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Weapons of Wisdom

Prologue: The Terror Returns

It all happened a long time ago.

How long, you asked? Well, I would not call it too long. Too long would be about… three centuries ago. But this all happened a bit more recently – about one-and-a-half centuries ago, to be exact. It all happened that day. No, it did not occur that day. In actuality, it happened that night.

It was a clear night. The sky looked black (with a bit of a bluish tint in it). Stars of many colors – white, blue, and red, to be exact – twinkled both dimly and brightly. Hundreds of evergreen trees surrounded the area, and they were each about fifty feet tall. Birds of all sizes, bats, and nocturnal insects scurried in the lushes of the dark forest.

The woods were very dark. It was so dark one could not see his hands in his face. However, despite the woodlands being so… unlit, it was tranquil. The forest was tranquil. The wildlife merely showcased the beauty within it. And the stars above only brought the land even more serenity. It surely would be a very nice place to explore… if there was no fire to disturb it.

In the center of the forest, a nasty battle brewed. Magic of all kinds spewed everywhere: water, wind, dirt, wood, and fire (which was the last bit of the fight). In addition, sharp crystals of diamond and ice were aimed at each other – the diamonds from the Judge and the ice from his adversary. The attacks cancelled each other out several times, only to have the enemy outlast and outwit the smarter and wiser Judge. The Beast of the Seal had also been outfought by his opponent, and he was out cold on the ground next to the injured Judge. Many yellow tail feathers that were once on his wings were burning to a crisp on the ground, and his sides were badly bruised.

Behind them was what looked like a mansion. It was probably 400 feet long, 200 feet wide, and 70 feet high. The walls were white, with blue windows in the frames. A roof curved inwardly like a saggy mattress, grey shingles looking chipped and weathered. There was a lot more to this old house, but the nasty fire had burnt it all down. Now, the main front was all that remained of the famous structure.

What happened to the owner? The answer was simple: He did not look too well. A few feet away from the cherry tree, a man in dark robes was lying on the burnt grass. His cards scattered all over the ground, and his broken glasses lay only three feet away to his right. The midnight blue hair on the back of his head had stained blood on it, apparently from a hard punch or a weapon of choice. Whatever it was, something had the strength to knock the powerful sorcerer out.

All around them, the fire roared and crackled all over the area that was known as Clow Reed's house. Most of the beautiful grass that once flourished had been burnt to a crisp, and the mansion was destroyed – with a capital "D" – except for the front portion of the building. But that might collapse within the next few hours, too, for some of the structural beams and walls had already been set ablaze. It could be concluded that everything… was completely ruined!

Now, who caused all of this? Who was responsible for this atrocity in the first place?

Well, the suspects were found flying above the cherry tree. In the middle was a man in a thick black cloak, his face hidden behind a droopy hood. On his left was the silhouette of a gigantic horse with wings, and on his right was another silhouetted human, and she had the same kind of wings similar to the horse.

"'Tis a pity to end the battle so soon, huh?" said the female human in a mature voice and dusted off what was supposed to be her left shoulder, light blue crystals flying away.

"The ever so cocky one," retorted the cross horse, his deep male voice dripping with both impatience and annoyance. If it could ever cut something, his vocalization would certainly be powerful enough to do that. "If I were you, we were lucky to fight them off."

The master cleared his throat loudly and sharply, ending the argument before it became heated.

"Silence, both of you!" he ordered. "Quit your arguing at once!"

"Sorry, Master," apologized his Guardians and somewhat bowed down.

The master cleared his throat again. This time, he was being nicer, but just a bit. "You both did well in handling Clow's Guardians," he explained authoritatively. If he could do it like this forever, he would do so, but now was not the time. "You were able to weaken both Yue and Cerberus, and you both knocked them out. And I did the job in beating up Clow." He said the last sentence while looking down at the unconscious Clow Reed. If it could be shown from behind his hood, a huge sinister smile had spread from ear to ear.

Again, there was more business to be done. "Now, both of you imbeciles stand back as you watch me perform magic at its best."

Both of his guardians obliged and flew ten feet backwards.

Once they were far enough, the master raised his long right arm high in the air and made some sort of incantation. It was in some sort of alien language, for it sounded very incomprehensible. Well, whatever it was, his spell worked; in his right hand was some sort of sword. It was about five feet long, which included a very fancy hilt.

