Closer To You

Rated: M

Summary: Shino made a promise to Kiba that if he passed his exams, they would do it. Will Shino keep his promise? ShinoKiba, AU, Yaoi, one-shot, LEMON

A/N: Ahaha..-Laughs nervously- this is my first time making this it would be so much help if you guys told me if I wrote them out okay. It was kinda rushed even though I spent eight hours on it. xD


"Come on Shino! You promised!" Kiba yelled as he walked along side with his boyfriend.

"..." Shino didn't respond. Kiba couldn't even make out what kind of expression he was making since the silent teen had black sunglasses, to cover any emotion in his eyes, and a huge coat that covered the bottom half of his face so...he couldn't tell if he was smiling or not. Shino's spiky black hair slightly blew to the side from the autumn breeze. Kiba wore his winter jacket, as always but he didn't have his dog, Akamaru, with him when he went on dates with Shino. Well, he always thought them as dates.

"Please Shinochan! you promised if I passed all my exams!" The silent boy grunted. He remembered what he had promised the loud mouth dog boy.

-Flash back-

"Kiba, you have to pass your exams or else your going to fail. Your grades are bad as it is." Shino sighed, looking at the other teens tests marks.

"Hmpf, if I don't pass than I don't. I'll just repeat the year. Besides, I bet Naruto baka will fail as well." Kiba snorted, not really caring but he hated putting himself to Naruto's level.

"You can do better." Shino was never one to start a conversation. He always likes to keep his sentences small and simple. Kinda sounds like Shikamaru.

"I can but I don't want too!" The dog boy whined. He really hated studying for 60 pages of questions which will probably useless in the future, depending what kind of job you need. Plus school's just a big stick up the ass, the only way to get the stick out is passing your exams and tests. Shino leaned against the door frame to Kiba's room.

"How about this then.." The silent boy started out, grabbing the dog boys attention.

"I'll sleep with you if you pass every single of your exams." Kiba was shocked. Sleep? With him? Sure they have been going out about a year and a half no but they haven't gone past the hand holding and light kisses. Kiba kept on staring at him with wide eyes. even Akamaru, who was chewing on a toy, stared at the silent boy in shock. Shino looked as if he got annoyed but who knows what he feels with that get up of his.

"Well, if you don't want to-" Kiba cut him off.

"NO! I mean, sure! If I pass all my exams than you will sleep with me! Haha, I'll go with that bet!" Kiba grinned widely. It almost looked like his face was going to split.

"Okay. Than study study study." with that Shino left Kiba alone with his fantasies. Akamaru was still there, jaw slacked, eyes wide and toy forgotten.

-End flash back-

'Why did I make such a promise?' Shino though while looking at dog boy from the corner of his eye. The park was a quiet place, many people come just to be with their lovers, read, have a picnic or play with their dogs. You would usually find Shikamaru under the big oak tree near by the river bank. After a few minutes of walking, the couple stopped to sit down on a deserted bench.

"So..when can we?" Kiba lifted his eyebrows pervertedly.

"Can we what?" Shino had completely forgotten what they were talking about.

"HAVE SEX!" Yelled the loud mouth teen. People, who within 20 meters of that area, looked at them oddly. Mothers who were with their children had covered their little innocent ears quickly, giving the two boys a scolding look. Of course no one started at the disgustingly for they didn't know they meant themselves. Shino looked at Kiba and Kiba could tell that he was annoyed. The silent boy sighed.

"Fine. Come over to my apartment at seven tonight." Kiba grinned.

"I knew you couldn't resist my manliness."

"Talk like that any more and I'll cancel."

"Hey, you promised!"

-7PM, at Shino's-

Kiba stood outside of Shino's apparent door. He had left Akamaru at home again and only had a pack sack with him. He knocked at the wooden door. He heard Shino's parents were fairly rich, they even offered to buy Shino his own house but the silent teen turned the offer down. He said he wanted to experience the world like they did which made them even more proud of him than they usually are. He heard foot steps nearing and soon after the door opened.

"Hey" Kiba was in awe. There was Shino, his boyfriend who had his sunglasses off and his coat was no where in site.He wore a simple white t-shirt and black jeans. In short, he was HOT. The silent boy stepped out of the door way, motioning the other to come in. Kiba gulped, walking into the fair sized apartment. The door shut behind him and Shino walk over to the couch. Shino took off his shoes and set his bad aside. He looked around the placed with wide eyes.

It was big! Bigger than two rooms in his house put together! And that was huge! but it was empty. There was only two sofas, a t.v, kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom and a closet. He had pictures hanging on the wall and a black round rug on the floor. There was a few pictures of his family and friends. The dog boy frowned as he found none of himself. He took off his pack sack and set it against the wall but after that he stood there stiffly. Shino seemed to noticed.

