Another very short bit of stupidity brought to you courtesy of Techie, the current reigning queen of short, stupid SGA stories.


"Does everything have to be a competition with you, Doctor McKay?" Daniel asked as he dug a fork into his lemon pepper chicken with gusto.

"Just answer the question, Doctor Jackson," Rodney snarked, his arms crossed over his chest. He was pretty sure that the archeologist had only ordered the citrusy dish so that the mere smell of the stuff would make him feel ill, "What's been your most harrowing experience throughout your time at the SGC?"

"Fine. I got trapped in another galaxy in someone else's body and was almost burned to death by some nut for sacrilege."

Rodney scoffed, "Oh please, you call that harrowing? I've had hangnails more severe than that."

Daniel sighed. There was no way to get McKay off this subject. He'd tried several times already throughout lunch and had failed repeatedly.

Not that Sheppard or O'Neill were much help in the matter. They pretty much remained focused on their steaks, looking up at a cute waitress every once in a while and talked about flying puddle jumpers. They were barely paying attention to the two doctors at all.

"That's nowhere near as bad as being exposed to and subsequently hooked on Wraith enzyme...surely you've got something better than that."

You'd think what with this being McKay's first vacation time on Earth in over three years, he'd want to dwell on something other than his adventures (or tortures, depending on who you asked) in the Pegasus galaxy.

Instead, it seemed the man just wanted to compare notes on who'd had the most close shaves.

"I've been stuck at the bottom of an ocean," Rodney said, sounding as though it was something to be proud of.

Daniel completely gave up on keeping the sarcasm out of his tone with his next statement.

"Yeah, well, I've been dead."

Jack pointed his fork at Daniel while looking at McKay, "He wins."


A/N: I noticed that Daniel and Rodney seem to take the majority of beatings on their respective shows while spending some quality time with my SGA scripts last night, which got me thinking.

Which is never a good thing.

Rodney seems the type who'd want to go 'Yeah, well I've been through this and this and this and this...BEAT THAT!' and I just...I had to address this stupid humor plot bunny that attacked me in the night. It might have been longer if I'd been abe to remember specific missions on which Daniel came close to death, but I can't. -.-; Hooray if you liked it, and...well, I can't really blame you if you didn't. It was pretty dumb.