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Ranma Revamped By Ten-Faced Paladin Chapter 1: Here's Ranma

The day seemed pleasant enough in Nerima, the town with so many kinds or martial arts that it could make your head spin. There were a couple of clouds in the sky. It looked like rain. The Tendo school of Anything Goes was enjoying an average day.

"Daddy!" Kasumi Tendo, the eldest daughter called. "The mail's here."

She walked to the main liveing room where her father, Soun Tendo, sat. He was enjoying a small meal. Kasumi walked up to him and handed him.

"Ah, thank you Kasumi," he smiled.

As Kasumi went back to the kitchen, Soun proceeded to examine the letters he had recieved. There was the usual newspaper, a couple of bills, and a postcard. He looked at it curiously. It was sent from China and had a picture of a panda on the front.

"China?" Soun asked himself. "Who do I know in...could it be?"

Filled with hope and anticipation, Soun eagerly flipped over the card and read the message.

'Hi. Bringing Ranma from China. Saotome.' the brief message read.

Soun didn't even notice the horrible habdwriting. His hands were too busy shaking in contained excitement. His eyes made like fountains and tears lowed freely from them. At long last, the pact that he and Genma had made would finally come to fruition.

"R-Ranma? Coming here?" he sobbed. "Oh, how I've w-w-waited for this day!"

Souns tears instantly dried as he bolted from the room. He had to find his daughters.

"Kasumi!" he cried as he ran into the kitchen.

"Yes Daddy?" she asked as she finished slicing a watermelon.

"Meeting in the living room," Soun grinned. "It's big news!"

Soun then bolted from the room. Kasumi would have been confused but she was used to her father's outburts. For him to act liek this it must have been good news he got from the mail.

Kasumi was a healthy nineteen-year old. She was the eldest of the Tendo girls. She also took care of the house. She cooked and cleaned for her family. She really didn't mind. She liked being a homemaker. She almost had an apron on and she had long hair which she kept tied back with a pretty ribbon.

After racing from the kitchen, Soun made a break upstairs to his second daughter's room.

"Nabiki!" Soun cried as he opened a door.

Inside was a girl wearing shorts and a tank-top. She was lying on her bed reading a magazine and eating a popsicle. She had short, shoulder length hair. This was Nabiki, the middle Tendo girl.

"Mm?" Nabiki remarked as she looked to her father.

"Living room!" Soun cried. "Quickly!"

Soun then bolted from the room. Nabiki sat up and finished her popsicle. She then walked down the stairs and found Kasumi fixing drinks for everyone.

"Hey Kasumi," Nabiki spoke. "What's up with Daddy?"

"I'm not quite sure," Kasumi replied. "He is in a good mood though. It must be good news."

"Maybe," Nabiki shrugged. "It had better be."

While the other two girls talked, Soun raced for the training hall.

"Akane!" he cried as he opened the door.

he was expecting to see his youngest daughter training or something, but he was only met with a silent and unused training hall. A cricket chirped as he was silent for a moment.

"Where is that girl?" Soun muttered before he bolted from the training hall.

Outside the dojo and down the street, a young woman was jogging towards it. She had long hair which was tied by a ribbon much like Kasumi's. She was very fit, just like her other sisters and she was also donned in running clothes. This was Akane Tendo, the youngest of the three and the only one who actaully practiced martial arts.

"I'm hooome!" Akane callled as she ran through the dojo gates.

She didn't even stop as she raced straight to her room. She then stripped out of her running gear and into her training clothes. She then bolted right back downstairs and out the door. She then went to the backyard and started stacking cinderblocks. When she felt there weere enough, Akene then took a deep breath. Then smmashed her fist straight through them.

"Hyaah!" she shouted as she crushed the blocks.

After the dust settled, Akane took a moment to admire her work. She had managed to crush five blocks. Not bad.

"Ahh," She smiled. "That was good."

Nabiki stepped out from the house after she heard the smashing sounds. She looked at her sister's back before speaking.

"There you go again Akane," Nabiki sighed. "It's no wonder the boys think you're weird."

"So why should I care," Akane asked with a sigh. "Not all of us think the world revolves around boys Nabiki."

