Closer To You

Rated: M

Summary: Shino made a promise to Kiba that if he passed his exams, they would do it. Will Shino keep his promise? ShinoKiba, AU?, Yaoi, two-shot, LEMON

A/N: WELL WELL WELL!!! It's been sooooo long but I think I decided to make this a two-shot. :o Cause my reviewers loved it so, it made me happy! Grin So hope you enjoy the second part of Close To You!


Kiba had passed all his exams and now is in one of the top universities in Tokyo. He had thanked his boyfriend, Shino, over and over again for getting him in. Although he wished Kiba thanked him with his body instead. The smaller teen had been so excited he rarely got any sleep last night, and to make things worse for Shino, Kiba went over to his house at 6am in the morning to tell him he's ready. In ended up to Shino yelling "School doesnt start till 8:30!", you can tell he isn't a morning person but none the less he invited his boyfriend in.

They were now standing in front of the gates of the university, Kiba looks as if he's about to wet his pants while Shino stayed silent as usual, seeing as he was used to coming to his university almost everyday. The dog boy was holding onto his boyfriends arm, clutching onto it tightly for his dear life as he felt his heart would rip out of his chest at any moment. People passed by, staring at the couple oddly but made no comments. Shino decided it was now time to stop staring at the place and walking inside it.

"Shinoooo" Kiba whined, feeling the bloody rush to his head. This was just too much excitement for him. The taller boy looked over to his love, noting that he was slightly shaking.

"It'll be alright." Kiba somewhat felt better by the oh so small words of encouragement from his other half, it meant a lot to him.

"...Just watch your back, fresh meat" Kiba scrunched up his face and felt nervous all over again.

"Hey! don't call me fresh meat!" He pointed at finger at Shino and yelled at the top of his lungs. People stopped to look and stare. Shino sighed, wishing something like this didn't happen. Whispers started forming around the two lovers.

"Oh ho ho, fresh meat!"

"Was that fresh meat just yelling at his senpai?"

"Its going to a lot of fun this year!"

As most of the 2nd and 3rd years picked Kiba as they're bullying target, a teacher with white spiky hair came through the crowd.

"Alright, clear it up, get to your classes everyone, shows over." The teacher said as he walked over to the couple and looked down at them with one bored lazy eye while the other was covered up by an eye patch. Kiba stared long and hard since it was his first time seeing someone with one before. He received a smack on the back of the head from his boyfriend.

"Hey, what-"

"Good morning Kakashi-sensei" The usually silent boy bowed politely to his teacher. The older man acknowledged him with a nod.

"Sensei, this is Kiba, he'll be coming to this university from now on."

"Well well, if that's the case you better not be late for my classes or I'll make you work until you spit blood." He said it was a huge smile on his face and walked away. The brow haired teen felt the colour drain from his face while turning to his boyfriend, terrified.

"He's not going to do such thing. Sensei rarely comes to class himself." Sighed Shino and the smaller teen to his first class before the bell rang.


Kiba had been frowning the whole lecture. He was hoping to be in the same class as his boyfriend but that didn't happen. So now he's here, bored out of his mind and watching the teacher babble on about how the universe was made isn't very exciting either. Not that the class was boring, he just happened to be..a very bored person.

"Psst." The brown haired teen turned his head to the side to come face-to-face with a strange guy with purple markings on his face. The purple markings were around his eyes, lips and crept down the middle of his nose. He wore a a black hat hat which large buckles at the side so you couldn't see his hair color. Other then that, he seemed pretty normal.

"Huh?" Came Kiba's intelligent answer which made the boy beside him snicker.

"My names Kankorou, Kankorou Sand (A/N:Bare with me people, please. Its 7:40am and I cant think of anything else. Staying up all night is bad.)."

"I'm Kiba Inuzuka. Your a freshman, right?" He wanted to make sure he wasn't the only freshmeat in the class room.

"Haha, nah, I'm a 2nd year. But don't worry, since your so cute I wont target you." Kankurou gave him a wink and returned to his studies. Kiba stared a him for awhile longer, with a light pink blush on his face before returning his attention to the front of the classroom. Five minutes passed before boredom took over him once again.

Curiously, he turned his head to the opposite direction of the other boy and checked who else he was sitting beside. His breath hitched as he saw the most beautiful girl in his entire life. She had a bob like haircut with two slightly longer pieces of hair on either side of her face. It looked to be a shiny black but when light hits it, it comes out a silky purple.

