Rashid nodded as he let out a small sigh of relief

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Chapter 9: When they promised

Rashid nodded as he let out a small sigh of relief. Even though he had seen how cruel some of the people in this country had treated their slaves, he was sure that his master was in good hands.

Prince Trowa really cares for Master Quatre, Rashid thought, maybe he will be good for Master.

There was definitely something different from the boy he had known for few years before he disappeared. The boy who the whole Maganac Corps had devoted themselves to.

"Master changed again," Rashid said sadly.

"Pardon me for asking, why do you refer him as Master Quatre instead of Prince Quatre? After all he was the prince. Isn't Prince Quatre a better title to call him with?" Treize asked the ambassador.

"To say the truth, Master Quatre is not a prince to us but our master. We, the Maganac Corps, will always follow our Master no matter what. Even if he was no longer a prince, Master Quatre will always be our master," the large man said firmly.

"That's what I am curious about. From what I understand, Maganac Corps is a rebel group. Why would a prince like Quatre be acquainted with a rebel group? That's not all, how could a rebel leader like you become one of the generals of Mag?" Treize inquired.

"I must say you did have some detailed understanding of Mag though it was outdated. Not many people know of my past. But yes, it's true that I am the leader of Maganac Corps. However, Maganac Corps is not a rebel group now though it used to be one. And that's because of Master Quatre. In the past, we fought against the government for rights of the people. But now, we are working with the government to help them make the country a better place though we serve only Master Quatre. It's actually a long story. When Master Quatre said he met us earlier, well, that's an understatement, seeing that we basically just kidnapped him," Rashid answered with a smile, "and seriously, Master Quatre was such a brat at that time."

"Quatre? A brat?" Wufei said incredulously, "I don't believe it."

Neither could anyone in the room except Rashid. The sweet boy they knew for sometime sure did not look like a spoiled brat.

"Well, Master Quatre changed a lot since then," Rashid smiled as he thought of the sulking boy that he had seen in the carriage some years ago, "when I first met him, he was just a spoiled and ignorant child who was bitter about everything in the world."

"Welcome to the Maganac Corps's village, Prince Quatre."

"Who are you?"

"You have no need of my name, Your Highness. You just need to know that you are our hostage. At least until our demands are met."

"Well, then I'm sorry. I don't think I'm worth much. After all, I love no one and am loved by no one. Now where is the place I'm staying? The dungeon? A shed? Or what?"

"He was really different then. The way he looked at the others. It was like no one was worth anything. Not even himself," Rashid said sadly, "he was just so bitter about everything. He thought he was just a tool."

"A tool?" Trowa asked quietly as he thought of the dark times.

"Yes, a tool as an heir," Rashid said sadly, "he was so angry and bitter about anything. He did not care for anything and nothing worth anything to him."

"What? Is my father surprised to see his heir act on his own?"

"Is that how you view yourself, Prince Quatre? As a puppet? "

"Does it matter? I am just something Father wanted to use as a tool. He just wants an heir! Someone he can control! Never once does he ask me what I want? So why should I care? He just thinks that he can control all of us. Well, I am going to show him wrong! I refuse to be his puppet!"

"Do you really think that your father think of you as only an heir he can manipulate? Do you think your father just want you alive just so someone can take over him when he died? That everything he does is just out of duty?"

"Of course, it is for his greed and power. He never cares for me!"

"If that's the case why would he agree to all our terms and only insisting that we do not harm you? Why would he agree to come out of his palace and negotiate with us personally? Why would he be anxious about the safety of his son?"

"That's just a show for others! I know what he's thinking! He thinks I am worthless! He never cares about me!"


"What? What did you do that for? I'm a prince! You cannot slap me!"

"Do you think I care? Show some pride for yourself! If you are truly a prince, hold yourself as one! Stop thinking only about yourself! Think about your family! Your Father, the country, the people! Stop being so immature! You are the prince! Someday all the lives of the people in this country will be in your hands? Are they just as worthless as yours? If yes, I will kill you now. I might die for murdering the crown prince. But it will be worth it if more people would not die."

