Life had never been easy.

The young boy could not remember what it felt like to be a child anymore. Those days when he had spent on having fun, free from responsibilities, were long forgotten. He felt like he had lived for so long that now he was an old man.

Trapped in a dismal room, he tried to reminisce about happy events of his childhood, but he remembered nothing but rejection, pain and sad memories.

He could see doctors in their white suits entering and leaving the room. The sound of their fake laughs and empty promises was still echoing in the small room. He was broken beyond repair. No one could cure a wounded heart.

Where was Yuki when he needed him the most?

A soft whimper escaped from his lips. His room was quiet, too quiet. He could hear his heart beat; it was getting slower and slower, like it had lost the will to go on. It was time for it to rest. Forever.

He took a deep breath. The machine next to him made a horrible sound.

The desire to shout was killing him, but he did not scream. He did not cry either. Never had he cried before. Today was no different. Tears shone in his eyes, but none fell

Shivering, he whimpered one more time.

Eyes burning with unwelcome tears, he stared at the white ceiling. He wanted to sit. He wanted to move, to jump, to run and laugh...He wanted to see Yuki one more time. He wanted to kiss him one last time, but he knew he could not.

Here, he was trapped. He even could not breathe on his own.

Those unwelcome tears ran down and left a wet trace on the hollow cheeks after a long, long time. He could taste the salty water on his dried lips.

How he wished this was a nightmare, but when he closed his eyes, he knew that his wish was nothing but a silly longing, and he realized that no matter how much he told himself other wise, the truth was that he wanted to live. No matter how cruel life had been to him, he was not ready to leave it yet.

Where was Yuki when he needed him the most?

He missed him so much.

He saw a nurse coming in. He knew her. It was Nurse O'Hara. That old lady whose kind smiles never left her rosy lips. She injected something into his arms and the edges of the room turned blurry then dark. It was the familiar perpetual darkness, only this time, the boy was certain he was not going to leave it again.

To be continued…