Chapter 10

Hours later… Feeling relief, we agreed to make the most out of our relationship in an effort to thanks Nikki for what she did.

We left the airport and went to get our bikes; I found the same throbbing feeling growing in my chest.

"Hiro, let's race back to your apartment."


I didn't give him any time to think. I started my engine and took the lead start. He caught up to me within seconds.

"What are you insane?" He said through the hurling wind blowing against us.

"No, this is the only way I can get my duel." I replied in the same manner, shouting out my voice loud enough so that he could hear me. "Catch me!"

"You've asked for it!" He sounded as if he was inspired by my sudden action. He took it seriously after that and passed me on before I even knew it.

"No you don't!" I managed to pass him right before the red right signal went off. Ignoring the signal light, he followed me.

Just a block before I reached his apartment, he zoomed passed me again. There it was the flashes, which blinded my vision from his tail lights. It flickered just the same as before; he was showing the same riding spirit. Had it came back to him?

I lost again.

"Hiro!" I called his name immediately after I parked my bike and rushed over to return him a smack on the face.

"Asshole! What's this for? Couldn't you take a lost?"

Instead of giving him an answer, I pulled him into my arms and kissed him, slobbering his lips and thrusting my way in and fought for his tongue.

After our long and messy kiss, he managed to push me off. "Are you mad? First, you hit me then you kissed me? What's up with you?"

"The hit is to resolve my pitiful lost to you four years ago. You left me behind without a trace of your bony ass. And, the kiss is to make up for hurting you."

"I don't know what the heck you're talking about."

"I'm sure that you've must remember a race four years ago in Kyoto. You were racing some high school kid at the time, remember?"

He took a few second to collect his memories. "Yeah, so."

"It was me."

"You? So you were my opponent at the time?"

"Yes! Damn it, Hiro! Why didn't to stop after the race was over? Why did you run off after you won?"

"I was… I didn't feel like I was winning. I was just there disguising as someone else. I felt pathetic after that race. I was so stupid for letting Nikki talked me in to that! I lost her after that and I lost my will to race after that."

"Nevertheless, you left me behind in pain, Hiro! I couldn't get you off my mind. All these times, I'd been searching for you and you were right in front of me. You should have told me."

"How would I know? You'd never mentioned anything about losing a race when you were looking for me. All you ever told me was that you were in search of a woman. And each time you spoke about her, I could always sense some deep feeling simulating inside of you; it seeped through the tone of your voice."

"I guess, I had fallen for you even back then."

He locked our eyes together. "You know what… since I never considered myself wining that race; I say that it's a draw."

"I can't accept that! A lost is a lost! It doesn't matter what you say, I lost and that's final."

"Well, it's still a draw to me." He sent me a wicked smile, leaned forward and whispered into my ears, "Let me tell you why? You've won something far greater than racing. You've won the racer, himself. I've got me exactly where you want me. I can't get enough of you, Tatsuha." All the hair on my body must had stood up; I grabbed his ass and pulled his arousal against mine. "And, you know what, Tatsuha? I liked you for a long time, even before the first night that we were together."

Disbelief was written on my face.

"After breaking up with Nikki, I often found myself going to the bars to help me forget, but the drinks never help. Sitting at the bar and watching how you flirted with all the women that came into your life reminded me so much of my former self. I found myself infatuated with you, but convinced myself otherwise. I ended up going out with Ayaka, but our relationship didn't last long. Both of us had our hearts somewhere else. As years passed, I found myself going back to see you every time I needed comfort. Seeing you was enough. I didn't want to ruin the little friendship that we had, plus you were never serious. You fucked and slept with whoever you could seduce at the moment. That night behind the club, I couldn't believe you. All of a sudden you went mad. I saw flames in your eyes. A hungry, lustful pair of eyes were staring at me, and a body so firm, yet so tender caressing me. I couldn't help myself, but gave in and let you had what you wanted. That night behind the cellar's wall, I could never forget it; it meant so much to me. Tatsuha…," He looked at me, smiled, eyes lessen as he drew in a breath of relief and pressed his lips against mine. "I love you." Those beautiful words were gently spoken to my lips.