"I… I…"

"We are rebels because we are fighting for rights of people who have no way of fighting back. We might die first before achieving anything but we are prepared to die. If our deaths could change lives of others for the better, they are worth it. At least our lives are worth something. Do you know what kind of lives some of the people are leading? You are a prince! You live in luxury. You have a father who is a king. Yet, he drops everything to come out of his palace to make sure that his only son is alright. Yet, you don't see it. You think it is worthless. Do you know how many children out there wanted to be in your place? Not because of money or power. But because of kinship! There are children who grow up without knowing their fathers."

"Well, they can have my father if they want. It's… the same."

"Do you know why we, the Maganac Corps, fight so hard? Most of us are orphans. We grow up in the desert. We know how hard it is. That's why we are fighting to stop more children from losing their parents. Yet, our crown prince doesn't even care about his own father. He doesn't even think that lives are worth something!"

"I…I …"

"Think about what I had said, Crown prince."

"He was so sheltered and trapped inside his own bitterness for life. He thought he was worthless. However, Master Quatre did change a bit after that. He stopped looking at the others in contempt. He was such a sweet boy when he loses all those bitterness. It was like he was hiding all the care and love he had for others under that spoiled brat mask. When he was able to come to the conclusion that it's okay for him to show his care for others, he was truly a good prince. He cares for others, helping the others with things that went far beyond his status as a prince. And then, when everything was going right, things just had to go wrong," Rashid continued.

"I found him and this,"

"That's a confirmation message of our location!"

"There's a strange amulet beside it. I think it's magical but I couldn't stop it before it disappeared."

"Yuda? You betrayed us?"

"Who did you sent it to?"

"Who do you think? Not the King and his armies of course!"

"The bandits? Are you trying to kill us? Why did you betray us?"

"For myself, of course! We are rebels! Sooner or later, we would die! At least I would have some money to escape!"

"You! What about what we are fighting for? Our ideals?"

"Those can't be eaten! They are just ideas! Do you think we are achieving anything by fighting?"

"You bastard! How could you say that!"

"Yuda, don't feed us lies! You betrayed us. So tell us why!"

"I wanted to complete with you, that's why! You have always been the leader! The one good at everything! For once, I want to be better than you! I am going to be better than you cause I am going to survive while you die!"


"Rashid! Look out!"



"You okay, kid?"

"Go look at your leader! He's more important!"

"What are you saying, kiddo! You are the prince!"

"I am … just a spoiled rotten prince…"

"Haha! Glad that you could admit it. Don't worry about Rashid. He's tough enough. Let's get that arm looked at. You are lucky to have just a graze. You knocked the knife out of that traitor's hands."

"But… that man is…"

"It's okay. He's no longer a family of ours."

"Prince Quatre."

"Rashid! Are you alright? The knife did stab you. I'm so sorry! I should have tied him up tighter. If not, he would not get free."

"Hey, look at me, your Highness, it's not your fault! You managed to prevent the knife from stabbing into my heart."


"I owe you my life, Prince Quatre."

"Rashid? I thought I was just…"

"You are now worthy of our respect as a prince, your Highness."

"But… I don't want to be a prince… I want to be part of… the Maganac Corps…"

"Your attitude improved kiddo."

"Thanks, Rashid!"

"Welcome to the family, kid!"

"He saved my life then. But that was not how he became our Master Quatre," Rashid said in a tone filled with nostalgia.

"Rashid! Problems! Bandits had been sighted! We need to move!"

"Everyone move out quickly!"

"We got to stop them!"

"But there's so many of them! We are outnumbered! Can we stop them?"

"We had no choice! There's a village in front and we can't lead them towards it! Those are bandits! Who knows what they would do to the village!"

"Everyone, get on your horses! We are moving out!"

"Rashid! You are injured! You have to stay in one of the carriages and head towards the village with the prince."

"No! I am the leader. Auda! You take the prince and head towards the village. No harm should come to that kid!"

