(By now I probably have a reputation of never finishing any elder scrolls story I start on.

It'll be different this time I swear. You know I'm good for it! Besides when I wrote them my knowledge of Tamriel Lore was incomplete. Oblivion filled in the gaps.)


The Tsaesci were proud of being one of the strongest cultures and empires on the continent of Akavir, their only real rivals being the Ka Po' Tun. Their cities stood tall and proud, a symbol of their domination over their lands and as a sign of superiority to the Goblin slaves. Their armies were near invincible in combat and for some time they had been building up their military force in preparation of finishing their vendetta against the land to the west, the fair Tamriel.

What came to them instead was a massacre.

On their own shores.

The ships appeared in the skies above their cities at dawns light and the attacks came within the hour, strange creatures falling down from the flying vessels above to crash onto the ground breaking buildings where they dropped.

Beings made completely out of metal, articulated machines that moved like living creatures and literally stomped on any resistance.

The snake men desperately tried to defend themselves but their swords, arrows and daggers did not even faze these invaders and within a single day their grand empire was burning. These strikes had been planned, maliciously, down to the last detail. The Snakemen and their goblin foot soldiers died where they stood. Even hatchlings were left rotting in the streets as these mechanical destroyers marched.

Their ships sank in their own harbours and the siege weapons crushed underfoot.

Force to flee, whatever remained of the Tsaesci army ran into the forests desperately seeking sanctuary.

The invaders apparently were not satisfied with the victory. They wanted blood.

Their mechanical servants set the trees ablaze in a flash of light that rocketed from their arms, giant clouds of smoke bellowing up into the sky as they forced the hiding serpents out and as they tried to flee crushed them underfoot like earthworms. The screams and cries of the Tsaesci as they died were horrific to hear.

One of the Tsaesci slithered through the undergrowth, extremely out of breath and covered in bruises and cuts. A serious wound had been dealt to his side as a deep gash down ran across his flesh. The light from the fires casting long shadows over him, hiding his golden form amongst the bushes as the steal giants wandered along nearby. Lights from the top of their heads scanned the ground, searching for any stragglers. The snakeman forced himself to hold his breath, desperately trying not to give himself away.

The smell of burning flesh from his comrades was thick in his nostrils, along with the scent of spilt blood quickly mixing with wet earth and smoke.

The light passed over him, shafts of it lancing through the gaps in the undergrowth.

Slowly the light began to move on, but froze when it passed over the tip of his tail jutting out from underneath.

With the loud groaning of turning gears, the metal behemoth pushed itself through the trees as it moved forward. Cursing loudly the Tsaesci made a break for it; sliding quickly down a grove in an attempt to loose the giant.

It kept coming after him, the foliage and trees no obstacle to its movement. It kept going; a merciless' pursuer.

Tired, frightened and injured the Tsaesci found himself slowing until finally he stopped completely in a clearing. Within moment the tress broke open the bi-pedal metallic walker lumbered out. It stood for a moment at the edge of the clearing itself before moving slowly forward, the ground shaking underneath each massive footstep. The strange torchlight from the top of its head falling down the exhausted snake's body.

Then it moved up to highlight a pair of feet directly next to the Tsaesci's nose. The snake looked up.

Standing there was an elf, short but with golden skin like an altmer. His jet snow white and long, tied back into a ponytail behind him. His hands were placed on his hips in fists and Most of his body was hidden the shadows cast by the fires so his face was obscured and the Tsaesci was too tired to note details.

"Neravar…" The towering mechanical beast seemed to hiss as two jets of steam shot out from the machinery on its back. The elf scowled and stepped forward, reaching behind him to draw two curved swords in each hand out of scabbards strapped across his bare back.

"I recognise you." It said. "Even with that armour I recognise your kind." More steam vented itself from the machine and it knelt down onto one knee. The massive steal chest plate across its front pealed back like the petals of a flower, revealing a collection of gears and pipes that vented even more steam. These slid aside to show that inside was a throne of some kind and seated upon it was a body. Dead white and thin like a corpse but the eyes alive with anger and rage. Thin wires fed from the machine into the sky of the thin arms, infesting through the flesh like worms. "But even so I… a fate like this…" The elf continued. "Was this how you were able to survive?"

