The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Chapter 30: Epilogue: The Last Days

When Zack got older and Max finished her school and picked a college out, she married Zack.

Zack was very grateful. He loved her very much for looking after him. He never asked for it. They had one child.

Zack looked at the boy with blond hair. He felt he reminded him of someone. "Cody, your name is Cody."

Max looked at him from the bed, "Cody?"

"Yes," Zack said, nodding. "My late brother." Tears came in his eyes.

When Cody became old enough, he took the blanket from his bed and gave it to his son. "This is from your… uncle. If he was alive, you'd have loved him, but fate had other plans.

"Will I ever see him?" Cod asked squeakily.

"Maybe one day, when we're all… you know… when we're all… gone."

"He's always in your father," Max said calmly. "Your dad loved him very much."

Zack wiped his eyes. He never truly got over what happened. He knew Cody forgave him. That part of him was at peace. He wanted Cody back. That part of him stayed till the day he died, when he knew he'd see Cody in only few minutes. Zack died young. He was only thirty-five when he left the world forever. The cancer inside him was spreading too fast. Before the effects of the medicine could take place, it was all over his body. It was time for him to go. He didn't mind, but he felt for Max who sobbed, "I'll miss you." He had the same cancer Cody died from. He knew from the beginning of the sickness he was going to die.

"Take care of Cody," he sighed. "He's only ten."

"Say hi to your brother from me," Max smiled sadly.

"I will," Zack said, turning his head. He slowly closed his eyes. Finally, it was over. He could see his brother growing clearer. At the same time, Zack felt himself getting younger. He belonged with his brother. He belonged as his twin, forever.

A/N: Sorry, but I have to end it now. I can't go on forever and it's been a while. It was originally going to be fifteen chapters, but I doubled it if you all remember. I have one thing to say though. The credit of the ending of Zack having a dream of Cody, telling him it's ok and that he does something in Cody's memory all goes to NixyAngel. She gave me that idea. Credit for the ending goes to her and her only. The only parts I put in were the dramatic car scene, WHAT he does in Cody's memory, and his son were mine, but they're not much. I refuse to accept credit for the ending as these parts would not have come without the suggestion.

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