"No! I will go too! I am part of the family, right? I want to fight too!"

"No! That's too dangerous!"

"No! Let me prove I'm useful! I want to be proud of myself!"

"No, kid! You can't do that! That's too risky!"

"Prince Quatre, are you serious? Do you know how much is at stake here?

"Yes, I do. For once in my life, I am very certain about what I wanted to do."

"If that the case, take these scimitars and Sandrock. He will protect you."

"Rashid! Are you sure?"


"And he fought well. He was a natural strategist. Without him, we might all have lost our lives back then," Rashid commented before he continued.

"That kid… he's good!"

"He's a genius at strategy! How did he come up with all these plans? In just a few minutes?"

"We have to thank him if we get out alive. That kid."

"No, our Prince Quatre."

"No, our Master Quatre."

"In the end, not only did he save us, he brought all of us back to the palace and helped us in our course of making Mag a better place for all. He is our Master Quatre. All of us are his personal bodyguards. "

"What happened?" Wufei demanded, "if you are all his personal bodyguards, why was he a slave? Do you know how much he suffered? How humiliated he must have felt when he was suddenly thrown into that… that Hell!"

Another whip and pain flowed through his body. He gritted his teeth.

No, I won't cry out. No, I won't scream. No, I won't do what they wanted me to do, he thought as pain coursed through his body again and again.

Yet, what really hurt him was not the physical pain but the laughter. The despair that no one would save him. The helplessness to escape from this place added on to this pain. This was something he had not known. In a few days' time, he had turned from a noble to a slave…

"Dragon?" Treize called quietly, bringing Wufei back to reality.

"Oh, I'm okay," Wufei gave him a weak smile.

I was lucky. I met Treize soon after, Wufei thought, and Quatre was too. He had Trowa now. And so was Duo. He got Heero now. Though I was glad that he lost his memories.

"We did all we could," Rashid said quietly, "we did what we thought was best. Even Princess Iria lost her life in the attempt to protect him..."

"The princess?" Heero could not help asking. Princess Iria was one of the older princesses who had taken part actively in the politics of Mag.

"Iria? What happened to her?" a familiar voice asked fearfully.

"Master Quatre? How? You were at the door?"

Quatre stepped into the room as he demanded, "what happened to Iria? Answer my question!"

"She… I'm not supposed to tell you!" Rashid answered as he walked towards the young boy, "we swore to keep…I'm not supposed to tell you that as well…I'm sorry, Master Quatre but you are not supposed to find out."

"She was part of the decoy, wasn't she? They knew that out of all of my sisters, Iria doted me the most…" Quatre trailed off in shock.

"Oh Allah! What was the last thing I said to Iria before I left? What did I do?" Quatre muttered numbly, "I told her… I hate her…"

"I don't want to leave! Please, Iria! I beg you! Don't make me go! Please!"

"I'm so sorry, Quatre but it is Father's wish. You know I can't go against him."

"But… please don't send me away! Please!"

"I'm so sorry, Quatre but it is for your own good!"

"I hate you."

Then I turned and walked away without another look. I told her I hate her… what had I done? Quatre thought as something wet flowed down from his eyes, I said I hate her… how much hurt must she had felt?

Suddenly, he felt his knees give up as he kneeled on the floor, unable to respond to anything. He felt strong warm arms hugging him. Then those arms carried him to somewhere and laid him on something soft. He heard voices and footsteps. His eyes were open but he could not seem to see anything.

I told her I hate her… his mind could only register these words, but she cared so much for me since I was just a little boy. Even when I was just a spoiled kid.

"Quatre! What had you done?"

"I hate him! Why did he do all these things? I hate him!"

"You can't talk like that about Father! He cares for you, Quatre!"

"No, he doesn't! No one cares about me!"

"You're wrong, Quatre. Father cares about you. I care about you!"

"You do?"

"Of course I do. So do a lot of people. You are our little prince."