Her skin and face looked so soft and pale, like a sakura blossom petals. The young mans eyes trailed down her body, taking in her curves, on how tight her white uniform shirt hugged at her skin and how her black and blue plaid skirt hugged at her hips. His eyes wandered back up to her face and his eyes bulged.

"Holy friggen crap!" He thought as he looked at her eyes. They were as pale as her skin! And she had no pupils! Her lashes with long and thick though but that's beside the point. Kiba turned back to Kankorou, mouth dropped open. The older boy snickered more.

"So you checked out Hinata, huh? Not likes its hard to check her out, she's a fine piece of ass." The snickering boy returned to his studies and Kiba decided to do the same. He kept sneaking glances are the girl beside him and she seemed to have noticed at some point because she would blush and lower her head in embarrassment.

An hour later the bell rang, signaling that it was time for break. The brown haired teen gathered his books and papers, stuffing it all into his bag and swung it over his shoulders with a huff. Kankorou gathered his stuff and caught up with the freshmen.

"Kiba, do you want to hang out in the concourse with me until next period? I can introduce you to my brother and sister." The older teen said with grin. Kiba felt his heart leap, 'Does this mean we're friends?' he thought, feeling excited at the invitation but his happiness was cut short when when someone at the door caught his eye.

Kiba's head jerked towards Hinata. The girl was up to the senpai and bowed but was pulled into his embrace and was kissed softly. The smaller teen gawked at the sight. He look towards his new friend for some answers.

"What the FUCK?! They look alike! Almost! What the hell?" Kiba was so confused. Kankurou laughed and roughly slapped his younger friends back.

"They are cousins. And yes, they are dating."

"B-b-but!! That's incest!"

"Pretty damn hot incest when both people are, well, hot!" The older teen grinned and motioned Kiba to walk out of the classroom. They only got a couple steps away from the door before Kiba was absurdly pushed against the wall. The younger teens head collided hard into the wall, as he tried to make out who did that to him through his temporarily double vision. As soon as he could make out who it was, he felt himself shrink in place. It was Shino and he could tell his boyfriend wasn't happy. Even though he couldn't see through the dark sunglasses, he saw the furrowed browns and deep frown. People stopped only for awhile before moving on with their own business, knowing better then to cross paths with a senpai that was on a higher level then themselves. Kankorou jumped back in shock, before giving a deep bow and turning the other direction from the couple.

"What the hell Shino, you bastard! That hurt!" The younger teen whined as his rubbed the back of his sore head. He looked back up at his boyfriend, his eyes widening a few inches. Shino was taking off his sunglasses and stared down at kiba with intense honey brown eyes.

"What the hell were you doing with a Sand? And with Kankorou of all people?!" Shino hissed sharply but made sure to keep his voice low from the on-lookers. Kiba shivered, feeling the iciness in his boyfriends voice but he also felt another emotion from the boy. Jealousy. He started up at the older boy awhile longer, knowing it was rare to see the boy without his sunglasses on before replying.

"Well he's the first person to talk to me. He also offered me to hang out with his brother and sister at the concourse. Shino you have to understand, I was so happy when I thought I made a new friend! Now look what you did, you scared the poor guy off!" The brown haired boy roughly pushed Shino back. The older teen stumbled back a bit but regained his balance quickly. He sent Kiba a harsh glare before slipping his sunglasses on.

"Come with me Kiba Inuzuka. I think I shall teach you a lesson." Shino spoke with such a calm voice it sent shivers down Kiba's spine but he should have known better then to embarrass his boyfriend in public. Silently he followed like the dog boy he was, eyes casted at the ground.

"Hmpf..serves him right for defying Shino senpai!" Screeched a second year girl, disgust clearly planted on her face. People around her agreed. Shino kept on his poker face through the crowd until he reached his locker.


The bell had rang loud and clearly, making students shuffle towards the next class of the day. It took a full 5 minutes until the hallways were empty and classroom doors were shut. Every single hallway was empty except for one. Down by Shino's locker, there was clanking and rustling of clothes.

"S-Shino! I gotta get to class!" His boyfriend showed no mercy as he took off Kiba's blazer and unbuttoned his shirt. Instantly, Shino trailed hot kisses across the younger teens collar bone and chest. He nipped several times at the neck, leaving his mark to show Kiba belonged to him. His knee went between the brown haired boys legs, making him whimper as he felt an erection come to life. Shino panted heavily and pressed his own erection against Kiba's, making the smaller boy moan softly.

