"Ring Ring,"No one answered. Ichigo sighed as she put down the receiver again.

"Still can't find him?" Ryou Shirogane pulled a chair and sat down beside her. It had been almost a week after their arrival back to Tokyo. Ichigo wanted to tell Aoyama all that had happened, however, no matter how hard she tried, she just could never find him.

"It's like he's trying to avoid me," She sighed again as she cupped her chin with her hands.

Ryou Shirogane looked down at her. A stranger walking by would think that he was oblivious to this girl's feelings, his cold blue eyes hardly giving away any emotion. However, everyone who knew him knew that he was a very kind person who always hid his feelings. He had let Ichigo go away with the person he thought that she loved. Though, deep down, he knew that she was the only one for him.

Ichigo turned to him," What are you thinking about?"


"Whatever happened to Nushka?" Ichigo thought aloud.

"Whereever she is, she is to far away to bother us anyway," Ryou reassured her.

From somewhere in the shadows, someone was listening. And that someone smirked to herself. "Foolish mortals, I will get my revenge. The time is nearing. And I will teach you a lesson," With another smirk, she disappeared.