"Really? But I'm a spoiled rotten brat…"

"Well I know that that's not true. You are my sweet little brother."

"Iria… you are not lying, are you? How can you love me?"

"Of course I'm not. No matter what you are my one and only little brother. I will protect you, okay?"

"Even if I do something really horrible?"

"Yes, I will. For you, my brother, I will always protect you even if I die."

"I don't want you to die, Iria. I don't want you to be like Mother."

"Don't think so much, Quatre. You are a nice boy. Just be more mature okay?"

"Iria, even if I do something wrong, would you promise not to get angry with me?"

"I promise, my brother. Now it's late. Go to sleep."

"But… if I say something really really bad to you, will you promise not to get angry with me?"

"Well… it depends… if you call me a stupid old hag another time… I will get angry…"

"I won't call you that again! I promise! Really!"

"I'm just teasing you, Quatre. Okay, I promise I will not to get angry with you. Now go to bed and promise me to apologize to Father tomorrow."

"But it's not like he cares for my apology. He doesn't even care about me. He hates me. And I hate him."

"Quatre! What did I say about talking about Father like that?"

"Okay. Okay. I'm sorry."

"Quatre. Promise me you will not use the word hate unless you really mean it. Hate is a very strong and hurtful word. You can hurt people with simply "I hate you". I don't want you to hurt people like that, you understand?"

"I'm sorry. I will not use the words unless I mean them. I promise! Please don't get angry with me, Iria?"

"I'm not angry, Quatre. Now go to sleep."

"Iria, can I have a hug?"

"Sure, my brother. Now go to sleep and remember what I said, okay?"

"Yes, Iria."

That was when I was seven? I remember I promise Iria…Quatre thought as he closed his eyes. However, his tears continued to flow.

"I hate you."

"What had I done?" Quatre muttered again and again as he refused to respond to anything. He could hear voices and footsteps. He even heard the door slam open urgently. But he refused to respond to any of it. He wanted to hide and forget everything.

"Little one. Come on, little one. Snap out of it! Come on," Trowa shook the limp boy's shoulders frantically. But there was no response.

"Trowa? Let me take a look at him, okay? Calm down," Sally said gently after she was told what happened by Wufei, "he will be fine."

"It's all my fault. I know he was listening at the door. I thought it was okay for him to know how much they missed him," Trowa muttered as he paced to and fro across the room.

"Well then it's my fault too since I knew he was there," Heero grabbed his brother's shoulders and made him sit down.

"So is mine," Wufei said as he looked towards the bed worriedly.

"And mine as well. Don't worry so much. He will be okay," Treize said calmly though he could not help looking towards the bed as well.

"What?" Rashid could not help feeling surprise. After all everyone in the room, except him, had realized that Master Quatre was outside the door, listening.

"He's in shock. His system is shutting down to cope with the stress. Right now, the only thing we can do is to let him rest. Hopefully, he will feel better after he wakes up," Sally said after she checked through Quatre's vitals, "I'm assuming that your Highness would be taking care of him. So call me immediately when he wakes up. And be careful. He might lose… I mean something weird might happen."

"It's okay, Sally. Sir Rashid here was already aware of Quatre's ability," Heero assured the healer as he looked at his brother in concern. He understood what Trowa was feeling right now. After all, Duo did give him a fair share of scares.

"Okay, I don't think I would like to know the long story behind it. But I still need to know if I want to help Quatre. I just need a summarized version from any of you later. Right now, we need to clear this room and let Quatre have some rest."

"Wufei can tell you what happened. In the meantime, I think Prince Trowa would be staying here? Sir Rashid, there are things I think Prince Heero and I need to discuss with you," Treize said as he stood up.

"Someone should stay with Trowa in case Quatre loses control of his power and I suggest we take shifts," Heero suggested worriedly as they stepped out of the room, leaving a silent Trowa inside his room, "and I don't want Duo to come into this room in case Quatre really loses his power."

