Death Shan't Part Us


The hound held his feet firmly on the ground as he watched his blade turn black. "Inuyasha, you mustn't try to acquire any more youki!" he had heard Miroku call, "Your body would not be able to handle it!" the monk spoke as he forced himself onto his feet.

A shock struck the hanyou, making him scream in pain. His arms trembled but he couldn't to bring it down. He refused to. Reopening his eyes, he could see his foe preparing for a final attack. Behind him, Kagome laid barely conscious on the ground. Blood tainted the white of her uniform and her skirt had long lost its original emerald glaze. He could feel her gaze against his back, growing weaker by the second. Gritting his teeth together, he begun to focus more upon his sword. It darkened even further, almost pure black. Still, the hound held his ground, breathing heavily through his nostrils. "Owaraseru (It ends here)!" he hissed through his clenched teeth.

Naraku waved his arms open, releasing another dense cloud of poisonous gas. The shikon jewel began to glow in his chest, just under his chin and an orb formed between his palms.

The gas split into two as it glided toward Inuyasha, pushed away by his demonic energies. His eyes began to get bloodshot and his pupils changed to a greenish-blue shade. Two purple stripes darkened on his cheeks and his claws lengthened.

"His changing into a full demon?" Sango gasped.

"Impossible," Miroku swallowed, "He is still holding the Tessaiga!"

"You fall today Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted, unleashing the orb toward the hound.

"NARAKU!!" Inuyasha roared with hatred in his eyes and leapt toward the orb. His eyes twitched as a line formed in his vision. 'Right here!' "Backlash Wave!" he swung his sword into the orb. Wind circled the hound, forming what appeared like a white barrier. A crack echoed from his sword: it was breaking.

"I won't let it end here!" he shouted again, pushing his sword further into the orb. The ground cratered underneath him and debris flew upward, some shattering as it hit the layer of wind that surrounded the demon.

Then, at where the purple light of the jewel and the white radiance of the winds twisted in chaos, a series of black tornadoes begun to form.

Miroku's eyes widened. "We have to get out of here Sango!" he turned to the girl as he picked up Kagome onto his shoulders. The young demon hunter nodded and the two jumped away as quickly as their numb legs still allowed them. The earth shook under their feet and the crater created by the clash of attacks enlarged with a loud rump. Light was beggining to envelope the two, pushing them beyond their limits for survival.

More tornados formed and circulated the area, creating a path of destruction behind it. Then, they all came back upon the blackened sword as though being sucked back into its point of origin. They fused into one giant spiral around the blade and seemed to acquire further energy from Naraku's attack, changing its color to a glowing red. "IT ENDS HERE!" Inuyasha blasted, pushing his arms forward with sudden force.

The cyclone spiraled up toward Naraku, striking the demon directly into his chest. With a blinding explosion and the final scream of the evil demon, things began to settle with the dust. It was all over, their long journey had finally ended. Awkwardly, the feeling was not that of great relief or joy. One thought had trailed him off such optimism on to something quite the opposite.

Inuyasha landed on his feet and immediately dashed toward his allies. Kneeling down beside the raven-haired girl, he brought her head up and pillowed it on his lap. "Kagome, wake up Kagome. It's all over now," he said with a soft smile.

The girl opened a crack through her eyelids, then smiled weakly. "Inu…yasha," she smile. The hanyou noded, biting his lips to try to keep himself under control. "It's so cold, why is it so cold?" the girl whispered.

"Hold on Kagome," Inuyasha nudged the girl, "Please."

A warm sensation aroused the his hand at where he held the girl. It was blood. He turned to her with horror. "Inuyasha…am I…going to die?" Kagome looked up into his eyes.

The question dug deep into the half-demon's chest. "W..What are you talking about you stupid girl," his voice quivered under the joking smile he had barely managed, "Of course not. You'll be fine and we'll all go home and…"

"You're a bad liar Inuyasha," Kagome laughed softly.

"Damn it Kagome, don't say that!" he held the girl closer to him, his eyes returned to it original shade and tears began to roll silently down.

"I'm so sleepy Inuyasha," Kagome said, momentarily closing her eyes.

"No, don't give up on me. Please, just hold on!" Inuyasha pulled her head to his chest.

"I'm tired," she sighed.

"Kagome! Damn it Kagome, open your eyes! Don't kid around with me cause its not funny!"

"I didn't want to die yet," the young miko glanced through the crack in her eye.

Inuyasha bit his teeth together and turned away.

"My one and only that I couldn't tell you…just how much I loved you before I died," she raised a hand a touched him on his face, brushing his tears away with a tired grin under her closed eyes.

Then, the hand fell. Her eyes closed and with a final heave of breath, her muscles relaxed. She didn't look like she was dieing. Her face was so pieceful and her smiles showed no sign of pain. It was like she was asleep and dreaming about something nice.

Miroku and Sango closed their eyes.

"Kagome," Inuyasha said, giving the limp girl a few shakes, "Come on Kagome. Okiroyo (Wake up), come on Kagome!!" his eyes shrunk and pulled her in even tighter, "KAGOME!!!"

The silence that came after prolonged the fading echo of the fultile call. "I swear Kagome," he teared against her shoulder, "I swear that I'll get you back, even if it means I have to fight through the flames of the underworld, I will get you back!"


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