"What's wrong? Come in?" Kiba placed a hand over his racing heart, breathing slowly as he tried to calm down.

"N-nothing. just nervous I guess." The silent teens eyes suddenly went serious as walked, with surprisingly speed, to the other teen. Kiba just felt his heart race more as the other stared down at him with a glint of need in his eyes.

"Shino, wha-" Before he could finish his sentence, the silent boy clashed his lips onto Kiba's. The younger teen seemed shocked for a moment before hesitantly responding to the bruising kiss. Shino had wrapped his arms around Kiba's slim waste, pulling the other teen closer to him. He opened his mouth, letting his tongue swipe Kiba's bottom lip. The younger teen held back a moan but gasped when he felt his bottom lip being nipped at. Shino then took his chance to slip his tongue into the other teens mouth. He explored Kiba's whole mouth, letting his tongue rub against the roof of his mouth and gums. The silent boy thought for a moment. Naruto had always called Kiba dog breath but..Kiba tasted of strawberries and coconut. It was getting intoxing and addicting and Shino just had to rub his tongue against Kiba's. The dog boy let out a moan as he shyly rubbed his tongue with Shino's, experimental.

The older teen then started guiding Kiba's tongue into his own mouth, allowing him to explore the unknown territory. Of course Kiba found it odd to be touching another's gums with his own tongue but in a way it felt good. Shino than started to suck on his tongue, which made the teen moan more. Kiba soon started to cough, pulling back from Shino to gasp for air.

"Baka...breath through your nose.." Shino looked down at Kiba. His hair had gotten slightly messy and some of it was sticking to the frame of his face from the sweat that had appeared.

"I am a baka..." He said breathlessly. The silent boy couldn't help but kiss his forehead.


"Your cute." Shino started to take of his white t-shirt and black jeans. He tossed them to the side and started to work on Kiba. The younger teen looked to the side shyly as the other teen started to kiss and suck on his neck, leaving strawberries almost everywhere he kissed. He slowly started to take off he winter coat Kiba wore and underneath he had a simple fishnet shirt. Shino took those off with ease and went back up to kiss the younger teen again yet softly this time. He brought his knee between Kiba's legs and rubbed, feeling, the erection he saw earlier, get bigger.

"Ah!" The younger teen gasped, throwing his head back.

"Your already hard down here..." Shino said softly as he continued to rub. He brought his hands up to play with Kiba's pink nipples. He teased them and pulled lightly, making them harden. He then slowly slid down, his hands trailing the curves of the other teens bod. Kiba shivered as those hands traveled further and further down. He felt his pants being unbuckled and zipper being put down. What he didn't expect was that Shino had grabbed bother his pants and boxers, pulling them down to his ankles.

"Ah! Shino!" The younger teen blushed ten shades of red, his hands flying down to cover his member. He was embarrassed, he thought Shino was going to be gentle and slow with this. The older teen removed Kiba's hands with ease since the younger teen was pretty weak. He took a small lick at the hard member, making Kiba moan and he arched his back, begging for more.

"Why hide? Your beautiful like this.." Shino gave Kiba's swollen member a few more licks before taking him whole. The younger teen almost screamed at the sudden hotness that covered his member. The feeling was so overwhelming he thought he was going to die. He tried to thrust forward for more but found out the other teen hand pinned his hips to the wall while he wasn't noticing. He whined for more which Shino obeyed his wishes. Before he pulled back, he made sure to suck hard before going to tease and lick the vein on his, still, swollen member. Kiba gasped and groaned, missing the heat that covered him.

Shino went to the younger teens right though, nipping at the tan but sensitive skin there. Kiba gasped and his member twitched with need of attention. Shino looked at to his work of art. Kiba's jaw and slightly slacked, more of his body was covered with sweat and he had to learn against the wall for support since it seemed like his knees could give out anytime. The older teen than decided to fulfill his wish and went up to suck on the forgotten member. Kiba moaned loudly, his hands finding their way to Shino's hair, gripping onto them slightly. The silent teen felt that Kiba was near as he speed-ed up and soon Kiba came with a scream.

"Ahhhh!" the younger teen came into Shino's mouth and he gladly swallowed all of his earnings.

" could you swall-swallow that stuff?" Asked Kiba, still gasping. He felt extremely lazy now and tired but somehow he knew it wasn't the end. Shino said nothing and carried the younger teen to the bed. All of their clothes were forgotten on the floor when they reached the queen sized bed. Shino had to grab a tube of somethings from his night stand and placed it aside for now. He played around with Kiba's hard pink nipples while watching his now limp member come back to life.