"I will give him some work to do and make him stay in the library since you are going to be busy as well," Wufei said as he glanced at the healer, "I think you should tell everyone that Trowa and Quatre both got a cold and would be staying in bed. But then that will mean that Heero will not be able to stay with Trowa at any times."

"Can I help? I know about Master Quatre's ability," Rashid suggested as he listened to the plans involving his master, "and I have some Maganacs who can help as well."

"No. someone would get suspicious if any of you stay in the room for a long time," Heero objected, "we don't want people to know of Quatre's identity so soon."

"What about King Odin?" Rashid asked, puzzled at why the prince was keeping things from his father. Was King Odin's relationship with Prince Heero the same as Master Quatre and his Majesty?

"No. Don't let him know first," Heero answered firmly.

"What about Duo? He would most certainly ask about Quatre. And Quatre wants Duo to know. He deserves to know about this," Wufei asked.

"I will tell him about it. But he will not need to know about anything that had to do with peace knights," Heero replied, "it's risky for him to know so much. I don't want him to be in danger."

"As we said before, you are overprotective, my Prince," Treize commented as he thought of the conversation they were having earlier on, "Anyway, I think Wufei and I can take shifts."

"Are you able to handle it?" Wufei asked with concern, knowing that his lover did not have any power to rely on if something really happens.

"Don't worry. Trowa will be there too," Heero cut in before Treize could retort at his lover's obvious lack of confidence for his skills.

"Okay, enough waste of time. We have matters to settle. Wufei, you inform Sally what she needs to know," Heero nodded at the two in question, "Sir Rashid and Treize, I believe, we need to have a meeting in my room."

With that, the group split into two, heading for different destinations.

In the library's secret room

Odin closed the secret door quietly before he went over to cover the boy with the blanket he had taken from the other room. He smiled gently as he swept the boy's bangs gently from his closed eyes.

Duo, he thought, where have I heard this name before? I knew I heard it somewhere…

Somehow, he knew this boy was special. It was a weird feeling. This boy… he reminded him a bit of his own boys. Heero and Trowa.

To say the truth, he regretted his actions in pushing the boys away. Heero was destined to be a king. His heir, the crown prince. In order to be fair, he had to learn to be rational and logical. He had to stop feeling. Heero was a kind boy at heart. Yet, he had the scientists, that's what they called themselves, train him to be emotionless.

As for Trowa, he was adopted into the family. His role was to be the future king's assassin. He was to kill any threats against the future king. He was trained to be emotionless as well.

There were always days when he regretted his decisions. But feelings hurt. He could still feel the hurt from his beloved wife's passing. It was her death that made him make the decisions. He took his sons' innocence and emotions away. Not only that, he destroyed the close relationships they had with each other.

There were times he was sure that Heero hated him. Trowa was only a bit better. However, it might be due to the fact that he knew he was not his true father. That helped him a bit. But for Heero, it hurt a lot. There was the time when Heero completely stopped speaking…

"What are you doing? Answer me!"


"Heero! You are the prince! Why are you acting so childishly? Speak up! Why did you stop speaking? You did not lose your voice! The healer finds nothing wrong with it! Is this your way of throwing a tantrum?"

"I am just a tool. Why do I need to say anything?"

Sometimes I can't even believe how much the boy I watch growing up had changed, Odin thought, in the end, it was Trowa who finally pulled him out from the depression he had sunk. I am the King, his father. Yet, I can't do anything.

A sniffle pulled his thoughts back to the boy sleeping on the sofa opposite him. Odin reached for his cup of tea on the table that he had brought in from the other room earlier. He hoped that the cup of tea could calm him down and forgot about the bad memories.

He could not speak as well, Odin thought as he took a sip and glanced at the board on the table, this boy… was he born mute or did he have an accident? Hopefully, he did not choose to remain silent…

He chuckled quietly. From the short time he had shared with this boy, he did not think he was one to keep silent if he wants to. He had too many questions to ask. The innocence he saw in his eyes, the lack of intimidation and the trust he places in him in just minutes after talking to him made this boy someone he felt protective of.

