Hi this is some mindless babble that has been floating around my head. Well it isn't mindless, and I hope you all enjoy it, and there aren't too many mistakes that make it entirely too difficult to understand. Basically, the story is going to be about Harry, after Hogwarts, after the defeat of Voldemort, and what happens when life goes on. I am usually a hard core Harry and Hermione, but in this story it will be different, someone we do not know from the Harry Potter Series.

I hope the beginning is ok; I just want to set some ground precedence for the rest of the story.

Also Harry might be a little bitter in this story; it just seems to work for him. Enjoy and tell me what you think. Oh yes my name is Ema, and I do not own any of the brilliance J.K. Rowling has come to create, I just enjoy my own plots and giving life to a different dimension to her work.

Chapter One:

The Day Had Finally Come

The day had finally come. The day he read about in the society pages of a muggle London paper. "Dr. and Mrs. Granger are happy to announce the engagement between their own daughter, Hermione Aurelia Granger M.D. to Ronald Billius Weasley," and the announcement went on to regale the story of the two meeting in school, becoming friends and finally getting engaged once school was over and they settled into careers.

Let's say he continued to look at the announcement until after his tea had cooled considerably. After he muttered a quick warming spell, he memorized the set date of the wedding and where it was too be held. The announcement added a small gathering of friends and family would celebrate with the couple their coming nuptials. But like all planned "small gatherings" turned out to be a party of 400, and counting.

So when he woke up on that brisk Thursday in late spring, he dressed in formal attire and managed to secure himself a secret spot behind a pillar and be able to watch the ceremony take place.

"Breath Potter," He muttered to himself as the wedding march was banged on the organ keys, "Slow and silent." The wedding party entered, all Weasley's relations someway or another, and then the doors open to reveal, Hermione Granger, in a flowing white dress, march down the isle on her father's arm.

He watched as his two friends exchange loving looks between each other, he mastered their deceptive glances at the age of thirteen when the bickering between the two started to take off. How many times had he caught a strange look coming from Ron, when he and Hermione were studying for Potions, or secret glances from Hermione during dinner when he was seated next to Ron.

From behind his stone pillar he watched the two stand next to each other, dressed in muggle finery and take the blessing of faith, the blessing of magic and the knowledge of the bonded union they were to enter when returning words of love and commitment to each other.

Cries of happiness erupted from the gallery when Ron leaned in to capture the first kiss from his wife, and silently bonded the union completely. As they walked down the isle shaking hands, and hugging family, they rushed into a car that was to take them to the Burrow for a family and friends only reception.

"Well if it isn't Potter." A voice muttered from behind him. He turned and looked straight at a blond headed git. "You taking to the shadows as well then?" Malfoy asked in an aristocratic voice.

"You could say I was torn between which side of the church to sit on, groom side or the bride's side." Harry lied, and Malfoy only nodded.

"I completely understand, my invite must have been lost in the mail as well." Malfoy muttered and watched as the guests hang back and talk awhile allowing the bride and groom a few minutes to get a head. Harry glared at his childhood rival, but nodded back. "Never thought I would see the day when the golden trio was split. Although from what I have heard and observed, it's been broken for awhile."

Harry shrugged and gazed at the Weasley Clan slowly apparating off to the reception and as the crowd thinned, Malfoy asked, "Well shall we make to the reception, I heard the famous Burrow Cakes are to be served promptly."

"Malfoy, one question before we go, why all the civility?" Harry snapped, and Malfoy only smirked in response before muttering.

"Because, you deserved it."

The two companions apparated just outside the party placed an appearance charm on each other and walked into the reception under the guises of Lord James Black, and Damien Savoy, sons of the bride's father's cousins.

The switched some name cards to be seated at the same table near the back of the room not to gain to much attention, but at weddings what percentages are really known on a first name base. The watched the toasting of couples from various friends: Ginerva Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, Colin Creevey.

"Makes you feel kind of sick." Damien Savoy muttered as Dean Thomas, the best man stood beside the groom with a flute of champagne in the air and sang out a love song to the two. Hermione's eyes filled with tears, and when the song came to the end Ron stood and hugged the guy. James Black only snorted in acknowledgment went the first chorus repeated twice. "So when are you going to make your toast?"

James Black whipped his head to his "cousin" and shook it no. "It's their day; I am not here to dismantle it in anyway."

"Wow, Pot-Black you think of that rhyme all by yourself?" He snapped. "Surely you mean to say something; you were their best friend for more than a decade." Harry could only shrug his shoulders.

Damien Savoy leaned over with his butter knife and clanged his "cousins" champagne flute and every eye turned to him. The wedding party shifted its view and the red faced Lord James Black stood.

"Hi, all I would like to toast the couple," Harry stood knowing his disguise was unrecognizable and stares of confusion filled the table of his friends and his once surrogate family. He raised his flute in the air and as he was to congrats and wassail the couple Malfoy elbowed him. "Although I may seem a mere spectator, but from the beginning of this wedding and the reception, I have only come to know the love the two share and the blinding love and compassion they have for friends and family, and the love they have in return. I have come to feel welcome and blessed just to sit in the great presence of this couple," and before he knew it, he felt a light tap on the leg and his eyes connected with Malfoy, who smiled cheekily back at him.

"Cut the crap you tosser." Malfoy muttered and the green eyes pierced his forehead.

The entire party went quiet and all eyes stuck to the man that stood before with the champagne in his hand. Hermione's eyes filled with tears and redness crept up the back of Ron's neck.

"Harry," Hermione whispered breaking the only sound of breathing. Harry held his hand up to her before she could rattle off some piss poor excuse.

"Let me begin again," Harry stared hard at the couple, he looked around the room at the other Weasley Clan, Molly was crying, Arthur looked down but he was disappointed in himself, George looked straight back at him apologizing with his eyes, Bill seemed to preoccupied with what was going on and Percy only seemed to look at him the same way he always did and that Harry nodded to him.

"The day has finally come, a day of forging new bonds, of love, marriage and friendship. A friendship based on day when a bunch of first years took on a troll in the Hogwarts bathroom. The day has come when a book of one life time has been shut and shelved so another can begin anew and refreshed, chains linking from the past cut and tossed aside so a new love can grow and prosper. I just never thought I was one of those chains. Love is a fickle thing, so enjoy it now because it is one feeling that can be earned, and lost in the matter of a lifetime. So I take leave of you now, no longer to bother you as the Boy Who Lived twice, or the Boy Who Was Forgotten, but as a well wisher, I only wish I can bestow half the courtesy you two have shown me for the past two years sometime. Salute and have a happy life, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley." Harry raised his flute, all eyes on his, he took one last swig and apparated away.