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"It's time to wake up, love." The blonde lay on the garden pathway unconscious.

"Come on, love. You must get up," the wispy voice spoke again.

Draco groaned, regaining consciousness painfully slow. His eyes opened to complete darkness. Nothing was heard save for the sound of his own heartbeat as it pulsed loudly in his ears. Slowly, he lifted himself off the ground. His head swam as pain flooded his senses. He reached up with his left hand, his fingers pressing the newly blossomed bruise. Dry blood crumbled under his fingertips as he tried to determine just how bad it was.

A tickling sensation in his right hand caught his attention, and he looked down. Some of the deep thorn scratches had reopened, the blood snaking down his arm. A small breeze surrounded him and he gasped at the horrible stinging the seemingly gentle wind caused on his arm. Draco groaned once again as he searched his pockets for his wand. After several moments of double checking each pocket, Draco cursed loudly and began to stand.

"Shit, I must've left it in my room. Stupid."

He dusted himself off, tiny specks of dust flying off in all directions. Slowly, Draco proceeded through the garden, toeing the ground to avoid another spill. It was nearly ten minutes before Draco came to the garden's entrance. He paused to take in a deep breath then opened the door. The hall was softly lit with candles which felt like direct sunlight to the blonde's dark-adjusted eyes.

"It's nighttime already? How long was I out for?"

/If I had to guess, I'd say seven to eight hours./

'Oh not you again. I was sure that fall had gotten rid of you.'

/Oh but Draco love, you can't get rid of me that easily./ Draco rolled his eyes and made his way to his room.


Draco crumpled atop the soft mattress, his face in a pillow; the plush cushioning felt wonderful on his achy body. His injuries, however, refused to let him forget his accident in the garden. Grumbling, he rose and headed to the bathroom. He grabbed a small wash cloth and, wetting a corner, began to gently clean the gash on his temple. Despite the amount of blood covering it, the gash was not as big as he thought it was. Covering the cut with a band-aid, he let the water in the sink run as he peeled the stained and torn shirt from the injuries on his arm, wincing. He washed away the caked blood carefully trying to avoid reopening the thin gashes yet again. Once clean, Draco shut off the water and wrapped a towel around his arm as he made his way out of the bathroom. He threw himself down on the bed and closed his eyes.

After a few moments, Draco felt the as though someone sat down next to him on the bed. The person's breath ghosted across his cheek as they leaned over him. The rough pad of a warm finger traced the shell of his ear gently causing the skin to tingle. Draco's breathing hitched at the touch and his pulse began to quicken. The finger left his earlobe and began to trail down the side of his pale throat. Draco let out a soft moan as the touches continued.


Suddenly everything stopped save the finger, which was now drawing swirls on the pale skin. Draco's ears buzzed as he realized who the voice belonged to. Silence took over and the only sound in the room was Draco's quick breathing. He squeezed his eyes shut, lights dancing behind the scrunched lids, as he shook his head slightly.

"No," he began. "You're not here."

"Oh but I am." The voice whispered. Warm breath sent shivers down Draco's spine as the other pressed his cheek against the blonde's. The hand returned and slid down Draco's smooth cheek, caressing the now pink flesh.

"See" it spoke again. "I'm just as real as you are."

Draco let out another moan as the large hand wrapped itself around his slender neck, feeling the blood flow quickly beneath the skin.

"Look at me" the voice said huskily, applying a small amount of pressure to Draco's neck. Draco drew in a shallow breath as he opened his eyes to the man above him.

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