What was it about this boy? Then again, this boy was a slave. He might be the King but he knew how slaves were being treated. Yet he could do anything about it. This was tradition for centuries. Nobles could have slaves as long as they like it.

Another sniffle brought his attention back to Duo. Then he started thrusting as if he was trying to get away from something. Odin moved immediately. The boy seemed to be having a nightmare. He tried to wake the boy up but it was in vain.

Suddenly, the candles in the room went out, throwing the room into darkness. It was then he realized something. His cup of tea seemed to be glowing… it was very faint but he could see it in the darkness.

How? Odin stood stunned as he watched the blue particles danced in front of him…

In Trowa's room

"Quatre? Little one, please. Wake up," Trowa called frantically as he felt something strange. Someone was using his power… Heero? Wufei? He had to find out but he was not going to leave Quatre alone…

"Trowa? Quatre? Are you all okay?" Wufei burst in with Sally.

"No. it's not us… Heero?" Trowa asked worriedly as he stopped shaking Quatre.

"No. it's not him. I passed him before I came here. We had spread the news of you and Quatre being ill. So Heero was unable to come into this room for sometime," Wufei answered in relief, knowing that it was neither Trowa nor Quatre, "maybe it's just my imagination."

"No, I felt it too. I am guessing Heero felt it too?" Trowa shook his head, "maybe it's the other peace knight. The knight of water?"

"But… if it's him, we had to come into contact with him somehow…" Wufei said thoughtfully.

"Well, I think you should discuss that outside, Quatre needs his rest," Sally cut in, "and it's almost dinnertime. I will go and ask Hilde to send some food up."

"Thanks, Sally," Trowa answered as he watched Quatre stirred in his sleep, "we will talk about it another time. Just be on alert at anyone who could be the water knight."

"Yes," Wufei replied as he turned to find his lover and Heero to inform them about what he and that onna had discussed.

In Duo's dream

He could see foggy images but he seemed to be floating… then he felt someone in front of him. Somehow the figure seemed so much taller than him…

"Duo! Why did you use that?"

"I… I didn't mean to use that! It… it just… I… I don't know!"

"Oh, Duo… come here…"

"I'm sorry, Sister Helen! It… I…"

"I know, Duo. Promise me. Never use it unless it's necessary, okay, my dear? And do not to tell anyone else about it. Always use your hair to cover it. Braid it or put it down."

"I promise, Sister Helen and I will never break it. But… Sister Helen… am I a freak?"

"No, my dear, you are destined for great things. It will help you in future. You, my dear, will be a great man someday."

"Really? I can make you proud someday?"

"Yes, you will. Now go and apologize to Father Maxwell."

"Will he be angry with me?"

"No, sweet one. It's just an accident."

"Will Father Maxwell be proud of me someday?"

"Of course, he will. Just remember your promise, Duo."

"I will!"

Somehow the words and hug bought tears to his eyes. He did not know why but he felt warm and happy. Yet he was crying. He did not know why. Did something happen after that? He could not remember anything. It was then the scene changed. This time he was with another foggy image.

"Stay quiet here, okay? Don't make a single sound!"

"But... Solo, where are you doing? They are coming. You have to hide too!"

"No. I will lead them away. Stay quiet. Don't make a sound."


Then the foggy figure ran off, only to be dragged back after a while with more foggy images.

"Let me go!"

"There's two of you! Where's the other one?"

"I don't know what you are talking about! Let me go!"

"Don't play dumb with me! We have been watching! There are two of you. Where's the one with violet eyes?"

"I told you I don't know!"

"Don't think you can get out of this! Our orders are clear. We only need the one with violet eyes. Do you want to die?"

"Let me go!"

"Maybe we should kill you so we can leave a message for the other boy, don't you think?"

He felt himself running out towards them when there seemed to be a glimmer. Somehow he could not make out all the faces and shapes. He could only listen to what was happening. He felt fear overwhelming his body.


"Duo! I told you not to make a sound!"

"So there's where you were hiding."

