Amy was still in the grips of the robots. She was behind a viewing window, watching in horror at the poor creatures, which cared so much for her, we're sacrificing their own lives for her.

They had Shadow on one silver table strapped so he wouldn't even endure to escape. Shadow didn't even struggle against them, he gave himself up to protect his loved one, he promised he wouldn't let them harm her so he would not break it.

Sonic was also on a table, it was so icy cold, lights we're blinding his eyes. He knew the worse would soon come to him in a matter of time.

It seemed the two humans we're working with some chemicals at the other side of the room, every so often looking over their shoulders to make sure, they dare notattempt anything.

Amy wished she could do something, anything actually. She felt weak. Amy hated watching this. Two people who loved her, probably going to die for her. She thought she didn't love them, but her heart seemed to not think that.

"Maybe I do love them, after all…"

That thought would play in her mind.

Sonic turned his head away from the light shining in his eyes, over to Amy. She had a miserable face on her. Sonic winked at her and mouthing the words "It's okay"

She shook her head in disagreement. No, this wasn't okay, not at all this was illegal. No one had the right to snatch someone off the streets to conduct experiments on without permission. She frowned at Sonic.

"Sonic…" she said in a low whisper.

Shadow looked over to her and saw the fear in her eyes, how could she be scared nothing was happening to her. Wait...maybe it wasn't her fear; it was the fear for them. Shadow tried his best to lift his head up to look at her. He gave her a smile, not one that showed his teeth, but a grin more of. Amy tried to smile back but couldn't.

The scientist returned to the two beasts and looked them over. Butch handed Dr. Cox a large needle.

The man whispered something to Butch that fortunately Shadow could hear.

"Will have to take a blood sample then will insert the chip in the Blunderer.(Brain)

"What will this chip do sir?"

"Well first off, it will take control of their minds, making them mindless dummies. Making us have complete control of them"

Shadow started to sweat; he wouldn't have anyone take control of him. Now he started to struggle. Butch held down the wiggling subject.

"Hold still you fucking blood sucker!" Butch shouted.

Shadow, glared evilly at them, He bit at Butch's arm since it was near his face.

The man screamed out in pain,as blood poured down his arm.

"He fucking bit me!" he stated the obvious.

Shadow broke free of the straps that held him and helped Sonic get lose. They both made a dash towards the exit, until the scientist and Amy appeared in front of them.

"I wouldn't go anywhere if I we're you…" the scientist said as he threatened Amy with a shot. They didn't know what was in it but they wouldn't risk her life to find out. The robots still had her securely gripped around her arms, so she couldn't defend herself.

"Now, do you want the girl to get a dose of some of this substance, or will you cooperate and go back to the tables, for me to do whatever on you"

Shadow and Sonic, had to think they didn't want Amy to be harmed, but they also didn't want to be their puppets. I mean what happened if they made them turn on Amy. They couldn't let themselves do that to her.

Sonic backed off, but Shadow had other plans. He leaped upon the man making him drop the needle with the liquid in it. He then used his strength to make the robots release their grip on Amy. She was free at last.

"Shadow, Sonic your okay!" she cheered.

"Not for long you won't be…" a voice said from behind the three.

Butch stood there with what looked like a tranquilizer gun .He was aiming it at the trio.

"You two better come back here, or die," he warned them.

Sonic took a look at the man, "I'm not going back there and neither is Shadow"

Shadow nodded in agreement.

"In fact, I'm getting a little hungry, if you know what I mean" the ebony hedgehog said as he walked towards Butch with an evil glare.

Butch started to back up frightened, of his new side he had not yet encountered.

"Stay back you leach!" he demanded as he pulled out a shot gun from his vest.

He aimed it at Shadows chest and shot 3 times. Amy gasped thinking Shadow was for sure dead. All Shadow did was keep walking, his wounds healed in a matter of seconds. He managed to get Butch trapped in a corner. He pounced on top of the man, and punctured to holes into his neck. He sucked up the blood, enjoying the taste. Mortal's blood was perfect for him. It overflowed in his mouth. He moaned as he felt the warm liquid go down his throat. Amy couldn't stand to watch she hid her face in Sonic torso and shut her eyes wanting to block out the gruesome image.

Sonic patted her back knowing she wasn't used to seeing such a sight. Sonic wasn't bothered at all by it; he actually started licking his lips. Sonic ate flesh but blood was also one of his favorites. Shadow finished off with the last drop. He licked the remaining blood surrounding his lips, and walked back over to them both.

