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"Edmund, for the last and FINAL time, I am NOT SICK!"

"Peter, yes, you ARE sick or you wouldn't be sniffing and sneezing every few seconds or being grumpy boots!"

"I think I can tell when if I'm sick or not since it is technically MY body! I thought I had a nice family!"

"Yes, a family that doesn't particularly want YOU to spread your stupid germs all over the place, and get yourself even worse because you were too stubborn and pig-headed to get yourself seen to. Now go and see one of the Healers before I take you up there myself!"


It had been going on like this between Edmund and I for the last half an hour. I mean...Ed is the greatest brother ever and is my best friend, but he has got to stop being so determined all the time. He wouldn't get it into his head that maybe the reason I didn't want to go up to the Healers was because maybe I wasn't actually sick.

Yes, I had been sneezing a lot, but who doesn't when a certain know-it-all brings back a pile of dusty books from the library.


Yes, I did have a red nose, but with the sun being out and it being so cold, I'm surprised that it's just my nose that is red.

"Ed, go away please? I don't want to fight anymore!" I moaned, my head falling back onto a cushion behind me and shutting my eyes before she could say anything else.

Maybe that would shut him up for a bit.

"Susan, make him see sense," I heard Edmund plea to my sister, who had currently been teaching Lucy about the best way to aim an arrow.

"Oh no...don't drag me into this," Susan replied. "If Peter doesn't want to go, then he doesn't have to."

I silently made a note to thank Susan with all my being later on in the day and give her anything she wanted, but then a huff and a flump against the chair, signalled that Ed had given up his war against making me go.

I mentally cheered.

"Thanks Su...ATCHOOO!" I tried to say, and was interrupted by a loud sneese erupting from my mouth. Giving a sniff, I pulled out a tissue and blew my nose. Stupid dust.

Looking around the room, I saw that Edmund had gone back to writing out future battle plans and that Susan and Lucy were having a nice time, giggling. Only Lucy could get Susan Pevensie to giggle. I shook my head. I really wasn't in the mood to do any work and I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs to my bedchamber so I decided to go and wake myself up with a gallop along the beach. Nothing like a blast of fresh, cold air to make you awake.

"I'll see you lot later, and Edmund, BEHAVE," I warned jokily.

Edmund gave me a mock glare and threw one of the cushions near him, making me duck as I ran out of the door.

I pulled on my thick, winter robes and headed out into the brisk, icy air.

Young fox cubs and Badger cubs were messing about with snow-lions and the others were either ridding the grounds of snow or having snowball fights. This was the time where I missed my friends back in that place...yes, MISSED...as much as I hated to admit it, it had always been fun with them at school and now it was oddly quiet.

I headed slowly in the direction of the stables, the snow crunching under my feet and my ears already burning from the attack of the cold.

"I wish I had brought a hat," I thought, rubbing my ears with gloved hands to try and get some feeling back into them. Maybe doing riding wasn't such a good idea, but I shook my head and carried on down the path. I'd feel warmer when I got going.

My hand was just about to turn the handle on the gate when I saw a shadow flicker across the corner of my eye.

What was that?

"Hello?" I said, looking around.


I continued on turning the handle.


I swung round, knowing for certain that I had heard a sound from somewhere behind me. I wasn't alone.

All of a sudden, a familiar laugh entered my ears. A sneering, mocking one. One that made my blood boil.

"Looking for somewhere to stay, Little King?" the sound of a wolf sneered at me, appearing from the shadows nearby, along with six others growling menacingly.

"How did you get in here? This place is banned from animals like you! How did you get past the guards?" I growled back, my eyes narrowed and hand on the top of my sword.

"Temper, King, you wouldn't want that to get you into trouble, would you? We have our ways into such places."

"Then let me show you the way OUT!"

The wolf's eyes narrowed at that command. It seemed that he still had a soft spot from that experience.

"ATTACK! Make him feel the pain that our lost brother felt!"

I pulled out Rhindon, and set forward to rid the wolves of Cair Paravel. I wouldn't let them taint the castle with their evil, and I would protect my and Aslan's family with every breath in my body. I ducked and rolled away from the fierce, drooling teeth, and stabbed the side of one of them, feeling the tip of my sword slice through easily and watching warm blood stream through the hole now clear in its side, a pained howl (almost like a scream) shrieked when my aim was true, but the sound pierced through my very soul, reminding me of the final howl that the Captain Maugrim gave when he jumped and fell on the very tip.

"You think that you can beat me, wolf, then you even more stupid than your late Captain," I snarled, eyes following the last wolf remaining. "You know his story and that this was the very sword that killed him! Leave now while you still have the chance to breathe!"

The wolf was now leant low to the ground, eyes narrowed and sweat glistening within its fur as both I and it circled each other, waiting for the right time to attack and end this.

A swipe, a stab…a bite. Pain shot in waves through the entire length of my back, claws ripping through my flesh, bites on my shoulder and legs. I never felt so much agony in my life. It was like fire was running through all the veins and particles of my body and burning everything in its path. I had to keep going. I couldn't let them win, but even with the yelp of a direct hit, each swipe was getting weaker and slower.

In the distance, a screaming horn could be heard.

"Been nice killing you, Son of Adam," the wolf muttered, dragging me by the leg down one of the hills, and behind a pair of rocks, a trail of life-giving blood following slowly behind me.

With these words, he turned on his heel and left with the group, heavy snow beginning to fall and screams filling the air.

I had failed. I was meant to be the High King, the eldest brother, but I hadn't even been able to take care of a pack of rogue wolves.

I was weak. Every second that passed, I felt my heart slow and a bitter coldness through me, covering me like some kind of cruel blanket. Wanting to take me from those I love and care for. I watched the clouded air above my face drift up and away. It was hypnotising in a way.

"I-I'm sorry…forgive me."

My last thought?...

Would anyone find me in time?

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