"Let Solo go!"

"Come with me then."

"No! Duo! Run! Don't let him catch you!"

"But… he's going to kill you!"

"Just go! Run!"

"No! Let him go! I… I will go with you!"

"Duo! Behind you!"

"Let me go!"

Someone was holding him tightly. It hurt but no matter how hard he struggled, he could not escape from that grip.

"Both of you are coming with us. You would be two very good slaves."

The scene changed again. This time he felt pain. It hurt a lot. However, he felt himself crying quietly. Then someone was holding him, whispering soothing words to him. It was then he stopped himself from crying.

"You know, Duo. Next time just keep quiet, okay?"

"But… but Solo… they wanted me to keep quiet. I don't want them to win."

"Let them win if you can live, Duo! One day, they might whip you to death! Stop being so stubborn!"

"But… but…"

"Duo, I know you don't want them to win. But one day, we will escape. Just do what they say for the time being. The day will be soon. I promise."

"But… but… I'm scared, Solo. I don't want them to win but it hurts a lot and they… they…"

"I know, Duo. One day we will kill them. Every single one of them. But for the time being. Just… try to bear with it…"

"Okay. I promise I will try."

"That's the way, Duo."

Then the scene changed again. This time, he felt himself panicking. Somehow, there were hands grabbing him. He felt fear overwhelmed him as he started to scream and struggle. The hands were touching him in a way that made him scream in panic. He could not stop it. And then it seemed that everything stopped. But the fear in his heart increased ten fold instead.

"Well, since you would not keep quiet, maybe this will help. Every time you said something or even if you whispered something, he is going to get it."


"Yes. And the punishment for speaking or making any sound without permission will be taken by him."

"But it's not his fault!"

"Do you think we care?"

"You can't do that! It's my fault!"

"And for all the words you had said to us now, whip the other boy!"

"No! No! Please, don't do that!"

"Whip that boy until I say to stop!"

"No! Please I beg you! Stop please! It's my fault!"

"No. I think you have not learned your lesson. Continue!"

"Please! I'm sorry! Please! I'm sorry! Let him go! Let him go!"

"Boss, that boy passed out."

"Continue with it. It seemed that this boy here had not learnt his lesson. Whip the other boy to death. He's unnecessary. Our orders are to train this boy. The other boy is negligible."

"No! No! No! Please!"

The sound of the whip hitting flesh tore at his heart. There was nothing he could do to stop it. Then he felt something build up in him. He did not know what it was. He only knew he wanted them to stop.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

In Trowa's room

"Hey, little one, how are you feeling?" Trowa said gently as he realized Quatre was now awake.

"I… Trowa… are you sending me away?" Quatre asked as he turned his red eyes at his master.

"I thought we already went over that a few times, Quatre. I would not send you away. However, if you want to leave, I won't stop you. But I hope you won't," Trowa said quietly.

"I… I don't want to leave! But you won't want me to stay! I am a bad person! I am a freak!" Quatre cried out.

"Quatre, I told you before. Being a peace knight is not a freak. It might not have dawned on you yet. But I am a peace knight. So are Wufei and Heero. Do you think we are all freaks?" Trowa asked patiently.

"No! It's not about peace knights! It's… I told her I hate her, Trowa! I told her I hate her like I mean it! And I think I mean it at that time!" Quatre broke down in tears.

"Little one?" Trowa called out gently, puzzled.

"I told her I hate her, Trowa. She died for me yet the last words I said to her were I hate her! I said I hate her!" Quatre started to sob uncontrollably.

"Quatre…" Trowa trailed off as there was nothing he could do but to hold him in his arms, giving him support.

He understood Quatre's feelings but there was nothing he could do. He could only give him his support while he let Quatre cry out his tears. He hated to see him suffer. He really hated that. It was then he thought of something.

"Quatre. She might not really be dead. Why don't we go and find out?" Trowa asked quietly once Quatre had calmed down a bit.

"Go? Go where? Mag?" Quatre asked, "but you are a prince. You can't just leave."

