What if, in the end, Envy got what he'd been bent on for all his life?


As I gaze back at the wreckage that is his body, I feel my nose twitch in repulsion, and I grunt. No, this is not what I wanted.

This is not the revenge I intended for. This doesn't feel right.

This doesn't bring me any satisfaction.

The other one, the one that's still missing, is sobbing right before the remains of his brother. He won't be back, and he's crying because he knows it.

But yet again, this... this is not what I wanted. It doesn't fill the emptiness.

No happiness. But empathy.

And empathy hurts.

'Envy...' he barely musters. 'You didn't do this...'

Right. The shrimp's tortured body turned up in this deserted place. And I had nothing to do with it.

His voice sounds so hollow... so relieved. The little brother doesn't have the nerve to look at me. He barely can see through the tears.

I grit my teeth. I, pretty much like him, didn't want things to turn out this way.

'No, kid. I didn't.'

The little one recognised the body much quicker than I did. Now, the carcass doesn't look a bit like the person I hated so much. Clutched in his still, lifeless hand is a certain silver watch, blurred by the dried-off crimson blood.


He doesn't make any other gesture that shows that he's aware of my presence there. 'You'll go insane if you look too much.' I say, my voice sounding uncharacteristically serious. I try to smirk. Then I give up because it's the same as nothing.

'Why did things have to come to this?' he says, looking up at me with big, watery chocolate eyes. He starts to cry again.

'I don't know' I answer, I'm no longer try to hide that I'm frowning.

'And this is not what I wanted.'

R&R! I know this was so random, non-poetic, pointless, etc. And OMG I killed Ed... not the first time that happens, though... -.-... At least I used a new character (aka Alphonse...)... as it's my first time tell me if I got him too OOC!