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Chapter 1

Valerie groaned. Her beeping ghost watch had alerted her of paranormal activity- at three o' clock in the morning. Valerie yawned. Protecting Amity Park from ghosts was a tiring job.

Nevertheless, she was speeding off on her jetsled before anyone could say "ghost kid".

Who, speaking of which, was the reason Valerie was rudely awakened: Her watch had picked on his ectoplasmic signature.

Valerie scowled at the thought of the ghost boy, otherwise know as the infamous Danny Phantom. He and his stupid dog had caused her father to lose his job and her popularity. The ghost boy was almost always the cause of disaster, even though he protested his innocence. And some thought he was a hero. Pfft…

Valerie reached the park in three minutes flat, only to find the ghost boy fighting with another spirit.

"Always lookin' for trouble, huh, ghost kid?" Valerie muttered under her breath. Plasma cannons unfolded out of her ghost hunting suit and automatically targeted the specter.

Danny Phantom, of course, was busy fighting off the ghostly harem girl, Desiree, who had, once again, taken to granting every wish she heard and bending them so that they backfired upon the wisher.

So of course Phantom did not expect to be shot out of the sky by a very surly Valerie.

Seizing the chance to escape and wreak more havoc, Desiree cackled and disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

Valerie heard Phantom groan as she descended for a better shot. He muttered something that sounded distinctly like, "So much for finishing that math paper on time,"

Math paper?

Shaking off that interesting comment, Valerie pulled out an ecto-bomb and flung it in the ghost kid's direction.

Unfortunately, Phantom saw it coming and soared into the air as the grenade exploded, leaving a crack in the ground and only half of a nearby bench.

Phantom raised an eyebrow at the half-a-bench.

"Smooth," he called.

"Oh shut up, ghost!" Valerie retorted back.

Phantom barely dodged the barrage of plasma-blasts that followed.

And so the fight carried on, with the two teens exchanging blasts, fists, and the occasional witty banter.

Phantom managed a variety of attacks from ecto-balls to ghost rays.

Valerie stuck with her ghost hunting equipment. She was a ninth degree black belt, of course, but that was useless against the inhuman strength that some ghosts, Phantom included, processed. Plus, the ghosts who didn't, could simply become intangible. Besides, her equipment was designed to hurt ghosts, and that's exactly what Phantom was.


Valerie plucked out a ghost riffle from her black knapsack. She shot a round of blasts at the ghost boy who automatically flung up an ecto-shield to block them.

Stifling a yawn, Valerie tried another ecto-bomb. She wanted to get back to bed, but she had to ensure that Phantom wouldn't attack Amity again. At least, until morning, when she was more alert.

Unfortunately, when the smoke cleared, Phantom had vanished.

Valerie let a frustrated growl escape her lips.

… And it was because of Phantom, and his extremely inopportune attacks on Amity Park, that Valerie came to school everyday tired, and was barely passing every subject.

"I just wish I could control Phantom's attacks – or stop them," she sighed.

Valerie started to steer her jetsled home, but stopped as green smoke began to grow and twist in front of her. Valerie gripped her ghost riffle tighter as the smoke assumed the form of the ghostly harem girl Phantom was fighting earlier.

"You'd better watch it, ghost!" Valerie warned. "I have a riffle and I'm not afraid to use it!"

The ghost seemed unfazed by the threat. Instead, she put her hands together and said, "I am Desiree, granter of wishes."

She raised a hand toward the sky.

"And so you have wished it, and so shall it be!"

Desiree's hand glowed scarlet and Valerie tensed.

Instead of attacking though, Desiree swept her hand across the area in front of Valerie, creating a trail of red mist.

When it had dissipated, though, a ruby staff floated in its place.

"Quite an amazing artifact," Desiree murmured, "You will be able to control Phantom, your wish will be his command!"

The last six words caught Valerie's attention.

"How?" she asked.

Desiree smirked and continued, "Simply force him to see this," – she pointed at the red orb atop the staff, which had remained clear and blank. At the gesture, though, crimson smoke had begun swirling ominously within it. – "And he will obey your every command."

"Er… Thanks!" said Valerie, grasping the staff. She ignored the strange tingling sensation it caused.

"The pleasure's all mine, child," Desiree replied with a smirk.

She gave a soft laugh and disappeared in a vortex of green smoke.

Valerie stood there, stunned, for a moment, before steering her jetsled back home.

Valerie climbed into bed. She had placed the staff against a wall in the corner of her room, knowing that her father never came in anyway. (She was keeping the staff a secret, of course.)

Valerie yawned, and smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

For the first time ever, though, Valerie couldn't wait to confront the ghost boy again. When he did show his face again, though, Valerie would be ready.

And the staff gleamed eerily in the darkness.

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