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Sakura stared lazily at the ceiling thinking about how useless she felt. She hadn't got much sleep lately for about a week. All she could think about was her friends and the some one who had dissepered a long time ago from her life.

She would cry sometimes thinking about him, but then she would tell herself that he was gone…dead from the world…from her heart. She hated him for leaving her life but at the same time she still loved him.

Sighing she looked out the window and saw that the sun was starting to rise. She had to get ready to train with Kakashi. She hadn't called him sensei in a long time.

Sakura went to the bathroom and took a shower and got dressed. She wore a black tank top and black pants that were really tight. Over the pants she wore a short black skirt.

She then went to the kitchen to make some tea and get something to eat. When she finished eating she went to the living room and started wrapping her hands with some bandages, the same with her legs.

Sakura looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6 am and training didn't start until 7:30; so she sat there thinking and thinking. After awhile this drove her crazy. Everything was so quite and…lonely.

She hated being alone and when she was alone she started thinking about the past, the past that made her cry.

After a few minutes, a knock at the door startled her; awakening her from her thoughts.

She went and answered the door finding it to be Kakashi and Naruto. She was superised by their visit. Usually Kakashi was late to traing and Naruto would be sleeping at the traing grounds waiting for Kakashi, Sasuke, and her to get there.

"What's with the visit Kakashi", Sakura said kinda scared because she felt like they where going to tell her something bad.

Kakashi just stood there saying nothing; Sakura became angered. "Hello is anybody home? Kakashi!" She started getting really annoyed

"Sakura…" Kakashi said slowly frowning slightly. "What?" asked Sakura becoming more annoyed.

"…Sup", giving her a big smile under his mask. Sakura growled in annoyance as she punched him on the head.

"Don't ever do that again! You had me worried you dumbass!" she screamed at Kakashi who was lagughing at the girl.

After a few seconds of Kakashi laughing annoyingly things calmed down, "Anyways what do you want? Training doesn't start for another hour."

"We don't have training today; instead we have a mission." he stated.

"A mission? Why weren't we informed earlier?" Sakura said with a confused face.

"Well, Tsunade informed me today early this morning. It came unexpected so get your stuff and lets go." he said smiling.

"Why today of all days?" she asked turning around telling Kakashi and Naruto to come in, sit down, and get something to drink.

She went and got her weapons and medical supplies with her bag when she came back she found Kakashi snooping through a book she had in the living room and Naruto sitting on the couch also reading something.

She coughed trying to get their attention but all she got was a…

"You should go to a doctor and get your throat examined. You might be getting sick" the one-eyed freak said, flipping through the book.

"Kakashi stop snooping through my stuff before I beat you to a bloody pulp" she said with an evil and scary look in her eyes.

Kakashi whimpered with fear. Even though he was a jounin when sakura got mad there was no stopping her from hurting someone.

"o...okay" he hides in a corner still whimpering. Sakura just laughed at him, " You big baby!"

After that they all walked to the training grounds.

"Naruto-kun where is Sasuke?" She looked around for him when the they came.

"He's going to meet us at the bridge" Naruto said itching the back of his head.

"Alright, I hope the two of us don't fight like last time." she said remebering that last time they went on a mission together they argued and fought with each other.

"Don't worry you guys won't! Fight I'll make sure of that." Kakashi said walking lazily in front of them.

"Hope your right…oh and after the mission I have to talk to you about something so come to my place alright?"

Lately she had been thinking to much about the past and needed to talk to someone or the pain was going to kill her, literally.

They walked in silence for a while until they came to the bridge and there as Naruto said was Sasuke.

She hated him because he was an arrogant jerk who only cared about himself, just thinking about this made her really mad. She would tend to get sad and mad easily depending on the situation but that was how she was…now. She would be happy, but the fake kind of happy so people wouldn't worry about her.

"Hey Saskue," said Naruto. Sasuke just nodded his head to him this was his way of saying hello to him.

Sakura just walked past him like he wasn't there, she sat near a tree that was next to the bridge while Kakashi ,Naruto ,and Saskue talked about what to do on the mission.

Sakura than remembered that she didn't know what the mission was or what it had to do with. She felt really dumb.

"I'll have to ask Kakashi what the mission is later",she said to herself, she took out a water bottle that she had in her backpack and drank some.

(Naruto pov.)

"Why is Sakura acting so weird she's not herself since we graduated and became shinobi I hope it has nothing to do with him" I thought to myself.

"I just hope shes okay. Sasuke better not piss her off today, it looks like she's not having a good day...…"

"Naruto hello earth to Naruto we have mission!" said Kakashi who was waving his hand in my face.

"Kakashi don't put your hand in my face I don't know where your hands have been!" I yelled "-and no I havent forgot about the mission thank you very much."

Sasuke was smirking at me for being so slow again, "Naruto you dumbass, stop thinking about other things and concentrate!"

"For your information what I was thinking could mean life and. . . . . . . . . . Y-you know what forget about it! Like you'd care anyways", I said looking at the ground.

"Naruto you and I will talk later about what you where going to say." said Kakashi. I just nodded my head in agreement

(end of pov.)

"Alright now our mission is to hunt down two s-class criminals. They were recently spotted in Suna's, dessert terrain so bring a lot of water alright." Kakashi said with his lazy voice.

"Kakashi who are the crimanals?"asked saskue Kakashi just shrugged showing that he didn't know "Also, why is sakura sitting all the way over there?"

"I don't know maybe she's not feeling good, I'll find out but for now lets move out." said kakashi as he started walking towards the sitting kounich but Naruto stopped him. "Maybe we shouldn't bother her. I think I might know what's wrong with her but its best not to ask what it is."

"Nothing is wrong with me Naruto". Naruto heard someone say from behind him he was scared to look because he thought she might be mad at him for saying that and beat him senseless but to his surprise she didn't she just seemed kind of happy.

"o..okay" Naruto was happy to see she was smiling

"you don't have to worry about me but thanks for caring Naruto-kun. oh kakashi what is the mission about anyway?' she asked

Kakashi was about to tell her when saskue rudely stopped him from talking

"We have to hunt down two s-class criminals and next time stay with us so you can hear the mission so you wont have to bugs kunoichi." Sasuke said rather arrogant and annoyed that she was asking.

Sakura got mad that he talked to her like that and because she didn't ask him she asked Kakashi .

"I didn't ask you Sasuke and don't ever talk to me like that you arrogant selfish bastard!" she gave Sasuke death glares.

"Here we go again. Sasuke just made her mad. This isn't going to be pretty." Naruto thought.

Kakashi just stared at the people fighting "I smell trouble" to Naruto who only nodded in response.

"okay guys break it up remember we have mission to complete after we finish you guys can continues your little fight" Naruto pushed the two away.

"What ever" Sakura turned around and started walking off the bridge Naruto yelled out that they were going to sauna to track the criminals

She just waved her hand to Naruto signaling that she heard him and started walking towards her destination with Naruto and Kakashi

who had caught up with her to make sure she was alright ,while Sasuke walked behind them.

but what Sakura didn't know was the surprise that was in store for her and her campaigns.

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