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Anyway, it's about Sasuke's rape and how Naruto helps him deal with it through teaching him that you can get close again even after you've been hurt before.

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Warning: This fiction contains descriptive rape, yaoi, and other mature subjects.

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-Chapter 1-

Unwanted Return

Sasuke's body smacked the wall hard. "Ita-!" he screamed out in pain, falling to the floor.

Itachi knelt down and whispered, "I came back just for you, little brother."

He kicked the smaller Uchiha in the stomach, "What's wrong? You aren't happy to see me?"

Sasuke groaned, and pulled his legs into the fetal position. Itachi grabbed his little brother by the wrist, and drug him over to the futon in the corner, tossing him down. He ripped off Sasuke's shirt, and sunk his canines into the his shoulder.

Sasuke screamed, but couldn't break out of Itachi's hold. Laughing, he promptly began yanking off his brother's shorts and underwear.

Itachi squeezed his penis, making Sasuke cry out and more tears gush down his bruised face. He flipped Sasuke onto his stomach, and pinned him down easily using one hand on his lower back. The other hand he used to push a finger into the boy's anus, working it around inside of him, drinking in Sasuke's cries of agony. He put another finger in, stretching his little brother's rectum, making him tear.

He took his fingers out, and prepared to destroy Sasuke. He turned Sasuke back over, to see that he was fully erect.

Honestly, Sasuke couldn't help it. His body was still young, and he was unable to control his lower region's ability to tell pleasure from pain.

"Filthy little boy," Itachi hissed, slapping Sasuke across the face. He took a moment to remove his pants, rubbing his cock to make it hard and saying, "Oh, Sasuke, you'll like what I have for you."

He rose to his knees, and grabbed Sasuke by the hips. The boy screamed out, pleading and begging his older brother to stop, but Itachi listened to none of this.

Instead, he shoved inside of Sasuke, forcing himself inside all the way. Sasuke covered his eyes, and his screaming voice went shrill, but his attempts to reach someone outside of the small shack they were in, were feudal.

Itachi screamed, "Look at me, Sasuke!"

He thrust into him repeatedly, sending blood running down the little Uchiha's back to pool on the futon. When Sasuke wouldn't look back, he thrust harder.

Sasuke screamed in pain, and came, soaking himself with liquid. But Itachi still didn't let up. He didn't stop until he was done, and he wouldn't stop until he had finished with him.

Itachi tore at his brother's belly with his nails, causing Sasuke to cry more. "Fuck!" he screamed, filling Sasuke's chamber with his cum. Itachi paused to catch his breath and pull out. The boy leaked out red and white, and the older male laughed at the pitiful sight. "I bet that's worse than death, hm?"

The older Uchiha pulled his pants back up and zipped them. Itachi left after kicking his little brother once more in the back, locking the shack behind him.

Sasuke could feel himself blacking out, but he couldn't die. He had to kill Itachi... but he wanted sleep, he wanted help, so badly. The boy layed sprawled on the futon in pain, surrounded by a heavy stench, drifting off.

- - -

Hatake Kakashi walked through a forest, searching for the final member of Team 7. He had told Sakura and Naruto to wait back at their meeting place, the ramen shop.

The reason Kakashi thought Sasuke might be in this forest is because he normally came here to train by himself. He knew there was a shack nearby where Sasuke would take his breaks at. He knew all of this because Kakashi actually perferred to train in this area himself, not too far away.

The Jounin saw the shack, and headed to it. He was suprised to find the door locked. He banged on the door, "Sasuke! Are you in there?"

He heard coughing inside. "I'm coming in!" he warned, before taking a running start at the door. Kakashi slammed against it with his entire might, flying into the room and hitting the wall opposite. Then he saw Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Kakashi screamed, kneeling down next to him on the soiled futon. He knew it was rape, and he knew that Sasuke wouldn't hold on much longer. Searching the shack, he found an old blanket and wrapped the boy in it, rushing back to the town.

- - -

"Eehh... Sasuke where are you?" Sakura complained to herself, picking at her ramen.

Just then, Kakashi came running past them with Sasuke in his arms. The two Chuunin saw Kakashi jet off, and instantly jumped out of their seats to chase him. He was headed to Tsunade's.

"I wonder where Sasuke is!" Naruto shouted over to Sakura, running beside him.

The pair dodged everyone, racing after Kakashi, and finally stopping when they reached Tsunade's door.

They could see Kakashi inside, rushing to get to the stairs. Without another second's hesitation, they pulled open the doors and ran to catch up to their sensei. And they finally did, on the staircase.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura and Naruto chimed in unison, "did you find Sasuke-kun?"

Kakashi looked back, and nodded. It was this time that they noticed Sasuke was in his arms. "Sasuke!" Sakura screamed, and tears filled her eyes. She whipped around, and ran back down the steps, out of the building.

Naruto stared at Sasuke.

He still followed Kakashi, but with one arm slightly outstreched. "Sasu-"

Kakashi reached the top of the steps and walked into Tsunade's office. "Tsunade! I have an emergency."

Tsunade stepped out from behind her desk, and approached Kakashi, holding her arms out to take the patient. Kakashi carefully complied.

She looked at the boy's face, bruised and bloody, "Uchiha Sasuke?"

Tsunade took Sasuke over to a hospital-like bed nearby, and set him down gently. She unwrapped him from the blanket, and gasped. "Kakashi, do you know who did this?"


Naruto walked in, and rushed over to Sasuke. His face screwed up when he saw his condition. "What- Did Sasuke get..."

His voice trailed off, and tears began forming in his soft blue eyes. "Tell me he'll be okay, baa-chan!"

Tsunade hugged Naruto and rubbed his back, "We're going to do the best we can, don't worry."

Naruto sat at the foot of Sasuke's bed, and held his head in his hands, "Who did this?"

Kakashi stepped forward, "From the chakra I could sense in the room, I do have a guess."

Naruto lifted his head, and Tsunade looked back at him from caring for Sasuke.

"There's only one ninja who had power like this that would want to come back here for him," he paused, "Uchiha Itachi."

Naruto balled up his fists in rage. Tsunade frowned and turned back to Sasuke, wiping dirt and dried blood off of his face.

"I will kill Itachi, no matter what the costs," Naruto promised himself, and his Kyuubi growled.

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