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It had been a day since we had left the safety off the camp and it had been a group decision to follow all the hints that Peter's captors had left us along the way, but as we went trotted through the bushes and the trees of forests, a feeling of unease passed over me. I didn't know what it was, but something was tickling at the back of my mind, telling me that I should be able to know where we were going because I had been here before. Nothing came to me. I was left with nothing but confusion and frustration.

A strange quietness seemed to have taken hold of the group. Orieus's eyes to be forever alert and on-guard as if he was expecting something to attack us at any moment, Lucy looked like she was permanently attached to her reins and the same for Susan (her fingers twitched like they did when she was ready to draw an arrow). The others just rode on, eyes ahead and voices in check. No-one now possesses the happiness we had not long ago at the beginning of our ride.

How was I?

I was fine. Just plagued with this nagging feeling.

Was it so important for me to remember where we were? I know I had been in Narnia for quite some time now, but even I hadn't discovered all if its nooks and crannies. This country had its secrets and I had mine, yet it was as if it was trying to let me in one of those precious secrets and I couldn't hear it right.

The birds that had been flying around us had now silenced, and flew away quicker than I had ever seen a bird fly.

Something had frightened them.

What was it?

Just at that moment of thought, darkness fell upon us like a blanket of the night. Frantic cries pierced the air, and then died. Fearful neighs filled the space around us and then were cut off.

"Philip! What's going on?" I shouted, panic pounding around my quick beating heart.

"I don't know, Edmund! It's like the light has been sucked out!" he cried, somehow being the only horse capable to keep their rider on the saddle. The other horses had bucked and threw their bounty off with a series of loud 'Ow!' probably looking to escape from this darkness.

"Lucy! Susan! Are you both alright?"

"We're fine, but I didn't really want a reminder of how hard the ground can be," Lucy called somewhere from the shadows.

"We need some light or somethin…"

My words died in my throat as light appeared as sudden as it had been taken, revealing (to our surprise) a tightly knitted tunnels of bent trees, plants and vines all twisted into a long archway tunnel.

Sunlight came from the mini cracks that were allowed, but the warmth that the sun tried to give to us was blocked, letting nothing but a cutting blast of ice blow through, sending the hairs on our arms and necks standing. There was no sign of an entrance and no sign of exit. Just a forever long tunnel.

We were trapped.

"I don't like this," I heard Susan whisper.

She had never had been a fan of the dark and even at Cair Paravel; she had to have at least a small candle lit as she fell asleep, especially in nasty storms. Not that she admitted to us that she was scared. That was very un-Susan-like. Though we always made sure (secretly) that we left a little light on if the candle ever flickered out. The problem was we couldn't do that here.

"It's okay, Su," I soothed. "We still have some light and this tunnel can't be as long as it looks. We'll find a way out. I promise."

I only wished that I believed in my words because right then, I was feeling the complete opposite and blatantly lying to myself.

Deciding it was better to keep moving; those who had been bucked off had somehow managed to retrieve their horses and headed behind me into the sinister shadows of the tunnel.

There was no point in sitting around waiting for the exit to come to us.

The cold air seemed to intensify the further we moved down, sometimes catching our breaths, making us move slower. The trees looked like they were struggling as much as we were for the green tawny look that had held in their leaves now looked decayed and on the verge of death.

It wasn't a pleasant sight.

There was no life within these plants. It was like the iciness had taken all the light they had within them and sucked them till they were dry, leaving dead shells.

This wasn't any forest in Narnia.

It couldn't be.

Nothing so…dead could possibly live in such a magical place, but there was the evidence, surrounding us.

I don't know if it was the cold, but the further we headed in, the fiercer the feeling I had felt earlier became, pulsing me through like a mantra. You've been here before. You've been here before. You've been here before.

I shook my head.

You've been here before. You've been here before. You've been here before.

The mantra screamed loudly in my head, sending sharp pains around my wrists, ankles, even my left cheek. Of course not forgetting that sinister ache in my stomach. Where was I getting these pains from? I hadn't done a thing to injure myself and memories couldn't hurt me. What were they trying to remind me of? I felt myself leaning forward on my saddle so to rest my burning face on the bottom of Philip's neck, trying to take in the warmth and the coldness that came from it. A cold sweat had taken hold of me, just like it did when I was sick or had a fever.

"Susan, it's happening again!" I heard Lucy exclaim.

"Take the flask of water and get him to take a drink from it," Susan called to her, reaching down into her saddlebag and throwing over a small silver water flask.

What did she mean 'it's happening again'?

"Ed," Lucy smiled, hiding something in her voice whilst patting my ankle to get my attention. "Take a bit of this water…you'll feel better after a drink."

It was cool against the back of my throat and refreshing enough to bring my mind from wherever it had wondered to.

"Thanks, Lu," I muttered, handing her the flask back and wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just probably got myself a bit shaken up earlier and hadn't realised, that's all."

"Okay…just-just take it easy."

"I will."

Watching my little sister head back to her horse, I again became confused. Why was everyone being so careful around me? Had I done something in my sleep? Whatever it was, it was over and we now needed to focus on the task ahead. Finding an exit and getting Peter back.

"King Edmund! King Edmund!"

A roar of cries had erupted around me and a fire spread through the length of my body as my eyes caught sight of a pack of up to four wolves, one carrying a piece of fabric which I knew belonged to Peter. Let's just say me and wolves will never get on unless it was on the end of my sword. Three wolves remained half in the shadows, their ears back and teeth showing. The other carefully walking towards us, low and ready. Its piercing yellow eyes gazed up at me, and if it were possible, it sneered.

"What a pleasure it is to meet a former follower of our late majesty," it said silkily, giving a mocking bow with its head.

"Where is my brother, wolf?" I growled, my hand on the hilt of my sword ready to kill, but knowing that I couldn't until we found Peter.

"He's about, but if you ever want to see him again, that I guess you should come with us. You and no-one else. No weapons and no force or we have the orders to kill you on the spot so stopping you from ever seeing your pack member."

"I'm going nowhere until I see some proof that he's alive!"

"You'll just have to take a word for it, human."

The wolves were eyeing Susan and Lucy a bit too closely, causing me to fight with myself whether to stay with my family or to go with the wolves.

"Don't trust them, Edmund! Nothing they say is the truth!"

I knew that, but if it meant saving my best friend, then I had to do it, regardless of the possible consequences. When I looked at my sisters, they already knew my answer and kept trying to convince me that their idea was the best, but they had to understand that it didn't work like that.

"Alright, I'll go, but you touch one hair on my sisters' head, I will make sure you pay with every blood that is spilled," I said quietly, eyes narrowed into slits.

"Nothing shall happen to them! Now if you don't mind, our Captain is waiting!"

I glared at their orders, but carefully climbed off Philip, but not without whispering quickly: "You know what to do if I don't come back."

Philip nodded.

"But your majesty…" Oreius began.

"Oreius, I'll be fine. Just look after the girls for me."

I placed a hand on the Centaur's shoulder, trying to make him understand this from my point of view. I needed to do this. Not only for myself, but also for the others.

"Alright," he said finally.

I knew how hard it was for him to back down and not come to my aid, but I didn't trust these wolves with an inch of my life and I needed someone to look after everything just in case something bad had happened."

With a quick smile and a blanket underneath my arm, I headed after the wolves, ignoring the familiar harsh breathing and cold toothy grins.

I started this looking for Peter and I was going to end this by bringing him home.

Peter's eyes suddenly forced themselves open from slumber, wide with panic and fear.


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