"Ahh..Shino.." Kiba watched as the older teen grab him member and started pumping while be grabbed the tube with his free hand. He popped it opened and let the liquid substance cover three of his fingers.


"W-what are you doing?" Said the younger teem who sighed shakily, feeling another erection coming on.

"This is so it doesn't hurt as much when I enter you. You'll feel a little odd but it'll all be over once I find that spot.." He placed a finger at Kiba's entrance. He looked up, getting a nod of approval from him. He slid his slick finger in, feeling the tightness and heat radiate from him. Kiba's face scrunched up and he struggled a bit. Shino instantly stopped moving his finger and looked up worriedly.

"Did I hurt you?" Kiba shook his head.

"N-no..just feels wired..ugh.." The older teen nodded and looked back down. He slid his finger in more and let it rest there for awhile so the other teen can get used to the new feeling. After a minute or so, Shino added a second finger which now got very uncomfortable for Kiba. Shino scissored his index and middle finger, stretching Kiba's entrance.

"Don't add the third! please..just get it over with.." The younger teen whined, not liking the feeling of something forbidden being entered in him.

"Okay, but let me find-"


"Never mind, found it.." Shino found Kiba's spot. He poked and rubbed over his prostate, making Kiba make the most delicious sounds he ever heard. He continued like this until he felt the younger teen tense up, ready to come for the second time that night but before he could, Shino swiftly took his fingers out.

"Hey! Shino, don't stop!" Kiba was disappointed by the sudden loss but shivered when the older teen removed his fingers.

"Shush.." Shino crawled between Kiba's legs, putting his hands on the younger teens knees and spread them.

"Whoa! What now!" Kiba looked so scared..he truly is a virgin.

"I do have to enter.." The younger teen settle down but still looked scared, he watched as Shino placed himself at his entrance. The older teen glanced up and grasped onto Kiba's member, to distract him. It worked since now Kiba had his eyes shut and was moaning softly. The silent teen decided that Kiba wanted the pain to end quickly than he was going to have to plunged in fully. And that's what he did.

"Ahhhh! Shino is hurts!" The younger teens hands flew to Shino's back, his claws digging into he flesh there. Of course The silent teen allowed him to do it since it probably did hurt a lot. It'll hurt like hell but the pain will go away soon.

"Shino..." Kiba started to cry, unable to take all the pain at once.

"Shh, it'll all be over soon.." The older teen cooed, trying to calm the younger teen down. After about three minutes of staying still, Shino started to move out and slammed back in. Kiba bit his lip, trying to silent his cries of pain. It went on like those for about ten minutes before Kiba let out a throaty moan. Seems like Shino found his prostate again.

"Again!" The younger teen pleaded as his back arched. The silent teen obeyed and rammed into Kiba at the angle that hit his prostate. Kiba had his eyes shut but he seriously thought he saw stars appear behind his eyelids. The room was filled with moans and grunts, along with the bed squeaking and the bed post hitting the wall. The blankets were long forgotten on the floor and only the bed sheets were getting messed up. Kiba had said he was close to coming to Shino picked up his paste and grabbed in to the younger teens member, pumping it in rhythm of his thrusts. Kiba's moans grew louder as he came close to his release.

"S-Shino..Ahhhh!" He came, his seed spilling over his stomach and the older teens chest. Shino grunted as he released his seed into Kiba. They stayed in that position, panting. The silent teen and started to thrust in him again.


"Shino noooo! Not again!" The rest of the night was filled with good smex.

After what seemed for an eternity, Shino finally pulled out of Kiba and laid down beside him. They were both panting heavily and that was all what was heard in the room.

"Sheesh Shino, it's already dawn. How many times did we do it? Your like a wolf!" Kiba chuckled as he snuggled up to the silent teen.

"Because I had to wait so long.." Kiba's eyes widen with shock.

"Wait long..?"

"Yeah..I've always wanted to do it with you..but I held back so you can pull your grades up. So when I heard that you were nervous yesterday, I started kissing you. I didn't want you to have second thoughts about it.." the younger teens eyes were still wide. That was probably one of the longest sentences that came out of the guys mouth. Anyways, he was surprised that Shino had been waiting that long..for his sake.

"Shino.." Kiba said tenderly, brining the older teen into a hug.

"By the way.." Kiba started.


"Why did I become uke?"

Shino had said nothing and Kiba knew it. He looked over to the night table and his eyes widen, the second time that day/night. Because there was a picture of him, doing..z very sexy pose..He blushed but smiled.


A/N: -Coughs- I wrote this for a friend of mine. I told her I wrote these kinds of stories and she requested it. But she's not aloud on the computer so I have to print it out somehow...the library! LOL! xDD What would the people think? xD Haha. hope the lemon wasn't too el' cheapo! D