"No?" Nabiki Shrugged as she let her hends rest behind her head. "Well then I guess this won't interest you."

Later, the sky had grown dark and thunder rumbled in the sky. It wasn't long before rain began to fall. The forecast hadn't predicted it so it wouldn't last long. The entire Tendo familiy was sitting in the living room.

"Fiance?" Nabiki asked after her father explained his happy mood.

"Right," Soun nodded. "He's the son of a good friend of mine. His name's Ranma Saotome. If one of you three were to mary him and carry on this dojo, then the Tendo legacy would be secure!"

"Wait a minute!" Akene spoke angrily. "Don't we have any say in who we marry?"

"Akane's right Daddy," Kasumi agreed. "We've never even met Ranma."

"That is easily fixed," Soun grinned.


Elsewhere in Nerima, the rain had finally stopped and people were walking on the streets. It seemed like a regular day, until the sounds started coming.

It sounded like people were running. Everyone looked to the end of the street and recieved a pretty big shock. A large panda was chasing a red-haired girl who was carrying a pair of shoes and a backpack.

They both splashed through a puddle as the panda took a leap at the girl, trying to grab her.

"Hey!" the girl shouted as she dodged the panda. "Cut that out!"

In mid-air, the girl deliveered a kick to the panda's head. The panda was sent skidding across the ground. It lay still for a moment before slowly standing up again.

"Is that a panda?" one spectator asked.

"A big one," another confirmed.

The panda wiped it's face and spit onto the ground. It then adopted a combat stance. In a simgle heartbeat, it lunged at the girl with a flurry of punches. The girl easily dodged them and leaped back.

"You know," the girl muttered as she dodged a kick from the panda. "You could have at least had the decency to ask me about this whole fiance thing!"

She then grabbed the panda's arm and hurled it over her shoulder. It collided with a street sign, knocking it over. The girl stood over the panda, huffing slightly in agitation.

"I'm goin' back to China old man," she stated frimly. "Don't wait up."

She then turned to leave. She didn't even take one step before the panda slammed her over the head with the street sign it had knocked over. The girl slumped over and the panda hefted her over it's shoulder. It grabbed the backpack the girl had droppad and began walking down the street. It looked at all the spectators and roared menacingly, scaring them all away. Satisfied that it wasn't going to be followed, the panda set out towards it's target.


Back at the Tendo dojo, Soun was telling his daughters everything he knew about Ranma that he could get from letters he got from Genma.

"Ranma and his father have been on a voyage of training," he explained. "Recently, they seemed to have crossed over into China."

"Wow! China!" Nabiki smiled. To her, Ranma was getting more interesting by the second. If he could go to China then he must have had some serious cash to do it.

"What's so great about going to China?" Akane huffed in annoyance.

Nabiki was to busy being impressed to listen, "Is he cute?"

Kasumi was also trying to draw her own conclusion on Ranma, "How old is he? Younger men always bore me."

"Just what kind of guy is Ranma anyway?" Nabiki and Kasumi asked at the same time.

Soun laughed for a moment. It did his heart good to see his daughters interested in Ranma. He then took a breath before finally answering their question.

"No idea," he answered simply.

"No idea?" Nabiki asked sternly.

"I've never met him before," Soun spoke in his defence.

Further questions were halted when a commotion began happening outside the house. It sounded as if two people were fighting each other with everything that was in arms reach.

"Leggo ya old fool!" an angry voice shouted.

"Oh! We have visitors," Kasumi gasped.

"It must be Ranma!" Nabiki cried excitedly.
"Saotome!" Soun cheered. "Old friend, we've been waiting!"

"I hope he's older," Kasumi sighed as she stood up and headedfor the source of the commotion.

'Boys, how depressing,' Akane thought sourly.

As the two girls mad etheir way to the doorway, Soun and Nabiki could be seen running back to them. Neither of them seemed so happy. The reason was perhaps the giant panda following them. It seemed to be carrying someone with red hair on it's shoulder.

"Hey!" the person shouted. "Do you want to give'em a heart attack?"

Kasumi gasped at the panda before turning to her father, "Daddy..is this..your friend?"

Soun shook his head furiously. This was assuredly not his friend that he had talked about.

