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A hideous monster roamed the streets of Station Square. The beast didn't quite know what its purpose was, but it wanted to find out. He walked by a park where he saw two lovers sitting on a bench making out. He watched from afar seeing how their hands roamed each other's body as if they we're searching for something. The couple was human.

"I love you James" the female girl said to the man.

"Love?" the monster repeated to it's self.

The beast was not really interested in humans, he only liked to kill them, they we're the reason he was like he was now. He started to approach them feeling curiosity feed through him. The two stopped making out, and replied hearing a women shriek, the man did what any other man would do, he stood in front of her protecting her from the animal.

This was no ordinary animal though, it looked like a blue hedgehog. His fur was long and out of place, it had emerald eyes and had large teeth like a dog, or wolf. He also had large claws It almost looked like a hedgehog but mixed with some sort of dog, its tail was longer then most other insectivores. He was something you would call a 'Werewolf' or in his terms, 'Warehog'

"What do you want you freak, stay back!"

This monster was curious just as any puppy dog would be, it walked closer to them ignoring their shouts, to stay away.

Eventually they both ran away for fear of the strange animal. The Warehogwalked off into the city. He was hungry and needed to feed off flesh to survive. He looked for someone decent and at the same time a person he could take down easier. He came across a flower store where it seems someone was locking up. The employee of the store didn't notice the monster hiding in some bushes behind her she was too busy locking up.

The blue haired monster, took a look over the girl, she looked vulnerable. Someone who would be no threat whatsoever, but at the same time he felt attracted to her. He thought to himself, "is this the feeling of Love?"

The girl was a pink hedgehog around his age she seem she had gone through puberty and was cable of getting married she looked in her early twenty's or about there. Her pink hair was about near the length of her midback. She walked down the street probably going home. This girl intrigued him, it did very much so. He decided to follow her.

He leaped up onto the roofs to keep an eye on her, and from above so she, or anyone else wouldn't spot him.

Meanwhile a large ebony creature flew in the sky, also taking interest in this girl. This monster also didn't know why, he felt a sudden urge to watch her,but he decided to follow her as well.

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