"Shinooo...we cant, not here!" Kiba shook his head furiously, afraid that they would be caught by a student, or worse, a teacher. His boyfriends only response was more grinding. He moaned more, the friction of his silk boxers sending loads of pleasure throughout his body. Kiba bucked into Shino's thrusts, begging for release but the other teen had plans. The silent boy pulled the other teens boxers down while with his other hand, he stuck three fingers in him mouth, ordering him to suck them. After a few moment he pulled his fingers out of the hot mouth and brought them down to his lovers tight hole, slowly inserting one finger. Kiba tensed for a moment before relaxing. Soon after came the other two fingers, thrusting and stretching him out. Shino could tell he hit the prostate numerous of time when Kiba would bite down on his neck, leaving nasty red marks and sometimes they started bleeding.

"Ahh..ahhh..." The smaller teen panted, feeling he was going to go insane from his prostate being touch over and over again but whined when he felt his boyfriend remove his fingers. He then was startled when he felt himself being slightly lifted up.

"Wrap your legs around the waist." Shino ordered and Kiba did so. The silent teen grabbed his hardened member out of his pants and placed it at Kiba's entrance. He slammed into his lover with a quick thrust and stayed there for the other teen to adjust. Kiba was already biting down on the other boys neck and his claws were making marks on his back although Shino didn't seem to mind. The taller boy waited until his lover settled down before he did slow thrusts. Kiba moaned loudly but bit his lip quickly.

"Shino! What if someone see's us?! And there's classrooms beside us, someone will see..." The brown haired boy whined but was surprised when Shino unbuttoned his blazer with one hand and let the shirt fall to his sides, hiding the view where they were bonded.

"Don't worry Koi, I wont allow anyone to see you like this..." 'Especially the Sand kid' The silent boy thought furiously before he started to thrust into his lover roughly against the lockers, making them clang loudly.

"Ahh, Shino slow down!! Your making to much noise!" Kiba wondered what had gotten into Shino that got him to suddenly go rough like that. Not that he minded though. He felt a grasp on his twitching cock and moaned loudly. 'Its angry sex!' He thought before he was drowned in pleasure.

Shino had made sure his thrusts were accurate and hard. He'd pull out until the head of his cock was showing before thrusting all the way in, making sure to hit the smaller boys prostate. Feeling he need more contact he ripped away the offending shirt Kiba was wearing and attacked his hardened brown nipples. He would suck on them gentle then gave a hard bite and then licked it as if it were apologizing. He needed more contact.

"S-Shino slow down! Your going too fast!" Kiba's back was starting to get sore as he felt one of the lockers locks grazed his skin causing it to bleed.

"Ouch.." The smaller teen winced and Shino stopped his angry thrusts in concern. He pulled out of his lover and had him turned around, looking at the wound. Feeling guilty, he went ahead and started to lick it, very much liking the blood of his Koi.

"Ahh.." But Kiba always seemed to open his mouth at the wrong moments. He stopped and stood up, admiring the view of Kiba's backside. He stepped up and placed his hands on the tiny waist and entered through behind. The smaller teen squeaked in shock but was once again consumed by pleasure. Shino put his chest on the back in front of him and nibbled on a earlobe. Kiba felt close to his release and Shino grabbed the throbbing cock in his hands once again. It took him a few pumps before the smaller teen came, his scream of pleasure blocked out by his loves hand. Shino came soon after a couple thrust, coming into his lover. His and only his.

They stayed that for awhile before parting, fixing the clothes as best as they could and cleaned up Kiba's jizz on the lockers. The bell had just rang and students came out in bunches from the class rooms.

"Let's go to our next class, Koi." Shino grabbed Kiba's hand and dragged him through the sea of students. Science was next on the agenda and they had it together. 'Oh joy' Kiba thought sarcastically.

They went into the middle of the room and got two empty seats across from each other. Shino moved the desk RIGHT beside Kiba's and sat down as if nothing has happened. The smaller teen sat down, unsure of what to make the situation. He blushed hard when students came in and gave them weird looks but dismissed it as to know not to ask questions to a high class senpai. He even saw Kankurou walk in, look at them and look the other direction as if he saw nothing. Kiba slammed his desk, feeling utterly stupid.

"I'm dealing with my lovers possessiveness." He groaned. Sometimes finding something new about your lover was exciting but it had its ups and downs. He smiled secretly to himself though, glad to find one new thing out about his mysterious silent boyfriend.


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