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A Cats Meow - Chapter II

"Do you think you could get me some food? Only the scraps don't quite kill my hunger."

The voice was soft, a velvet purr sounding in the soft voice. Marlene stepped back, gazing at the tall creature in front of her. The cat, where was the cat? She stared at him, he stared right back. His eyes were large, soft, but feline like. The gazed at her from beneath his long fringe. He watched her fingers fidgit with her long hair, and made to get up. She squeaked and took another step away from him.

The man smiled through his grimace of pain, and rolled over onto his stomach. It seemed to be easier to get up that way, as he quickly found his feet. He swayed drunkenly for several minutes, however, but managed to move over to her. She gazed at him, terrified and confused.

"Please? Please, may I get some food?" he whispered, leaning close to her small ear. She jumped away from him, putting more distance between herself and this strange man. She needed to do something. What would Tifa do?

Demand an answer. That's what Tifa would do. Taking a deep breath, she opened her small mouth, and attempted to find the authority that Tifa managed to eject into her voice when she wanted to know something.

"Who are you? How'd you get in here? Where's Frost?" The words came out as a series of harsh squeaks, and Marlene winced. That wasn't exactly what she'd intended it too sound like. The man blinked, and pushed some of his long hair away from a deep cut on his cheekbone.


"My cat! What did you do with my cat? And who are yo ... STAY AWAY FROM ME!"

The man had begun to walk towards her, but visably flinched when she started screaming. He drew back a step and scratched at his nose. Marlene started at him. He seemed to be trying to rid his nose of something. It looked kinda funny, but also vagualy gross. It was the first time she'd seen a grown man ...

"That's disgusting," she whispered. The man glanced up at her, and his hands left his nose. He looked offended.

"Nothing went in," he hissed back, and dispite herself, Marlene laughed. Then, remembered he wasn't supposed to be here, and all her fear returned.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Where's Fr ... Why do you keep doing that?"

The man begun to scratch his nose again, only this time it was accompanined by a small whimper.

"Am I that scary? Damnit, I'm just hungry! You were the one who took me here in the first place!"

It took a while for Marlene to make sense of that. "I ... took you ... here? I don't even know who you are!"

The man nodded, looking up at her. There was a look on his face, as if he could smell something rotten in the room. "You did! You and that other women! Left me by the fire, with what was left of whatever you had for dinner! Goddamnit, why do you have to be so afraid of me?!"

Marlene stared at him. He was back on the ground now, whimpering at whatever it seemed he could smell. His long legs were drawn up to his chin, and his hand rubbing despritly at his nose.

"Where's Frost?" she whispered, suddenly almost guessing the answer. Could things like this man ... here, in the dark, dirty slums of Midgar, could things like this man really exist?

"You want Frost, fine, call me Frost! I don't ca ... ?"

"Are you real?"

She had too know. Was this man real? Was there really magic in this dull world of hers? She glanced down at the man again.

He certainly looked magical. With his long silver hair, and feline eyes. He also looked real, real enough to touch. Gently, she reached down, and ran a pudgy hand through the man's hair. He felt real, and he sure as hell sounded real.

A purr errupted from the mans throat as she ran her hand along his hair. He sounded just like a cat.


"Yes, I'm real. Real and hungry," he whispered once she'd taken her hand back. She nodded and went to the press over the sink, then to the fridge. He grinned at her once she'd set the bowl of cream down in front of him.

"Thank you.," he murmmured and drank the entire thing in two mouthfulls.

The child was watching him, her brown eyes wide. All her fear was gone, and he was thrilled about that. The stench of fear was more pungent then anything he'd smelt in his short life. She'd made up for it, however, with whatever had been in the bowl. He just wished that his brothers could be here.

His heart clenched painfully at the thought of his brothers. They were supposed to be here. They were all supposed to have escaped together. He was not supposed to be going back there. But, it was a fact that he'd have too. But, with help.He sighed, and laid the bowl down in front of him. The girl smiled.

She seemed so different. What had he said to convince her to trust him so quickly? He looked her up and down, and it hit him.

It was a child. A child could always be convinced of things, he sure as hell knew that. A child in her world, in her time, could most definatly be convinced of things. A child like her needed something wonderful. And, in her eyes, he probably fitted the bill.

Sighed, he winced as the cuts all over him began to sting. The ones on his face and hands were particularly bad. He supposed that was what he got for climbing through a fence. But ... they'd been behind him, with dogs.

As if one cue, a loud howl pierced the air. He nearly jumped out of his skin, and practically flew over to the girl. Startled, she looked down at him. She was so small. She was just a child. Just a child like his younger brother. Her arms didn't even meet as they wound around his shoulders. But, he didn't care. There were dogs outside.

"What's wrong"

He quivered. "Do you ... can I stay with you?"

He didn't know why the words left his lips. He knew she'd didn't quite trust him yet, and he didn't quite trust her. But he didn't want to be left alone. He didn't risk a glance up at her, but he could smell her doubt. He knew she was still afraid of him, he could smell it faintly on the air.

"Please?" he added, hopefully.

Nothing happened for a few more minutes, but then, to his amazement, the girl took his hand, and began to pull him to his feet. She did look kind of doubtful, but never the less, led him out into the hall.

"Tifa's going to kill me."

He heard her whisper that, and several other things as she led him upstairs. Most of them involved this Tifa person killing her. He sighed, and glanced around.

He didn't get much time to look around, though. Her room was the first one, apperantly, and he found himself being pulled sideways into a small, but comfortable feeling room.

The girl pointed him to a corner, and he found himself suddenly sitting on a small pile of stuffed animals. Looking down, he saw that most of them were old. He could feel the thread bear fur under his fingers.

The girl had climbed into bed.

"What's your name?" he whispered gently. He saw her squirm slightly.


He smiled and nodded, though she couldn't see. It was a pretty name.

"And what's yours? I mean, your real name?"

He started. "Why don't you stick to Frost? It's a nice name," he whispered back, but saw her head shake.

"No. Your real name."

He sighed, but after a few minutes whispered into the silence.


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