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Joey and Seto have a pre-established relationship, and are both 24 years old. Just thought I'd give you an FYI. I hope you enjoy this story, and if not, tell me what I can do to make it better. :D


They found him on a Monday.

He was laying in an alley in downtown Tokyo. No one was sure why they would take him to Tokyo. After all, that was where all the people knew him, and where they were searching for him.

He was found by his boyfriend, who had decided to take that alley on his way to work that day.

The man's boyfriend managed to call the hospital before he completely broke down, sobbing and screaming, in the middle of the dark and dank alley. He clutched to his boyfriend, pleading to all the god's he didn't believe in, for his boyfriend to just be okay.

He was never very high on the God's list, so it was easy for them to over look him once more.

His boyfriend was rushed to the hospital, where he slept for 2 days. All the friends of his boyfriend came to offer their support, but the boyfriend was deaf to all of their words. He just kept praying for his love to wake up.

The man in the hospital died at the end of the second day.

Seto Kaiba was 24.

Joey was numb for 5 days after that, before the pain hit him. And it hit him hard.

He committed suicide on that same day, a Monday. He walked to the alley Seto was found in and slit his wrists. He was discovered with a smile on his face.

Joey Wheeler was 24.

They were buried side by side, in a plot of land under an old oak tree...on a Monday.

Here lies Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler

Both will be remembered as the great people they were by the people they left behind

We hope they find peace together in the afterlife


Wow, that was both really terrible AND really sad. Man, my writing SUCKS! This is the first story I've written in my life, so I know it sucks. But I would appreciate any constructive criticisms or advice people have to offer.

In case I wasn't too clear (which I'm betting I wasn't) Seto was kidnapped a few days prior to being found, where he received lots of fatal injuries.

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