had found a listing of mysterious deaths that had been happening around a small bed and breakfast in Ohio. The newspaper had talked about the young men that had come up missing, only to be found a few weeks later, dead. All of them had been strangled. The strange part was that there were no signs of defensive wounds on the bodies…according to the reports; they all seemed to have allowed themselves to be killed.

Sam cleared his throat as he looked at his older brother. "Heh…Dean…you know, if you don't want to do this job…we could find some place to relax and have some fun"

"Sure…and let another person die while we are sipping beers by the pool…I don't think so Sammy…let's just go and get this over with" Dean shook his head; he hadn't meant to be so sharp with Sam. He knew they both needed a break, but he couldn't seem to stop. He just kept going from job to job, knowing that when one was finished…the next one was just around the corner.

"Look Sam…I'm sorry…how about we finish this one and then take a little break, we both could use a little down time" Dean smiled as he saw his brother grin. Dean always felt better when he was making Sam happy…the kid didn't have much to smile about these days. Ever since the demon confirmed Sam's suspicions, Sam had to live with the fact that he had a large target painted on his back and that people around him could be hurt because of it.

Things used to be so simple in Dean's life…find the bad thing…shoot the bad thing…move onto the next bad thing. Then he had to drag Sam back into his world. He looked at his younger brother as he tapped his foot to the song on the radio. His brother had never liked the hunt, Dean knew this…but he also knew that the two years that Sam was gone, he had felt all alone. The demon was right about one thing…Dean did need his family more than they needed him. It was tough for Dean to accept, but he wasn't looking forward to the day when Sam would leave him.

Dean shook his head, trying to shake the morose thoughts from his brain…God, if he didn't hook up soon with a pretty woman; he was going to go stir crazy. Dean needed to unwind, and that was how he did it…he knew Sam didn't understand, but Dean didn't have room in his life right now for anyone other than his family. He needed to protect them…he didn't want to be responsible for any more people…two was plenty. So a series of one night stands was just what the doctor ordered for a tired hunter.

"You know what Sam…I wonder if there are any hot night spots where we are going? I mean, it couldn't hurt to have a little fun while we are trying to figure out the latest baddie…what do you think?" Dean smiled as he looked over at his brother…his head was leaning against the window, his eyes closed. Sam had fallen asleep.

Dean drove through the night, pulling up to the motel nearest the bed and breakfast in question. He looked over at his sleeping brother and once again smiled. At least he managed to get a few hours of sleep without being plagued by a nightmare. His brother rarely got more than a few hours at time of sleep…he didn't know how Sam was able to function. Deciding to let him sleep a few more minutes, Dean walked towards the motel office to register them and get a room. As he got near the office, he paused…there was a strange sound coming from just beyond the parking lot. He frowned trying to figure out the melody…it was unlike anything he had ever heard.

Forgetting about Sam and the motel, Dean started to walk towards the sound. It was beautiful…he had to find out who or what was making that lovely music. He continued to walk across the parking lot, not paying attention to anything but the song that he heard. Suddenly, he was jolted into awareness when he heard a different sound…it was the sound of a semi-truck's horn. Before Dean could react, he felt himself being shoved forward and a large body falling on top of him.

Dean tried to turn to see who was on top of him, when he saw the blood dripping on his hand. "What the hell…Oh my god…Sammy!" Dean carefully rolled out from under his brother's unconscious body. The truck driver had stopped a short distance ahead and was running back towards both boys. "Hey man…what did you think you were doing? You walked right out in front of my rig…if that guy hadn't run out, you would have been a goner…is he ok?"

Dean gently rolled Sam over, quickly looking for injuries. He could see the gash on his brother's head that was the source of the blood…he must have hit his head as he fell. He also noticed the torn jeans and bloody knee…Sam must have been clipped by the truck as he shoved Dean out of the way. "Damn it Sammy…why the hell did you have to do that!" Dean looked up at the truck driver who was obviously trying to decide whether or not to dial 911.

"Look, I'm sorry man…I just thought I saw someone I knew over there…I wasn't paying any attention. My car is right over there, could you help me get my brother into it…don't worry, I think he just hit his head when he fell…I'm sure he'll be ok" The truck driver nodded with relief and helped Dean get Sam into the passenger seat of the Impala. He gave Dean his name and phone number, just in case and returned to his rig.

Dean couldn't believe what happened…the last thing he remembered was heading for the motel office…how did he end up in the middle of the friggin' street? Shaking his head, he once again headed for the motel office, quickly arranging for a room at the end of the row. He parked in front of the room and opened the door. As he returned to the car to get Sam, he noticed that his brother was starting to move.

"Hey little brother…we gotta work on your reflexes…you almost got splatted by a slow moving truck!" Dean watched as Sam opened his eyes and groaned.

"Dean…what the hell were you doing man? I woke up and saw you walking across the parking lot…I called and you kept walking…what were you thinking?" Sam squinted as he felt the cut on his head.

"Lets get you inside and cleaned up first Sammy…I need to make sure that you don't have a concussion…and I also need to take a closer look at that knee…does anything else hurt or can you make into the room?" Dean watched as Sam carefully placed his feet on the ground and stood. Sam grabbed the door and began to sway as soon as he stood upright.

"That's what I thought…ok, just lean on me little brother…I'll get you into the room!" Dean grunted as he took most of Sam's weight. He noticed that his little brother wasn't able to put much pressure on his injured leg. Great…it looked like Sam had more than a skinned knee.

Dean helped Sam onto the bed and placing pillows behind his back and under his injured knee told Sam to stay put until he could get their stuff in. Dean stopped outside the motel room and looked across the parking lot…why had he gone over there? Not wanting to keep Sam waiting, Dean went to the car and grabbed their bags…he would figure out what happened later after he had taken care of Sam.

As the door closed behind Dean, a lone figure appeared between the buildings across the street. A sad smile appeared on the face of the beautiful woman as she turned and disappeared into the shadows…she had found her next soul mate.


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