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A Cats Meow - Chapter I

Midgar slums always had a vaguely sinister look about them. Dark, winding streets, set away from the main city. No place for a seven year old girl, after dark. And yet, there she was, standing on the corner, playing axiously with her plait. She appeared to be waiting for someone. Shooting glances up and down the street every so often, squinting in the gloom. Her quarry seemingly had not arrived, and her fingers began figiting even more with her hair.

Her fear floated through the air, a dank stink, staining the already pungent air. Sensitive norstrils picked it up, and almost instantly it whimpered and scratched its nose.

The girl looked up at the noise, fear doubling in the already saturated air. It whimpered again and tried to heave its body away from the source of the stench. The girl saw the movement and ran up to it, her fear evaporating.

The small cat lay in a heap of blood-stained silvery fur. The girl dropped to her knees and touched the small body gently. The cat quivered and attempted to move away.

"Marlene! What do you think you're doing?"

Tifa's voice cut through the air. She sounded worried, and vaguely angry. The girl looked up, a worried look of her own marring her features.

"Tifa, look at this cat! He's hurt! Can we help him?"

The woman stepped back, shock on her face. Then she dropped to her knees also and inspected the small bundle of fur. Its ears were pressed flat against its skull and its breathing was laboured.

Marlene's eyes were bright with tears as she stared down at the tiny body. And the older woman could not bring herself to say no. She bundled the cat into her arms and stood with him. Marlene let out a small squeal of joy, and bounced after Tifa talking animatedly.


The cat was cleaned and curled up on a spare blanket, its green eyes watching the goings-on of the kitchen. It was late, so not much was happening, but the trivial activities seemed to interest the animal. It even found Tifa's last minute book keeping more interesting then the scraps that'd been placed in front of it.

The woman ignored it, and began packing up. She didn't even offer it a glance, but did utter a whispered goodnight.

The cat smiled.


A last minute look at the cat. Then she'd go to sleep. She just had to check on the cat, it was so cute. She was smiling as she pushed open the kitchen door. But the minute she entered the kitchen the smile slid off her face and she screamed softly.

A man was sitting where the cat should've been, silver haired with the same green feline eyes. Raw looking cuts marred his face, the exact same injuries as the cat had had.

"Do you think you could get me some food? Only the scraps don't quite kill my hunger."

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