"Haha, you lose. I told you Elder Hitsuzen would choose Ryou."

"It's not fair, Tanpopo. You're closer to Elder Hitsuzen. Obviously, you would know who he chose," Yopopo stuck out her tongue at him.

"What are you two arguing about this time?" Both angels froze. "N-nothing, Elder Hitsuzen."

"Well, run along now."

"Yes Elder Hitsuzen," They raced each other off to their house. The elder sighed, "Kids."

He smiled gently as he looked at Ichigo and Ryou hugging each other, "I hope I my advice was helpful, Ichigo, as it always is." With that, the elder vanished with a wave of his cloak, help many more realize the path that the were meant to walk.

RomanceAddiction: Recently, I've been reading Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCAL so I couldn't resist adding in that bit about Hitsuzen. Heehee:P If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, then you should read the first book.:) Finally, I've reached the end of my Ryou's Heart trilogy. I will not be writing for a while to complete my fanfic pictures. But don't stop looking out for more of my stories. Till then BB nyaa :3