Authoress's Ramble; 'ello! Well I guess it was about time I wrote a Wicked fic so here it is. I know its short but yeah, I'm horrid at writing long one-shots. So yes, Glinda/Fiyero && Elphaba/Fiyero pairing. Takes place on the train to the Emerald City post I'm Not That Girl.Enjoy && review please!


Glinda stared out the window as the scenery flew by. The bright green of the Emerald City began to errupt over the horizon.

"Are you okay?" Elphaba asked softly.

"Oh yes," Glinda smiled softly at her friend, "I'm fine."

"Good, I think that we'll be arriving soon," Elphabaresponded happily.

Glinda nodded and watched as she fiddled with the flowers that Fiyero had given her. Fiyero. Glinda smiled to herself as the image of him came into her head.Most people at Shiz just thought of her as the slow yet pretty girl who gets everything but her saw deeper into her. He actually knew her; the real Glinda. She cared for him more than any other guy she had ever met. He cared for her too, or atleast she thought her did.

Whatever happened in History that day had changed him. Ever since that day he was distant, quiet, and aloof; basically just not himself. Whenever Elphaba came around it would just get worse, he'd leave immediatly.

Glinda glanced over at Elphaba. Could it? No. She hated people like that. Then of course, opposites attract...

"No." Glinda said firmly, "She wouldn't do that to me."

"What? Who?" Elphaba asked, giving Glinda a confused look.

Oh no. Had she just said all of that out loud?

"Nothing, just pondering something."

She gave her friend a soft smile and returned her attention to the fields of poppies outside of the train. She had to stop thinking about this, it was stupid. Fiyero and her are going to be together for ever, she knew that from the moment she first saw him. Elphaba and Fiyero were just friends...


Post story authoress ramblings; So that was it. Short, simple, sweet. I wanted to really dig deep into Glinda's moment of uncertaintyat the train station. Ah well, reviews would be greatly appriciated! )