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Chapter 1

It happened during my last summer of high school. My bike gang was challenged to a race with another high school gang. I was the chosen one to take on the ride. I arrived at the designated place at 10:00 o'clock in the evening. The streets of Kyoto had few cars and little obstruction at that time of hour. When I arrived, to my surprise I saw the biker whom I was about to duel. The biker appeared to be a female rider with long shining dark hair. There was no time for me to greet her, but my first impression was 'NO WAY'. Was I about to race a girl? This had to be a joke? The best rider of Kyoto High was challenged by a female rider! What kind of a sick joke was that? If I were to back out at that time, I would have been the laughing commodity of Kyoto High, so I swallowed my pride and took on the challenge.

The race started immediately once I arrived. The other team was not going to wait any longer for the race to commence. Before our bikes hit the road, I was able to take a quick glance at the other rider's bike; it was a Kawasaki model with an initial 'N' mounted on the right side of the bike. The race started and my opponent was fast, she zoomed through the streets like she knew exactly where every corners and stop signs were. It was a close race, but at the end, I lost and she disappeared into a distance. She didn't even bother to stop or claim her victory. Who was she? She was amazing!

At that moment of my life, my heart was throbbing with so much pain. I didn't know exactly why, but I felt pathetic. I wanted to know who defeated me. I wanted to find out who she was. I tried using all my connection to find her, but she was like a ghost with no trace.

I graduated from high school and moved to Tokyo where I worked as a bartender at a night club to pay for my college tuition. Though I attended college, I didn't have any particular major in mind. I was mostly interested in finding the ghost of the last three miserable years of my life. Her riding spirit had taunted me for the longest time. I had never imagined that I would drown so deep over a lost race so long ago. She probably wouldn't even remember that it ever happened. All I could do was hope that if she were to continue riding, then she would be the type that liked to hang out in bars and night clubs or at least that was my thought.

In the mean time, I'd been building and maintaining my physically form. What should I say? I became an irresistible piece of meat and women were like magnets and couldn't keep their eyes off me. I admit that I buried myself into many bodies, but none of them seemed to be the one that I was looking for, yet they did satisfied my hunger at my time of need.

In my pursuit to find the ghost of my past, I often asked myself why: Why did I bother with such irrelevant nonsense? Why did I continue to seek for this mysterious woman? I could never give myself a satisfying answer to those questions. I guessed; I just wanted to meet her in person to admit my defeat.

Another year passed and slowly the ghostly image of her faded.


"Come on, Tatsuha! Give me another boost!"

"Hey! What's wrong man? Why are you here all by yourself tonight?" I asked Hiro as I filled his order.

"I…, I just need some time alone."

He was lying. I could tell by the hesitation from his voice. "Let me guess. Is it about women?"

He rolled his narrow eyes from his drink and caught mine observing him. He replied, but his reply surprised me. "No…" The word softly escaped his lips as he looked at me. His eyes were lost as if they were already drunk. Tonight, he was different. There was something dormant about him that I couldn't make out. Yet, somehow, I could feel it; I could tell that he was about to do something absurd. His dark jewels found the ceiling of the bar. As he studied the pattern and molding of the ceiling, I noticed that he had very attractive eyes and come to think of it; he was very handsome, too. He had been doing well with his band, so money was not his problem. If there was anything wrong in a man's life; it was either money or women. Since money was not the problem than it must had been a woman issue. Why didn't he find another girlfriend after he broke up with Ayaka? It must had been almost three years and yet he remained alone all this time.

I continued to observe him as he arched further allowing his firm neck to stretch and his long dark cherry hair to fall freely behind his back; my eyes stalled wide open at that instant. Wow! His hair was so captivating; it looked as if it was silk so shining and full of body. I gulped a mouthful of saliva as I imagined myself swimming in it. I didn't know what came over me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He continued to play with his hair, running his pretty fingers through it from both sides as he let go a sigh and pulled his head back up. He collected his lock into a pony tail and as he leaned toward me with a handful of every thread of silk; he let it went freely again. At that instant, he caught my eyes full of lust staring at him.

"Tatsuha? You okay, man?"

I sent him a smile. "So, tell me what's YOUR problem? If it's not women, then what is?"

He shot back a look right at me and it could have taken my breath away at that very instant. "It's nothing. I have some personal issues that I need to resolve. There is this… " He paused in the middle of his response. Something was bothering him. His eyes looked a bit painful as they looked away. Why? Why couldn't he tell me? It seemed to be was very important to him. His sad eyes were hiding something, but I was too absorbed by his beauty to notice at the time.

"Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked, but I started to fantasize how he would look in bed. "Are you okay?" He continued with his concern.

Without thinking, I immediately bent over and whispered to his right ear. "I'm fine." I managed an inviting voice as I felt the teeth of my zipper tighten against my growing cock. As every second passed by, he was the center of my vision. Man! I was hot for him. I hadn't had this throbbing feeling since when, I couldn't even remember. Of all the relationship that I had so far, I was the target of affection, but tonight, I found myself affectionate to a friend that I've known for the last four years. Tonight, he would be the target of my chase.

"What's wrong with you?" He pulled away, but I could see him blushing.

Something in me was burning and it was just getting hotter as I continued to admire him. I was going mad and hungry; I wanted to eat him right where he was sitting. I reached my hand out to caress the lovely shape of his face. "I want to you tonight." Again, I managed a bold and sexy voice.

"It must be the alcohol. I'm hallucinating; I think that I've heard you wrong." He replied as he held his forehead in his palm and the tips of his thin fingers again buried into his hair.

"No, you heard me right." I confirmed it, but his eyes just stared back at me in disbelief. I felt my heart skipped a beat as he grabbed his jacket and turned away.

"Man! I'm really losing it. I think I'll call it a night." He stumbled off his stool and headed for the exit. My legs instantly took charge and followed him out the door. I followed him into the parking lot where I pinned him against the building.

"Tatsuha? What the hell?"

"I'd told you." I took both of his wrists into my own hands and hanged them above his head.

"If this is one of your love sick game then stop it! Find yourself another victim and fuck her! I'm a man! I'm not the woman that you're seeking for!" What was that? The tone of his voice changed. There was definitely something different about him tonight, but the more he resisted the more I wanted to make him submit to me.

"I'm not going to let you go. Not tonight. You set me on fire, so you need to extinguish it for me."


He was about to protest, but I shut him off; I kissed him. It was wonderful; the taste of wine on his lips drugged me. It intoxicated me, keeping me moving forward as I fought for his tongue and drank that last scent of alcohol from his mouth.


End of Chapter

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