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"Normal stuff" is talking.

/Italics and slashes/ are Draco's thoughts.

Bold words are Draco's inner voice talking.

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"I have to what?"

Lucius sighed heavily. "You are to date Mr. Krum. Apparently, he is of your persuasion." The blond man looked at his son, giving the boy time to take in this information.

"I don't even know him. I've never even talked to him." Draco felt his lungs clench and his heart beat faster. He knew his father was watching him and willed his heart to calm down. He took a deep breath before speaking. "When?" he asked, looking at the man before him.

"After the match you will go with him."

"W-with him? Where to?" Draco knew he was asking too many questions and testing his father's patience, but he couldn't control himself. The man clenched his teeth trying to keep from yelling at the boy.

"You will go wherever Mr. Krum sees fit," he growled out.

Draco's eyes widened and he was sure his annoying heart had ceased it's incessant beating. "Alone?"

Lucius sneered. "Of course alone you impudent child!" He smirked noticing how lost the boy was.

Draco watched the Bulgarian the entire game, noting how he would pride himself each time he dodged a particularly angry-looking bludger. He had to admit, he was quite taken by the man. His handsome face was entrancing, not to mention his broad shoulders and solid chest. /This won't be so bad...I guess/ Draco thought to himself, his eyes following Krum as he shot towards the small flicker of gold off to the right. He flew after the snitch gracefully, catching it and winning the match against the Irish. As the crowed roared, Draco suddenly realized the game was over. His heart began to pound against his ribs again, and his eyes widened. Looking over at his son and seeing Draco's expression, Lucius smirked and leaned in close to make sure only the boy heard him.

"I hope you have a way to congratulate him."

Draco paled at his father's words, causing the slight pink tinges that naturally graced his cheeks to evaporate. /C-c-congratulate him/ Draco thought frantically.

"Are you sure he's even like that?"

"Please! That barbarian would screw anything with an orifice."

Not knowing exactly why, Draco felt a little offended by the statement his father made, but showed no sign of it for he knew that was the main reason Lucius had said it.

After the game was over Draco and his father headed for Krum's tent. Draco was a ball of nerves. He tried to calm himself by humming and wringing his hands together. By the time they reached the tent entrance his hands were red from the friction. They waited as the Minister announced their presence and entered after they received permission. Draco trailed behind his father, hesitating only for a split second. He was somewhat relieved to see a tall, bushy man with a thick accent and black teether rather than Krum himself.

"Viktor is in the shower, but he should be soon done," the large man said before offering them tea.

The platinum haired boy sipped his tea nervously, every now-and-then, answering the few questions directed at him. His imagination got the best of him and soon Draco found himself playing out various possible situations between him and the Bulgarian that was currently showering. He stared into his cup as he swirled the non translucent liquid, creating a small whirlpool in the center. Draco barely noticed when the quidditch player walked into the room in nothing save for the small towel held in place on his waist by his large hand. A look of surprise spread across his face and he looked at the large man that had greeted Draco, his father and the Minister. Apparently he hadn't been expecting them, or if he was, he must have thought it would be at a later time. Draco, however, didn't notice any of this being too distracted by the man's wide chest, shiny from the water that still clung to him from his shower.

/Oh my/ Draco thought. /What am I doing? Stop staring before someone notices/ Finally he was able to tear his eyes away as the tall foreign man apologized.

"I am very sorry, he wasn't expecting you all so soon." Krum gave a nod and turned, leaving to get dressed.

Lucius snorted silently. However, Draco, having spent so much time with the man, caught the snort of disgust. /Great! He's probably going to give Krum ideas now that he's angry/Draco thought, his grip on the small teacup tightening. After several moments, Krum emerged, fully clothed and looking ready. Draco couldn't bring himself to look at the man, fearing any sort of contact with Krum, even visual. He feared what he would see in the seeker's eyes. Or even worse, what the seeker would see in his. /What's wrong with me? I'm a Malfoy./ He could feel his blood begin to boil.

"Well, shall we let these two fine young men get to know each other?" The Minister's voice broke through Draco's anger at himself.

/The Minister is in on it too/ Draco thought, his eyes widening ever so slightly.

Lucius smirked inwardly seeing his son's eyes widen. /The fool thinks the Minister is in on it./ "Yes," he looked at his son. "It's not everyday a fan gets to meet his favourite Quidditch player."

Draco relaxed somewhat upon hearing those words. /Thank the stars the Minister doesn't know./The three men said their farewells and filed out of the tent one by one. Once alone, Krum turned to Draco, watching the thinner boy. Draco felt Krum's eyes boring into his flesh. After several moments, he couldn't stand it any longer. He cleared his throat and stood in front of the solid figure.

"Draco Malfoy," he said nervously, holding out his hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Viktor Krum," the man said thickly, engulfing Draco's small hand in his monstrous palm. "Are you ready?"

"R-ready? For what?" Draco felt all the moisture leave him, leaving his mouth barren.


Draco followed Krum, not daring to find out what would happen if he didn't. They arrived in one of the back rooms of the tent where a lone shinguard sat on the table in the center of the room.

/Such a fitting portkey/ Draco thought.

Krum placed a hand, palm up, before Draco, who took it with little hesitation. Everything around them swirled and their stomachs flip-flopped as they teleported out of the room in the tent and to somewhere Draco could only guess. It took a few moments for their insides to stop spinning, even as the world around them halted to a stand still. The two of them stood in a pub Draco had never before seen, let alone entered. Krum tugged on the pale boy's arm as he lead him to a nearby table seated a shaded corner. Once there the two sat down and a waitress came over. Before Draco could even think to respond, Krum ordered and the waitress was gone. /Well I can't speak Bulgarian anyways./ Draco thought to himself. He could feel Krum's eyes on him again, scrutinizing. /Where the fuck is that damned waitress/ He began to feel anxious, picking invisible lint off of his sleeves. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the waitress returned carrying the drinks.

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