I returned the feeling of contentment in the same way, "I love you, too, Hiroshi."


Five years later…

No matter how many times I made love to him, his ass was always so tight. Holding his leg up against my shoulder while my thigh secured his other leg beneath me, I thrust my way in hard and fast. Pulling my length out, leaving only the tip of my erection inside; he panted, mouth opened, eye glistered in relief from my withdrawal. I didn't give him much time to relax. I pushed back inside of him and the warmth of his body ate me; it sucked and swallowed my entire length each time I pushed and buried my hardness deeper inside of him.

As I continued thrusting in and out of his moist and soften body, groaning my growing pleasure from within; I felt Hiro's legs, one slithered down from my shoulder while the other moved up and both met behind my back, pulling me in closer to him. Reaching my limits, I called to my lover, "Hiro, come with me."

I pushed my hardness in one last time, moving slowing, enjoying every fraction of skin enveloping my heated organ, "Oooow…" I came, spilling my hot seeds into his body. At that instant, he gasped, pleased by the liquid, which I filled him; his body shivered as he caught one last breath and a strong stray aimed for the ceiling of our bedroom and sprinkled little white dots of paint into midair as they landed on my lover's navel and chest.

Sex with Hiro had always been messy, but it was always worth it.

We both came.


Next Morning…

"Hiro, someone's at the door." I groaned. "Go get it."

"You go get it. I'm all warned out from last night."

"What kinda shit are you talking about? I did all the fucking!"

"You're just so good at it." He took my sleeping baby and stroked it. "I'll pay you back later and be your seme tonight." He whispered into my ears.

More ringing sound echoed from the door bells. I pulled him in closer, rubbing my growing staff against his soft one. I lost count of how many times we did it last night, but Hiro and I had never grown tired of love making. In fact, the more often we made love the more we became fond to each other.

I felt goose bumps emerged from his skin as I whispered my counter, "Tonight? What about now?" I let a moan purred from deep inside; it vibrated from my stomach, up through my chest as I sucked the nape of his neck, "You made me hard again. Go get the door, then come back here and fuck me." More moaning, as I took his hand from my cock and slid it down to my awaiting entrance.

His dick got harden against mine. "You're manipulating bastard!"

"Whatever it takes to turn you on, baby." I snorted back.

He flushed a little as he slipped into his robe and took off on his feet.

About three minutes later, he hollered, "TATSUHA UESUGI! You get your butt out here!"

What was that? Hiro never called me by my full name unless he was very pissed. I dragged my drained body out of bed and in my boxer; I went to the living room where Hiro was staring through the front door. "What's up baby? Is something wrong?"

"Are you my father?" A little boy around 4 or 5 years stood in the doorway and asked me. I looked at him in shock. Did he just ask that whether or not I was his father?

"Tatsuha, you jerk! This boy is looking for his father. You've been playing behind my back, haven't you!"

"No, I haven't. I'd never seen anyone else since we got together." I argued.

"Then how do you explain this?" Hiro sighed and lounged onto the couch. This was definitely a mood breaker. I could forget about having sex with him this morning.

"My mom said that I could find my father here." The little brat said.

"Who the fu…?" I was about to cuss the little brat for spoiling my morning fun. Yet, I managed to control my manners. "I mean…," clearing my throat, "who is your mom kid? Where is she?"

"She forgot something in the car, so she went to get it."

"Are you sure that you've found the right house? I mean we don't have any kids here."

"Mom said that my father lives here. She said that she'll find out who my father is by coming here."

"You didn't answer all my questions from earlier. Who is your mom? I mean, what's her name?"

The little brat stretched his head up and met my irritated eyes fixing on him. With a pair of clear, big blues eyes and short brown hair caressing his face; he gave me a big goofy smiled, "Her name is Nikki."

I stood in total shook while Hiro stumbled off the couch. "NIKKI?" We both asked.

"Yes, Nikki Nomura."


End of Chapter:

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