Amy slowly took her face away from Sonics chest and looked back at Shadow.

"Sorry" he simply stated, seeing the look on her face.

She just walked past him with a blank expression.

"Guys I was thinking, when that doctor was going to make me a monster, they had an antidote to change me back…maybe we could find it and change you guys back too"

The two monsters thought about it.

"Well it would be nice to be a hedgehog again…" Sonic stated, remembering those times.

"Yes, I also would like to become normal once more" Shadow admitted, he liked the fact he was even stronger, but he hated the fact people feared him more. Also the fact he had to take a life away, everyday to survive.

"Alright then lets find that antidote"

They rushed into the lab looking at the viles.

"Swamp Monster, Vampire, Mermaid, Dragon, these aren't it" the pink hedgehog said to herself as she searched the cabinet.

"Normal Animal transformation…" Sonic stated dully as he picked up a vile.

"Hey guys could this be it" he said excitedly as he waved the vile around for them to see.

Amy grabbed it away from him, and smile.

"This is it, now all we need is a shot"

They looked around and found one in no time.

"Got it!" Shadow shouted as he picked two up.

"Okay, we got two needles so we'll be safe, I hope this works…" she prayed.

She gave them both the antidote; they flinch as they felt the needle pierce them. The medicine did sting a little as it hit their blood stream. Soon Shadow and Sonics features started to go away.

Shadows wings went back into his back as his claws also went inside his fingers, Sonic the same.

Their fangs soon disappeared.

Amy smiled as they we're normal again.

She hugged them both in relief.

"You guys are normal now!"

They hugged her back in comfort.

They started to make there way out of the lab. They we're just about out, until the scientist appeared blocking their route to freedom.

"Move it quack!" Shadow demanded.

"I see you found the antidote" he stated monotone.

"Yeah we did got a problem with it?" Sonic spat back.

"Yes, I'm not letting you escape, and tell the world about this place!"

"Too bad, we're leaving!" Amy said as she walked past him. Two giant guard robots slammed down in front of her making her back up again.

"No, you won't be my dear"

"That's it enough of this crap!" Sonic spin dashed up to the robots to be smacked away like a fly towards the wall behind him.

Amy ran to his side, "Sonic!" she hugged him, and shook him to wake him up. Shadow eyes burned with anger, he attacked with one of his old time attacks.

"Chaos Spear!" he yelled, as yellow spears of light struck at one of the robots destroying it. Shadow suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor, passing out as well.

Amy took her attention off Sonic and back at Shadow, she noticed him lying on the floor motionless.

"Shadow!" she screamed and ran over to him to see what was wrong.

The man chuckled to himself, "HAHAHAHA!"

He stopped his laughing and looked at the remaining hedgehog.

"Fools, that antidote may make you normal again, but it has a side affect, drowsiness!"

"No wonder they knocked out, all that energy used, made them even more weak…"

"Not step aside girl, I need my experiments"

"No way you're going near my boys!" She said as she pulled her giant hammer out.

The doctor was taken aback at her mallet she held before him.

"Now l-lets reconsider t-this…" he stuttered as she approached him with an evil glare.

"This is revenge," she whispered in a deadly tone.

She smacked him on the head with so much force he was knocked unconscious.

A few hours later the cops came and took Christopher Cox away.

"I'll get my revenge, I'll get it on all of you!" he swore as he was put in the back of the police car.

Shadow, Amy, and Sonic, watched as the car dove away with him in custody.

"We won't be seeing him for awhile" Sonic said with a little laughter in his voice.

"That's sure is right. He's gone for good" Shadow added.

"Now we can all go home, and live in peace"

Shadow and Sonic frowned at that last part. Amy noticed and wondered why.

"What's wrong you don't have a home?"

They we're both silent for a while, Until Amy asked again.


"We lost our home after we…well you know, we're monsters"

Amy thought for a moment.

"You can stay with me if you want I have to guest rooms…"

Their faces lighted up at the request.

"I loved to!" they both said in union.

"We gotta stop doing that…" Sonic said in a monotone voice.

"Lets go home…" Amy said as they walked down the street to her apartment.

Finally, peace was restored to all. Sonic and Shadow, had a home, and got their lives back together, and as for the other monsters they we're turned back to normal as well getting their lives back together too.