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"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered.

"What's up?" the hanyou shifted his eyes to her.

Kagome continued looking up at the sky. It was a beautiful night sky. The milky way felt extra bright from the tightly mingled stars. It was a calming light but it was so ominous. It's vastness really made the two stargazers feel like they were insignificant.

"What are you planning to do once we finish collecting the shards?" Kagome spoke softly, "are you still thinking about becoming a full demon."

"Why all of a sudden?" the dog demon raised a brow.

"I don't know, I just felt like asking," the teen shrugged.

"Hmm, who knows," the hanyou replied. Kagome shifted her glance to him for a moment. "I don't usually think that far ahead."

Kagome continued looking at the boy for a few more seconds before turning back to the sky with a smile. 'Who knows huh. Better than wanting to kill me I guess,' she chuckled in her thoughts.

(End Flashback)


White curtains, swaying in the gentle breeze that came in from the open window, could not focus too well in her eyes. Light felt as though it was one the verge of scattering, only barely able to hold its shape. The wind picked up momentarily, blowing a rump against the curtains. Some early birds were chirping somewhere not too far above the window and occasionally, one would glide down then make its way back up as though they were curious of the being that had just started to stir inside.


The ongoing sound finally registered. She shifted her eyes toward it. A pulse streamed across a panel and was bouncing rhythmically. She noticed a wire extending from the machine that ran under her sheets. She tried to lift it but found her arm to be heavier than expected. She tried again, with a little more force this time. They lifted and she found a patch attached on her wrist along with a tube. "Koko ha…(Where…)," she mumbled. Reaching her other arm up she took sight of her hand. Her eyes squinted through her blurry vision as she brought the hand down to rub them. She heard a crash to her right and turned her attention toward it. A woman in a white uniform had dropped her utensils on the ground when she entered the room. Perhaps her rubbing had helped somehow; her vision was clearer now. She saw that the woman had been genuinely startled by something. Almost immediately after the two met eye to eye, she turned back and ran, forgetting to close the door behind her. "Doctor!" Kagome heard a shriek down the hall.

She heard the woman's footsteps beginning to fade but soon grew louder again, along with someone else's on its way back. "You see doctor, she is awake!" the woman announced before she had even finished turning into the room. Kagome looked questioningly toward the two who paced their way up to her quickly.

"Well I'll be damned, she really is awake!" the doctor raised a brow.

"Where am…." Kagome muttered, still in confusion.

"It's okay Kagome-chan, you are in a hospital right now," the doctor smiled then turned to the nurse, "Give Mrs. Higurashi a call," he ordered.

"Hai, right away," the nurse replied excitedly and exited the room.

"Hospital?" a sudden jolt of memory struck her and she gripped a hand against her chest where she had recalled Naraku's branches had pierced. "Am I still alive?" she pulled her shirt open and looked. There was nothing. No marks, no bruises, not a single sign of damage.

"Of course you are. You're safe and sound at the Tokyo General Hospital. I am your assigned doctor, Omizu Shinobu. I'm sure you don't know who I am but Kitagi-kun and I have been looking after you for the past year or so now. Kitagi-kun is the nurse that you just saw by the way," the doctor smiled.

"Year?" Kagome blinked.

"Yes, Kagome-chan, you've been in a comma for a little over a year now," Omizu replied.

A sickening feeling twisted the teen's stomach as she looked about the room. 'I'm back in modern times...' she swallowed, 'Does that mean that Inuyasha…INUYASHA what happened to Inuyasha!' "Excuse me doctor, what day is today?" she asked.

Omizu checked the calendar. "November 2, 2007" he replied.

"November…2007," she muttered. Her eyes widened as the math untangled in her mind, 'A little over a year…,' "That's impossible!" she whispered. A sickening feeling weld in her stomach.

"I know that it may sound unbelievable to you but trust me, it's very natural to individuals who have suffered a long term comma like yourself. Don't worry, it might be hard to get back into your life for a while but I'm sure you'll be fine," the young doctor consoled.

Thing's were not making sense in her mind again. 'I've been in a comma for a year and its still Nov. 2nd. That can't be right…I left my house no more than 2 weeks ago to fight Naraku.,' she bit her lips, "You did say 2007?"

"That's correct," the dorctor nodded.

'A year…a year…,' she thought over and over again in her mind, "Excuse me, when was I brought in?"