"Oh sure!" Nabiki shrieked. "A giant panda decided to visit us! It happens all the time!

The panda huffed before putting it's charge on the ground in front of Soun and his thre daughters. Soun looked at the person before leaning in close.

"You woudn't happen to be...?" he began.

"Ranma Saotome," the person replied with a sigh. "Sorry 'bout this."

Soun didn't seem to care as he burst into tears. To say he was happy was somewhat of an understatement.

"At last!" he sobbed. "You've come!"

"Ooh! He's cute!" Nabiki smiled in delight.

"So good of you to come!" Soun sobbed as he pulled Ranma into a hug. "So good..."

Soun suddenly stopped crying. He pushed Ranma away from himself and examined the 'boy' more closely. Nabiki also took notice that something was amiss. As Soun struggled to find words, Nabiki walked up to Ranma and began poking 'his' chest.

"Um..could you not do that?" Ranma asked in annoyance.

Nabiki frowned as she turned back to her family. "'He' is a girl."

It was about then that Soun collapsed with tears flowing from his eyes in a veritable river.


It had taken several minutes to get everyone calmed down, but now everyone was sitting by Soun, who was still sobbing, and in his futon.

"Poor Daddy. He's so disappointed," Kasumi sighed as she readied a cold cloth for his head.

"He's disappointed?" Nabiki frowned. "Some fiance this is!"

"Hey. Stop it you two!" Akane frowned at her sisters. "She's out guest!"

Nabiki then rounded on her father, "This is all your fault Daddy! You should have made sure!"

"Well he said he had a son!" Soun remarked as he continued to cry.

"Do you see a son here!" Nabiki shouted while patting Ranma's chest. "Do you?"

Ranma's eyebrow twitched at Nabiki's actions, "I really wish you'd stop that."

Akane's heart wnet out to the girl. Here she was away from home and in the middle if a huge misunderstanding. She stood up and tapped Ranma on the shoulder. She looked up at Akane questioningly.

"Want to join me in the training hall?" Akane asked with a smile.

"Uh...sure," Ranma agreed.

"Great," Akane smiled. " I'm Akane. Want to be friends?"

Ranma couldn't help but smile. It had been a while since anyone had been friendly to him.


The two martial artists stood in the centre of the training hall, just a few steps away from each other.

"You do karate right?" Akane asked with a smile.

"A little," Ranma replied as she looked over the training all.

"Good," Akane smiled. "Then we can have a little match."

"Huh?" Ranma gasped, her attention turning back to Akane.

"Just for fun," Akane smiled. "I won't hurt you."

"If you say so," Ranma nodded. 'Okay, I'd better take her seriously, even if I don't want to hurt her. It looks like she trains pretty hard.'

Akane took a battle stance. She then charged at Ranma with and forward punch. Ranma immediately dodged to the left and twisted around her while landing a light tap on her ribs. Akane quickly turned around began a flurry of punches which Ranma expertly sneaked around.

'She is good,' Akane thought. 'She must be reading my moves. Okay then, let's see how she handles this!"

Akane brought back both her fists and with abattle cry, she threw them both at Ranma. The red head leaped straight over the attack and landed behind her again. Before Akane could turn around again, Ranma tapped her on the back of head to simulate a killing blow.

Akane turned around with a surprised look on her face. Ranma smiled with a small laugh. Akane soon joined her and the two were soon laughing like old friends.

"Ahem... you're pretty good," Akane sighed. "I'm just glad that you're a girl."

"What do you mean?" asked Ranma.

"It's just," Akane spoke. "I'd really hate to lose to a boy."

"Great," Ranma frowned. "This is where it gets ugly."

"Huh? What do you mean Ranma?" asked a confused Akane.

"Um..could you get your sisters in here?" Ranma requested. "I'll explain it then. No doubt Pops is doing that with your dad by now."

"Okay," Akane nodded. 'What's she talking about? Her dad isn't here. Is he?'

A few minutes later, Kasumi Nabiki and Akane were sitting in the training hall. Ranam was sitting a few steps in front of them. She had a steaming kettle of water and a bucket of water beside her.

"So what's up Ranma?" asked Nabiki. "Akane said you wanted to tell us something."