"Well. I can if you give me time to prepare. You do want to know, don't you?" Trowa replied with a small smile.

"But… is it really okay?" Quatre asked again, unsure, "I do want to be sure but…"

"It's okay, Quatre. Just give me time to prepare," Trowa replied, "I promise."

"I…really? Thanks, Trowa! Thanks for everything!" Quatre cried as he hugged his master tightly.

"Now rest, little one. I promise everything is going to be fine," Trowa smiled as he tucked Quatre in the bed, wondering if he should wake him up for dinner in a while.

In the library's secret room

"Duo! Duo! Wake up!" Odin yelled as he tried to hold the thrusting boy down. Blue particles were now moving around them.

"Come on! Wake up!" he shouted urgently again. He was glad that this room was sound-proofed. All this noise would have attracted someone's attention.

Duo opened his eyes tiredly. He felt like crying but he did not know why. He knew he had a nightmare but the details were a bit blurred now.

"Are you alright now?" Odin asked anxiously as the blue particles continued to dance around them. Luckily the particles seemed more stable now than before.

Duo nodded before he stared at the particles in surprise. Somehow, there was a familiar feeling about the particles. Without thinking he held his right hand out and the particles gathered around his hands into a blue circle. It was beautiful and it felt comforting to him.

"Do not say anything to anyone."

An unexpected voice rang in his mind. Shocked, he dropped his hand and the particles dispersed immediately. Soon the particles disappeared.

What was that? And that voice? Who was it? Duo thought as he hit his head with his fists, trying to think.

"Stop that!" Odin's voice broke his thoughts, "what are you doing?"

Duo grabbed his small book and wrote, I'm just thinking. What did you do just now? What are those things flying around earlier? You know magic? But why are you using it? I heard Wufei say we should use magic carefully. It's dangerous to play with it.

"What? That's my question! You are the one who is using magic recklessly! Stop lecturing others when you are at fault!" Odin yelled though he was relieved that the particles had disappeared.

Me? I can't use magic. At least I don't remember being able to use magic, Duo wrote hesitantly but somehow there was an undeniable familiar feeling about the blue particles.

"Duo?" Odin called as he saw the strange look on Duo's face.

Maybe it's because I don't remember anything, Duo wrote again, is it really me?

"Duo, did you have a nightmare just now?" Odin asked again, maybe it was the nightmare that triggered the power.

Duo nodded slowly, but I don't remember anything except that I was really upset and scared. Then there was a strange blue light.

"Then… this means that…"Odin muttered before turning to look at Duo, "you are special, Duo."

Me? Duo pointed at himself with confusion on his face.

Just then, some noise could be heard from the outside.

I thought this room was sound-proofed? Duo asked, then how come we can hear the noise outside? Wufei says sound-proofed means no sound can be heard inside or outside.

"Well I told you this is a special room," Odin replied as shouts could be heard, "And I think someone is looking for you."

Hilde! Duo answered, it's time for dinner. Need to go! Will I see you again, Uncle Odin?

"Duo!" Odin called out as the boy ran towards the door, "I want you to promise me something."

Duo looked at Odin with a puzzled look before understanding dawned on him. He scribbled on his book before holding it up to let Odin read, don't worry I won't tell anyone about this room! Hope to see you tomorrow!

"No. other than that, I want you to promise me," Odin said as he reached the braided boy and looked into the boy's eyes, "don't tell anyone about your power. Not even your friends."

Duo looked at Odin with confusion in his eyes. He wanted to ask questions but the serious look Odin was giving him stopped him. Though puzzled, he nodded and smiled.

"That's a good boy. Remember your promises, Duo. I will see you again soon. Then I will explain to you," Odin said as he ruffled the younger boy's hair.

Duo nodded as he ran towards the door, running towards the voice of a young girl yelling his name.

"I will see you soon, Duo, knight of water," Odin said quietly as he watched the boy's back disappeared from his sight, "remember your promises, peace knight."

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