"I believe it was last October…October 14th if I'm not mistaken," replied her doctor.

'October 14th…' her eyes snapped wide, 'That's the day I fell into the well!'


When Mrs. Higurashi rushed through the door, Omizu had just finished doing some final check ups on her daughter's condition. When she saw Kagome sitting up and thanking the doctor, tears of relief rushed to her eyes.

"She is fine now," the doctor said after making his way over, "I'll run through some paper works and she should be okay to go home after. I'll leave you two alone. I'm sure you have lots to talk about." With that, he left the room and closed the door behind him.

"Kagome…" Kagome's mother took a seat on the stool beside her and placed a palm on her cheek as she examined the teen's face. Without a word, she pulled her daughter to her and embraced the girl in her arms.

"Mom?" Kagome glanced to the side at her mother who gave a few sniffles on her shoulder.

"I thought you'd never wake up," Mrs. Higurashi whispered.

"I'm sorry mom, I guess I made you worry. But wait, how did I get here? Did Inuyasha bring me back?" she asked.

"Inu who?" her mother turned questioningly.

"Inuyasha," Kagome answered.

"I'm sorry dear but I still don't know what you're talking about," her mother pulled away then looked at her daughter straight in the eyes.

"Come on mom, stop playing around," Kagome forced out a laugh. The sickening feeling in her stomach had returned, "Inuyasha, the hanyou from the feudal era?"

"The feudal era?"

"Don't you remember me telling you about how I thought my journey was finally coming to an end? The gang and I went to fight Naraku and I got pierced through my stomach. I thought I died but I guess Inuyasha brought me back in time. That's why I'm in this hospital right now isn't it?"

"I'm sorry Kagome but with all honesty, I have no idea what you are talking about. Pierce through the stomach? Dear lord what kind of nightmare were you having. Don't worry Kagome, you're fine now," her mother consoled.

"Nightmare? No mom, it wasn't a dream," Kagome laughed, trying to push the sickening feeling away without much progress, "You've even seen Inuyasha. He even comes to our house pretty often. Don't you remember you fondling with his dog ears the first time you saw him?" Kagome said but she could tell her mother was drawing a blank.

"R..r..right, of course…Inuyasha,"

"It's okay mom, you don't have to play along if you don't remember…"

"I'm sorry dear. I wish I knew what you were talking about but I really don't. Perhaps you were having a long dream."

'A long dream,' Kagome looked down. As she reflected, the events that occurred in the feudal era seemed, indeed, more like a dream than reality. Falling down a well into the past where demonic magic ruled the land; a half demon dog man and a monk with a black hole in his hand; a jewel with powers beyond comprehension and only she was able to purify it; all this seemed more like a television show than life.

"Kagome?" her mother called but the voice escaped her. "Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi called again. This time, the girl snapped back to reality, "are you okay?"

"Yes, sorry I'm fine," the girl replied with a forced smile, "but mom…do you really not know anything about the feudal era? How I used the old well in the small hut of our shrine to enter it to help collect the shards of the shikon jewel?"

Her mother looked up with a new found light in her eyes, "The well! You remember the well! You fell into that well and hit your head on one of the rocks at the bottom and slid yourself into a comma. Do you remember how you fell in?"

"Well, I remember Souta telling me how Buyo went inside and wanting me to help look for him. I heard some noises coming from the bottom of the well so I looked over and suddenly, I got pulled in by some demon."

"Demon…," Mrs. Higurashi sighed, "Your brother told me how you leaned over too far and fell in. When he looked down and found you unconscious, he came running back home. I called 110 and they brought you to this hospital where you've been asleep for the past year or so."

"Grandpa! He should know! He was there when I came back for the first time!"

"Kagome," her mother's voice died to a whisper and a look of uneasiness crossed her face. The daughter turned and raised a brow of question. "Grandpa…He passed away recently."

Kagome's mind went blank for a moment. "Eh?"

"He collapsed outside the small hut where the well you fell into is a few days ago. He died of brain tumours 2days later."

"Brain tumour? No…Usoda(Lies!)" Kagome trembled, "He was fine when I left. He was perfectly fine two weeks ago when I left! He even spoke to me when I was…" her eyes widened and her trembling came to a sudden stop.

