A/N: This is set a few years ago, and it is from Minerva's POV. The you in the fic is obviously Albus. ;) Enjoy!

Raindrops and Rendezvous

A bittersweet fragrance wafts through the garden. The flowers kneel with every wet trickle as droplets from the pond leap up to meet their likeness. All other sounds are muffled by the echoing splatters against the lush grass. Ah, music to my ears.

The soft wind whistles through the trees and plays with my dampened hair and robes as I blink away a drop of rain from the very tip of my lashes. I hear, or rather sense, footsteps. I turn just in time to see you enter the garden. Your smiling face and sparkling blue eyes fill my heart with delight. I welcome you with a grin as you take my hand. You joke that for someone with a cat as an Animagus form, I enjoy the rain far too much. Yes, it is true.

As we walk hand in hand through the garden, I become aware that there is something you are holding back, but what, I do not know. You will tell me when the time is right, I am sure. I listen to your voice melt with the constant drumming of the rain shower around us. I say little, but you know I am hanging on to every word. You carefully place your arm around my waist, and in return I lay my head on your shoulder. It fits just as perfectly as my hand in yours.

The roses glimmer under the light drops of dew. The birds sing as a devotion to the replenishing of the land. As I look at you, I once again see you fighting to restrain or release something- maybe the words are too painful to say- so I squeeze your hand to show my support. It appears to work. Your face softens, and a smile plays with the corners of your lips. I draw in a quick breath as you move closer. The warmth of your moist lips against mine sends a tingle through my body. I feel my cheeks blush as I slowly open my eyes. Amazing- my first kiss in the rain.

You sit on the wet concrete bench and chuckle as I spin around and around with my face towards the sky. Only when I feel the dizziness overcome me do I stop turning and fall to the ground. I lie back and giggle as I watch the Earth whirl around me. I dare not walk, so you come and sit down beside me. You push back the soggy locks of hair clung to my face and kiss my forehead. I recline against your knees and keep my eyes closed to prevent any rain from falling in them. You continue stroking my hair and begin humming a tune. It is unfamiliar to me, but it is beautiful.

I feel the rain lessen on my face. It is only sprinkling now, and rays of sunlight begin penetrating the murky clouds. I sit up, and you stand to help me to my feet. A magnificent display of elaborate colors are arced in the sky. It is the symbol of a promise maintained, and somehow it seems a part of us, uniting our hearts and bridging our souls.

I wrap my arm in yours as we make our way back to the garden entrance. The drops have ceased falling, but the sweet smell is still lingering in the air. Perhaps the peace after the shower is as exhilarating as the rain itself, because the atmosphere around us is of bliss and joy.

You must leave me now for a meeting with the Minister, so we kiss and walk our separate ways. I smile to myself as I reflect on today because I know that as the years pass us by, this will be a memory that we shall always cherish, and the rain will be an undying image of our love.