It had hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, a ton of bricks... to my back. Two hands, firmly planted against my firm shoulders and a firm push to send me flying. As I fell, I could only think one thing; since when did 'firm' become such an essential part of my sentence structure? But that really didn't matter, as two seconds later my body hit the floor, knocking the wind out of my lungs. I rolled onto my back as Dr. Cox began to speak.

"Stop standing around, newbie. I know water cooler gossip is just too much for your girly self to resist, but if you could puh-lease find it in you to actually get some work done today, I don't know, maybe save some lives, change the world, that sorta stuff, then that would be just peachy."

At that moment I was just grateful Dr. Cox wasn't wearing a skirt. Or a kilt. Or a kilt with no underwear. I also found it ironic that he asked me to stop standing around.

I was clearly on my back trying hard not to pass out.

I gasped for air, and tried to sit up, but the room spun around me and I decided that lying on the ground would be the better idea. I must have hit my head hard, but Dr. Cox didn't seem to notice. Instead he rolled his eyes and stepped over me, shaking his head as he took my place at the nurses station. He mumbled something to Laverne, who said something about Jesus in return and handed him a file. He leaned over it and started reading.

I watched him from the floor; after all, he had put me there. He rotated his shoulders every now and then. That was usually a sign of irritation, so I took it to mean he didn't like what he was reading. He moved his head to one side, then the other and clenched his jaw. Yet another sign he was unhappy. I wanted to move out from under him, picturing in my head that his foot would come smashing through my chest as he walked away laughing, but I shook off the thought when I saw his face.

He was looking at me. Trying hard not to make it noticeable, but his eyes met mine for a few seconds. I smiled goofily at him, and he sighed, setting the file down and bending over.

"For God sake, newbie, get up. Ya hit your head, but you're fine."

He extended his hand, and for a minute, I hesitated. He wiggled his fingers a bit, his way of saying, "It's ok, I won't bite." Carefully, I grabbed his hand, and he hauled me up. I grinned as I wiped dust from my scrubs.

"I was fine, Dr. Cox, I was just... testing the floors... comfort level..." I hope he buys that.

"Give me a break, Rebecca!" he shouted as he shook his head and started down the hall.

Yeah, I think he bought it.