'You're on your own now,' she recalled her grandfather's final words. 'It's my fault,' she hissed in her head. She felt her stomach churn and instinctively covered her mouth with her hands. Bending down to a trashcan placed on the side of the bed, she vomited. A clear fluid mixed with her saliva splattered against the bottom of the can.

"Kagome!" her mother rushed to her side and stroked her back, "Kagome are you okay? Doctor!" she hit the nurse button repeatedly as she called.

Omizu was just returning when he heard a beep on his pager and rushed to the room. He examined the situation as he made his way across then released a sigh of relief when he stopped beside the girl. "It's alright Mrs. Higurashi, nausea is a common symptom to patients like her. I brought back the papers, I just need you to sign these and you would be able to take her home."

The woman nodded and did as instructed. "Doctor," she spoke with a lowered voice so her daughter would not hear their conversation, "Is delusion one of the side effects to comma patients?"

"Delusion? I've heard some cases but it is not common. Most patients remember only the last memory before their trauma. Do you think your daughter might be delusional?"

"Well, I wouldn't call her delusional. I think she's just been having a very long dream. She keeps telling me about how she uses the well to go back to the feudal era."

"You mean the well she fell into?"


"I see. It is not really my specialty but I think it might be a dream she's been having in her comma as well. I could recommend a good psychiatrist."

Mrs. Higurashi thought about the offer. "Thank you, perhaps I will see how things go in the next few days before deciding."

"Well, I would like her to come back twice a week for check up so if her 'delusions' continue then we can discuss it during her check up as well."

"Thank you doctor."


The ride home was quiet. The Tokyo traffic was busy as usual, extending her half hour drive by nearly twice as long. The monotone humming of the vehicle's engine was almost hypnotic, sending the two passengers it pulled into their own zones. This was a mutually accepted by both females. Mrs. Higurashi didn't really know how to speak to her daughter about her 'delusions' and Kagome just took granted of the silence for her own thoughts. 'I need to find a logical scenario,' she repeated in her mind, 'something must have happened!' The car screeched its breaks onto the drive way and her mother released a sigh. "Welcome home," she said. The first words exchanged since they reached the highway half an hour ago.

Kagome nodded and stepped out of the car.

The house felt different from all her other returns. It was more…lonely. Her mother opened the door and stepped aside for her to go in first. Kagome took the invitation in silence. Upon entering, she immediately noticed the strong scent of incense in the air. Her chest tightened as the smell thickened with every step inside. She placed her shoes neatly at the entrance and made her way to the living room. On a shelf opposite her television, a picture of her smiling grandfather was framed behind three used up incense. A thin smoke still rose from the remaining bit of the center one. 'mom must have lit those before she went to pick me up,' she glanced back to her mother who closed her eyes sadly.

Kagome made her way to the portrait and took three incenses from the side. "Jii-chan…" she bit her lips.

"Why are you here?"

"You called me here."

She recalled.

"You're on your own now."

'Grandpa, when you said those words to me,' she knelt down and took her first bow, 'were you sad, or were you…'she took her second, 'were you smiling like you are in your picture,' she lowered for her third but could not bring herself back up. Tears overflowed despite the fact that she was trying to control herself. She felt her mother's hand against her back. 'waratte tara iina (I hope you were smiling.)' "Jii-chan," she managed through her chokes. Her fingers dug into the tatami,

"Sis?" she heard a young call and turned to it.

"Neechan! (Sis!)" Souta dashed across the room and dove into his sister, nearly tipping the girl over, "You're awake, you're finally awake! I thought you would never wake up!"

She felt slightly winded at first, half from the impact and half from her unstable breathing but her expression softened as she placed a hand on her brother's head. "Come on, stop crying. You're the man of the house now," she whispered calmly. She was still sad but seeing her brother crying against her had somehow allowed her to retrieve her breath.

"This is an exception!" Souta gurgled.

"Gomen, Souta," she pressed her forehead against her brother.


She lowered herself on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. Beside her laid an empty shoebox where she had stored all the pictures she took in the feudal era. Everything that she thought she did in the past year had vanished like it never happened; as though it never existed; like a very long…dream. 'Neither mom nor Souta knows anything about the feudal era,' she sighed in her mind, glancing sideways to the shoe box. The image of Inuyasha before their final depart came back to her. The moist texture of his lips seemed to linger on hers as the memory flourished her mind but it did not last long. 'Something must have happened in the underworld but what? Why does no one remember. Even all the pictures I stored have disappeared it was a dream,' she immediately shook the thought from her mind, 'NO! It wasn't a dream, it can't have been!'

