Living through Death

Chapter 1: How It All Began

I'm usually not the one to tell stories and then put into writing in the exact words. Those kinds of stories are like the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, or those usual children stories that begin with 'Once upon a time,' and maybe end with, 'And they lived happily ever after.' This story does not begin with that phase, but I'll be honest and say it begins and end like a child's story, but chapters in between will be like any other on this site.

This story is about Zack trying to live through what happened in his life from day one till the end of his childhood and further. You can consider this any category you like; General, Drama, Angst, Suspense, and even Horror, as long as it's NOT Humor or Romance. Me, I choose to let this go in the combination of Suspense/Drama.

I chose this because every story is horror if it has death in it. There's always the frightening thought of your favorite character dying; books and movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter can be thrown into that category. The Matrix and X-Men could be considered as well.

General is normal in my point of view, and this story will NOT be normal unless you compare it with the saddest story possible with the saddest beginning possible, the kind of story that throws you into a never-ending world of fear, fear that the ending might not be all flying butterflies and marriage and possibly few kids, the usual mushy stuff, 'Will you marry me?' 'Oh, of course I will!' SMOOCH!


Angst is the only thing that MIGHT be replaced with Suspense or Drama by a reader.

Drama is the category I chose because it's sadness itself, the opposite of comedy, the very thing which creates fear in stories. The very thing I need in this story. The very thing you'll, as usual, hate in this story.

Suspense is there because there WILL be suspense for you, the main character, and anyone around him.

Romance is something that will be a bit of a point in the story, but if I put it as a category, readers would think, 'Oh just another Romeo/Juliet type story. Zack loves Maddie, (face it, they won't get together,) and Maddie loves Zack. Their parents hate each other. Some crying, boo hoo, and then Zack commits suicide and Maddie follows and everyone's sad in this dramatic story of undying love.

As for Humor, once you read this story, you'll see Humor doesn't even exist. It doesn't have a place here!

Of course, why not Suspense/Romance? Because people might still get the idea of a Romeo/Juliet type story and if they don't, still, Romance is not the most important point. Zack is trying to live through something. Love, which is the most powerful power on earth, will have to team with Time, the real power, if Zack's wounds will be healed. The question is can it happen. Can even the deepest wounds be healed; the darkest memories of your past; the unfortunate sobs of yourself who got something you didn't deserve to have, unless you committed murder? Can Zack's wound be healed? How can it be healed? If so, how will it be healed? If not, why can't it be healed?

I won't tell you how this story ends; I won't even tell what the whole story behind it is. All I'll tell you is that if you need to compare this beginning with a story you think you might've read or a movie you might've seen, I advise you to watch Lemony Snicket's: Series of Unfortunate Events and pay close attention to the beginning.

However, there's one thing different between these two stories. You wanna know? Well sorry, but I'm not about to tell you. You'll know if you possess three important tools for reading; eyesight, brains, and patience!

Eyesight for reading the frigging words on the paper, brains for putting two and two together, and patience for the long-awaited ending to come.

All the episodes you see, I see, everyone sees, show the twins so happy and cheerful, and then in sticky situations, and then out again thanks to Cody or Maddie and sometimes their mom who'll ground them at the end.

'Hey sweet thang," Zack would say everyday to Maddie.

And then of course, Maddie would answer back, like in one episode, 'Some of the candy on this shelf is older than you.'

Or Cody, like he did once, would run from a forceful girl called Agnes. Cody was always the quiet one who knows nothing of ghetto or whatever world Zack lives in.

Zack meanwhile, was the kind of kid you'd see hitting on Maddie unless there's some hot, sexy beast around in which case, he'd say something like, 'Hey good lookin', what's a hot, sexy beast like you doing in a dump like this lobby? Come my sweet, I'll take you up to my other suite.'

One thing you forget about twins, (or maybe you don't forget, but the makers of the show don't go too much into this matter,) Twins, like all siblings, fight! Zack and Cody were fighting one day, but something happened. Something not one person would like. Something that would turn Zack's happy, cheerful world completely up-side-down, and then twist it into a weird shape so that there's so many rough spots called knots.

What is it, you ask? Sorry, I'm still not telling. You need the three requirements for reading I mentioned above.

Enjoy the story! If you can!