A One Shot Day After Tomorrow Fan Fiction

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Summary: A girl who saw Sam before leaving with the Police man and the large group of people who left the library not knowing their fate realize when she looked it to Sam's eyes that she was going to die for leaving with the group of people. Before her departure from the Library she thinks of how she could get away from her family and make it back… Though she would not.

A Young Woman's Dying Thoughts

I don't really have a name. I guess you can call me Molly if you would like. I can feel the cold wind blowing on my cheeks as my mother drags me down the ice that the rest of the group was walking on. I don't really know what I'm thinking now but I've realized that soon I may die. I can't really explain my reasons because; there was a young man who knew what the storm would do once the eye of the storm was over us.

Maybe I should start from the beginning from when I heard him shout towards the large group of us leaving and how his words seemed so honest and hopeful that we would all stay. My mother had taken my hand as I tried to leave her side and said something to me that I could not understand. I wanted to live. I had this feeling that I was going to die soon if I left.

You see now as I stand in the cold with my brown long hair sticking to my pale wind burned face I realize as my blood is slowly freezing from walking for so long that if I really wanted to live I wouldn't have let my mother take my hand. I would have run to this boy whom was trying to save our lives. I can tell that the storm is dying down now and all I can do is pray that it is for the best. My mother had already passed one night as we slept. She was already weak because of her asthma. Cold wind and she do not mix to well.

I remember holding her cold body to mine and saying that I was sorry I couldn't save her. The Police man had grabbed my arm and yet I pulled away and tried to run back to the library before the eye of the storm came over us. Though I didn't make it and just fell to the ground as the cold air started to freeze my body I remembered how much I got out of life. Dying in this isn't the worst thing that could have happened to me. We are human and we all make mistakes by making our global temperature rise make the climates shift. I felt my heart finally stop in a second of being in the eye of the storm. I wanted to live though this but I knew that I wouldn't. I died hearing the young man's voice in my mind warning us about the storm… If I only knew I had the strength to run from my authority before I would have maybe lived. Take it from someone who didn't listen to their instincts. When the worst hits, don't let someone else control your movements. Take your own actions and if you pass… Then you pass it wouldn't be because you were weak it would have been because it was your time.

A/N: Yay One Shot Done. I Didn't Feel Like Writing So Much So I Decided This Would Be Fun. Well Maybe Someday I'll Write A Day After Tomorrow Fan Fiction That Is The Real Thing. Toodles!