"That's right," Ranma nodded. "Well, the truth is that I'm actually a guy."

The room went silent. After a moment, the three Tendo girls broke out into laughter.

"Oh my!" Kasumi giggled. "Now that can't be true Ranma. I can tell from here that you're a girl."

"Yeah," Nabiki agreed. "I even got to feel 'em. There's no way you can be a guy."

"She's right Ranma," Akane laughed. "You? A guy? That's a good one."

Ranma nodded as she stood up, "I guess, but let's see what you have to say after I do this."

Ranma grabbed the steaming kettle and poured it over his head. The second the water splashed on her, Ranma transformed. The three Tendo girls gaped at Ranma. Where their new friend stood, a tall, black-haired, rather handsome boy stood.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped. "I-is that you Ranma."

"Yep," Ranma nodded sadly.

Nabiki stared wide-eyed at the now male Ranma. She stood up and walked over to him and placed her hands on his chest. She rubbed her hands across his chest and felt nothing remotely resmbling the breats she had feelt earlier. All she felt was hard muscle. While she was really freaked out, she was also pleasantly surprised at this development.

"Don't you ever get enough?' Ranma sighed, a slight tinge to his face.

Nabiki looked up into Ranma'sblue eyes, "Well..um..ah..s-sorry."

She then backed way from him and returned to her seat. Akane was still gaping at in disbelief. Ranma looked at her and and then back at the floor.

"I really don't blame you if you think I'm a freak," he sighed.

"You aren't a freak!" Akane suddenly snapped, earning looks from everyone.

Nabiki looked back at Ranma, "She's right. You aren't a freak. I think you're really brave for telling us."

"Yes Ranma," Kasumi nodded. "Were you always like this?"

"No," Ranma replied, shaking his head. "I picked this little trick up at Jusenkyo. You know, the legendary training ground of accursed springs?"

"I think I heard Daddy talking about that place once," Nabiki remarked.

"You don't know the half of it," Ranma growled. "That entire place is filled with spring-fed pools. Each one of them are cursed. If you fall in one then you turn into whatever drowned in there last."

"Oh my!" Kasumai gasped again. "How horrible!"

"I got off easy. I fell into the spring of drowned girl. Pops on the other hand fell into the spring of drowned panda."

"You mean that huge panda is your father!" Akane cried.

"Yup," Ranma nodded. "Anyhow, me and Pop went there to do some training. Everything was going okay until I knocked him into one of the pools. When he came back up he was a panda. It kind of surprised me so he managed to hit me and knock me into the spring of drowned girl. You saw the result."

"But you can change back?" asked Nabiki, wanting to learn everything about these cursed springs.

"Sure," Ranma nodded. "Hot water changes me back into a guy. Cold water turns me back into a girl again."

"Isn't there a cure?" asked Akane.

"The guide told us there was a spring of drowned man, but no one knows where it is" Ranma explained. "So me and Pops have to just live with these curses."

"Woah," Nabiki remarked. "Ever consider a book deal? I could be your agent."

"Nabiki!" Akana frowned. "We have worse things to worry about. Like that engagement thing Daddy was going on about. He probably knows that Ranma's a guy now. One of us will have to marry him!"

"I'm not complaining," Nabiki smirked. "I'll do it."

Ranma turned a beet red, "W-w-what?"

"Just kidding, for now," Nabiki smirked. "That is a problem. I think I have an idea though."

"Music to my ears," Ranma smirked as he sat closer to the three girls. "I'm not eager for a forced marriage either."

The four teens huddled close as Nabiki disclosed her idea. Each of them adding comments of their own. After a couple of minutes, the all broke away from the huddle.

"We're in agreement then," Nabiki smirked. "Then let's find our hopeless fathers."

To Be Continued

A/N: Hi everyone. It's your favorite paladin again. I hope you guys like this story. I modified Ranma a little in his attitude. I'm still going to keep the craziness that Ranma 1/2 is known for so don't worry. I'm working from the manga too. I'm leaning for either a Ranma/Shampoo or a Ranma/Nabiki pairing, but I'm always flexible so send suggestions for pairings if you want. I hope you guys enjoy this story.