He brought his hand down and gazed at the forms of Yue, Cerberus, and Clow Reed below.

"It was nice knowing you three, especially you, Clow; but your time on this planet is up!" he growled (mentioning Clow with utmost contempt), and the blade glowed white. "Farewell forever!" With that, he threw his weapon at Clow and his adversaries below.

Well, it was nice knowing them. The menacing sword was moments away from impacting the ground and destroying all those that lied on the burnt ground. It was time for them to go the afterlife and begin a new adventure, whenever that would happen.


Eriol Hiiragizawa (now looking like a usual teenager) shot up from his bed and looked down at his grey blanket. His face dripped with huge beads of sweat, and his dark blue eyes looked small and frightened. Loud, wheezy pants escaped his system as what he envisioned scared him to no end.

The Clow reincarnation looked around and noticed the usual. The room looked like a mass of dark, empty space. Nothing could be seen anywhere, except the bed that he slept in and the small dresser where his eyeglasses sat.

Eriol sighed in relief, picked up his glasses with his left hand, and put them on. "It was just a dream. Thank goodness," he thought.


The door from the end off his room burst open, and both Ruby Moon (in her usual Nakuru Akizuki disguise) and Spinel Sun (in his plush kitten form) either ran or flew inside.

"Eriol, are you okay?" cried Nakuru as she ran to Eriol's bedside.

Eriol stifled a yawn and turned to his asexual Guardian. "I'm fine. I just had a nightmare."

Nakuru had suspicions. She was not going to let her friend and master hide it for so long. "I have a guess that it might be the same one as before, right?"

Eriol nodded.

"Nightmare, my foot!" exclaimed Nakuru and stomped her right foot on the ground. "You've had the same nightmare for several weeks, and you've very reluctant in telling us."

"I agree with Ruby, Eriol," concurred Spinel and sat on the blanket. "Your conciliation is completely worrying us. So what's wrong?"

Eriol looked down, doubt etched all over his face. "To be honest, I do not really know," he replied simply.

Nakuru and Spinel looked at each other briefly before turning to their master once more.

"But you do recall quite a bit of your nightmare, I assume?" asked Spinel, his face showing both interest and concern.

Eriol blinked briefly. "That I do," he responded and started explaining to them.

Once he finished telling them, both Guardians started feeling sorry for him.

"It must've been very frightening," said Nakuru and patted Eriol on his left shoulder.

"Very," replied Eriol and shortly played with one of his strands of his hair with his right hand, "and I usually don't get scared."

Spinel caught on. Of all those years he lived with his master, he always expected the unexpected. And this was unexpected, in his point of view, of course. "But then, why does your nightmare keep reoccurring?" he pondered and caressed his chin with his right front paw. "Usually, once you have a nightmare, it goes away…" he looked up with a doubtful expression on his face, "…right?"

"Good question," replied Eriol and placed his left hand on his chin. "I don't know why they keep happening."

"Maybe, it's just your mind playing tricks on you," suggested Nakuru kindly.

Eriol yawned and covered his mouth in the process. "Perhaps," he said sleepily.

Wanting to cheer him up, Nakuru grabbed a hold of his left hand. "We can all talk about this during tea time." And she was about to drag his out of bed when Spinel cleared his throat authoritatively.

The plush flew to Nakuru's right while sporting a serious look on his cat-like face. "How about we all talk about it after he gets dressed?"

Nakuru blinked confusingly and closely examined Eriol; only to find out he was wearing his nightclothes.

The butterfly Guardian chuckled nervously as she blushed bright red. "S-Sorry, E-Eriol," she stammered apologetically.

Eriol shook his head and chuckled. "It's all right, Ruby Moon," he said with a smile. "I'll meet you there in a few minutes."

Both Nakuru and Spinel nodded in reply, and they subsequently left the room.

Once they exited, Eriol yawned and stepped out of his bed. That was when he stopped suddenly and looked behind him, where there was nothing except a vast emptiness of deep darkness. Something was there; he could have sworn he noticed some sort of presence. But what was it? Could it be something evil… or was it merely his imagination? Oh, well. Nevertheless, he decided to think about this (as well as his dream) while enjoying his tea and marmalade on toast…

…But first, he had to change.