"Only those most injured." Came the reply, but not from the lips of the body. It seemed as if the machine itself were speaking. "Those too damaged for rejuvenation are now on permanent life support." The elf scowled and stepped closer. "This purgatorial existence is what you damned more of my race than can be counted."

"And yet here you are. If you feel so much revolution for this life than why are you doing this?"

"The pursuit of justice."

The armour around the metallic body slid back into place concealing the corpse within from view. The machine rose back up onto its long legs. And the trees broke apart as three more colossal beats stomped out into the clearing, the four of them forming a circle around the exhausted snake and the elf.

"I'm warning you." The elf stated. "Try it and you will die." The two curved scimitar swords in his grasp sparked and began burning, one with fire and the other with lightning.

"No Neravar. Death is not for us." The machines all stated as one as their arms protected out from their bodies and moved to face the elf. "Only for you." The fire light shot forward meaning to burn the elf alive, but a second before it struck it crossed the two swords in front of himself forming a barrier. The light struck him and then rebounded, flying back to the machines.

It struck them like lightning, tearing out their insides and burning what lay within. All four swayed like drunkards before toppling over and crashing to the ground. The machines caught fire as they fell and lay there silently burning. Searchlights from above cast themselves down onto the clearing as the form of one of the invaders colossal flying ships began crossing the sky's overhead.

"Help me…" The Tsaesci called out, reaching up towards the elf. "Help me please." The elf glanced back over his shoulder at him for a moment, then up at the ship as it crossed over them with its light highlighting the entire clearing. Muttering something under its breath, the elf took hold of the snake man and pulled the injured creature up onto his shoulders.

A long succession of fire light came flying down from the ship and as it struck the forest the trees burst into flames.

The elf burst into a run as the fire behind him exploded through the forest, incinerating anything in its path. The elf ran with trained agility and jumped across rocks and fallen trees with acrobatic grace, his abilities proving the only thing keeping him ahead as the fire consumed more and more trees.

He stopped as he came to the edge of a cliff, a sheer one hundred foot drop from the top to the canyon below. The fire behind them continued, its roar growing louder as it soured after them. The elf glanced back just in time to see the ship rise up high above them and more light fire streamed down from its hull, the fire ball following them hurrying its pace until it was nearly on top of them.

Faced with a lack of option, the Elf backed up a short distance before running at the edge and leaping off it. The trees exploded after him a moment later and the entire cliff top was engulfed in fire.

The entire empire of the Tsaesci was exterminated within a single day and the survivors scattered into the wilderness of Akavir. The invaders did not pursue them too far inland. They did not wish to provoke the Ka Po' Tun or even Tosh Raka himself, at least not yet. They had other concerns and now they land on which to build, base far away from their enemies.

One by one the flying vessels landed amongst the rubble and landing struts were deployed, large metallic mesh ramps stretching out from the hulls until they touched the ground. Out of them came a marching army, striding forward to secure their new land. The ground shook in resonance to their in time marching, the sunlight gleaming off their polished bronze armour.

"This is a great day." Their leader declared, raising his sword high in the air before those assembled before him. "Can you feel that brothers? The light of Nirn's sun on your back? Or the fresh breeze in the air?" The army before him roared in agreement, lifting their own weapons high. "Our return is joyous enough, but we have cause for added celebration.

This is the day we begin our campaign of justice. The day where the evil that sent us beyond Oblivion itself is destroyed forever and our place in the sun is eternally left unchallenged." He smiled almost sadistically. "What say you?"

The army roared and lifting their swords, battle axes and cross bows high they declared almost in one voice…

"Death to the Houses, Destruction to Resdayn, Oblivion to the Chimer!"

The Dark Dragon observed and was pleased with what it saw.