'Just in case…I love you.'

To her, that was the last thing she remembered. She did not even remember losing consciousness. It was as though she was in the underworld one second and waking up on a hospital bed the next. In fact, being told that everything she experienced was a dream made her feel, ironically, like she was in a dream right now.

'Just in case…'

The words clicked something inside her. "Had he known?" she gasped.

Kagome dashed down the stairs, flipping on a jacket on a chair on her way out the door. Her heart was racing. She had to be sure. Her brother may have thought of it as an amazing tale of adventure but her mother only thought she was delusional. She needed to prove to herself that she wasn't crazy, that the previous year did happen. There was only one place to look for her answer.

"Kagome?! Where are you going?" her mother asked worriedly.

"Sorry mom, but I have to make sure," she snapped.

"Make sure about what? The feudal era?"

"Yes the feudal era."


"I can't let things end this way," she placed a hand on the doorknob, "I know mom. Even I can see how crazy my story sound now that I hear myself telling it. But I still need to make sure…I just gotta make sure!"

She had unintentionally bolted the door open loudly but she did not turn back. She didn't know what she would find at where she was going but she knew it was the only place to look for it; whatever it was. Her shadow glided past her after every light post she ran by. It was still early into the night but the winter sun had completely set and the overcast above blocked out the evening stars. The chill in the atmosphere made her think that maybe bolting out of her house in a fall jacket with her pyjamas underneath was not such a great idea. The steps came up but she was beginning to feel out of breath. 'No way, how am I so out of shape?' she gave a grunt at the bottom of the stairs and looked up. Slowing her pace, she speed-walked her way up. Somewhere in the distance, a bell-tower echoed eight times. She closed her eyes as she climbed the last few steps then reopened them after a deep breath, taking in the whole shrine at once. Whatever it was that she was looking for, she had not found it yet. She made her way toward the tiny hut that sat on the corner of the shrine. The darkness was unsettling. After all the ambush she's experienced, her body naturally put her on alert at night. The wooden steps creaked with each step. The wooden beam that served as a lock to the door seemed to have been removed recently. 'Grandpa…' she closed her eyes and bowed before taking off the beam.

There was a loud groan when the door opened like something in a slow motion horror movie. It was pitch black inside. Reaching into her jacket pocket for her cell phone, she flipped it open and flashed inside. Nothing, just an empty room with an old dried up well in the middle. 'Well, what was I expecting?' she shrugged. Her steps seemed to get amplified by cozy space of the hut as she made her way inward. Reaching above the well, she paused for a moment and bent her phone downwards. With a slow exhale, she looked inside. Nothing. The 15foot well shot straight down to a flat bottom of dry sand. Her eyes narrowed.

"Kagome?" she heard her mother's voice behind her.

"Mom?!" the teen jumped.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you," her mother replied.

"You okay sis?" Souta peeped from the side of his mom.

"Souta, you're here too."

"Well, you just ran out of the house. I thought you were going to disappear again."

Kagome smiled, "I'm sorry Souta. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere…anymore," she whispered the last word so only she could hear it.

"Did you…find what you wanted?" her mother asked.

Kagome stood silent for a long time, looking back at the old well without any movement. A wind blew through the entrance and creaked the door. Turning back, she nodded with a, "un".

Their walk back was quiet like her ride home from the hospital. Her brother was the first to break the silence. "Hey sis," he whispered carefully.

"What's up Souta?" Kagome smiled.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked innocently.

"Of course I am," she said as cheerfully as she could. It only made her voice sound more fake, "I guess I'm just a bit tired and confused. Weird seeing how I've slept for a year already huh," she joked, "but yeah, I'm fine…hahaha…"

"But then, why are you crying?" he asked.

"Eh?!" a look of surprise dawned on the girl's expression as she brought a hand to her cheeks. Tears were streaming from her eyes and she had not even noticed. "What, no, this is just…haha…I don't know…why…it won't stop…haha…"



"Hello, Higurashi residence," Kagome's mother answered, "Kagome? Yeah..uh huh…so…You got in?!! That's wonderful! My Kagome, a Toudai (UofTokyo) student. I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks mom, what about Souta. He should know the results today too right?" Kagome asked from the other end.

