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All Warm and Fuzzy: 100 Theme Drabbles

By Jessa Martin

#92 Apron

"Come on, Mamoru, just put it on!" Motoki thrust the offensive article of clothing toward his friend.

"There's no way I'm putting that thing on! Let me wear yours instead; after all, I'm doing you a favor by filling in for Unazuki. There's no way you'd be able to serve all these customers by yourself," Mamoru pointed out to an increasingly frazzled looking Motoki.

Motoki looked around anxiously. He knew Mamoru was right; the Crown arcade was practically overflowing with customers waiting to be served and Motoki's sister, but more importantly his number one waitress, Unazuki, had just called in sick. Although Motoki was on the edge of a nervous breakdown, his sanity was holding on by a string – an apron string to be exact. Even though the situation was quickly becoming a full-fledged catastrophe, Motoki was comforted by two constants in his life: his favorite red apron and his trusty rag for wiping down the countertop, and he was not about to hand over his apron to Mamoru no matter how big of a favor he was doing him.

Looking down at the "Kiss the Cook" apron, complete with a fire-red lip pattern, he was wringing in his hands, Motoki tried desperately to think of a way to get Mamoru to put it on when he suddenly remembered where he had gotten it from. "You know, Mamoru, Usagi-chan gave this to me as a gift after she visited some family members in the United States. She told me how adorable she thought it was and how great it would be a great reminder to my female customers to 'thank me' for providing such great service."

Mamoru raised an eyebrow and gave Motoki a skeptical look.

"I stopped wearing it after Reika and I started dating, but whenever I would wear it Usagi-chan would always give me a kiss after I brought her a chocolate milkshake."

At that moment the arcade doors slid open and Usagi herself bounced in happily with her pigtails swinging from side to side.

Mamoru froze for a moment as he watched the girl skip about happily then practically flying tackled Motoki as he snatched the apron out of his hands.

"Just remember, I get to take her order."