"Yes, I just got a call from him an hour ago and he got in too. Keishikou with Megumi-chan! He told me how they were going to go celebrate at Osaka tonight. What about you, are you going to come home tonight?"

"Yeah. I'm going to celebrate with some friends in the afternoon but I'll be home before supper time."

"Oh, I'll be sure to prepare a feast for you when you get back then."

"Thanks mom, I'll see you tonight."

"Ok, jyane Kagome."

Five years has now passed since Kagome's awakening from her comma. Being a year behind all her other friends earned her a fair share of hardships on its own but she was now becoming a University student. She received a few love letters and proposals throughout the years but she had turned all of them down. She knew she was probably dragging things out a bit too long. She had decided never to speak of the feudal era again and sealed its memories in the back of her mind. It wasn't like it was a believable story to begin with.

The sun was just beginning to set when Kagome finally made it back to her neighbourhood. She could see the shrine coming up ahead now. Her eyes glimmered. 'Hisashiburi ni ikou kana (maybe I'll visit).' She thought. Ever since she decided to seal everything about the feudal era, she had stopped visiting the shrine. In fact, she had done so much as avoid it. Today however, she felt almost obliged to go. It was just a feeling, a feeling she didn't know how to explain and yet some how nostalgic.

Suddenly all the noise around her faded and a light came from her right. Her eyes widened to find a truck honking its horn as it sped toward her. Her instinct was to run but her legs did not move. The truck drew in closer, screeching its breaks. It was obvious that it wasn't going to stop in time but her legs still did not move. She closed her eyes and prepared her self. A hard shove knocked her from her side and she felt herself land on something unexpectedly soft but she was still too stunned to move.

"Hey…" a voice rung harshly at her.

Kagome did not react.

"Hey!" it rung again.

The girl opened her eyes and found two other staring back at her. "You're pretty fat despite how you look aren't you," the voice had a mocking tone to it that felt unwantingly familiar.

Kagome jumped off and looked back. The truck swerved a bit before it retrieved its balance ahead. She saw the driver watching the two from the side mirror with a relieved look. A sudden jolt of irritation zapped the girl's nerves. "Wait a minute, who are you calling fat!" she demanded.

"You, You stupid wench! You could have been killed back there, didn't your mom teach you that you have to look both ways before crossing the street!" the boy shouted back.

"wen…" something clicked inside the girl as she examined the boy in front of her. The unexpected revalation was something she could not have been prepared for. Tears built on the corners of her eyes as she continued to stare blankly at the boy's face.

"He..hey…are you crying…uh…(crap)," the boy sat up.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered.


"Inuyasha nano? (Are you Inuyasha?)" the tears finally over flowed.

"Hey I don't know what you're talking about but I think you've got the wrong person. My name is Shinji. I don't know what shit you got with this Inuyasha guy but don't cry it out on me."

"Shinji…" a look of disappointment crossed the girl's eyes.

'What the hell is her problem,' the boy raised a brow.

"I'm…I'm sorry. Thank you for saving me," Kagome bowed formally. Something sparkled, making her snap her head back up. 'What was that?' she focused onto the boy. It was faint but she saw it, a small light on the boy's left chest, right around where his heart would be. 'Nani? (What?)…is that…it can't be…' "The shikon jewel," she gasped.

"Excuse me?" Shinji looked up. 'What is wrong with this girl. I just moved to this neighborhood and there's already wierd things happening.'

'Could he be…' "I'm sorry, my name is Kagome," she extended a hand. Shinji took it but winced when he stood up.

"Are you hurt?"

"Nah, just twisted my ankle slightly when I fell."


"Don't worry about it," Shinji said, slapping some dirt off his pants, "But you said you're name was Kagome?"

"Yes, what about it?"

Shinji seemed to think for a bit but gave a shrug. "Never mind, your name just sounded vaguely familiar for some reason."

Kagome smile, "I see."

Noticing the small slip of paper in the girl's hands, Shinji raised a gave a surprised nod. "You got into Toudai huh," he said with an impressed look, "congratulations."

"Thank you."

"I guess I'll be seeing you around campus then," Shinji smirked before turning and walking off.

The vision of the smirk overlapped in her mind. For the next few seconds, Kagome felt a new numbness in her limbs watching the boy walk away from her slowly. "Inuyasha…" she whispered. "Inuyasha!" she shouted running toward him.

The End!

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