Chapter 12

Jade finished packing their things in a travel bag. Double-checking to make sure she had everything the twins would need she crossed that off her list of things to do. For their honeymoon Harry had decided to take her to Paris. Originally they were going to leave the twins with Molly while they were gone but since her mother and brother had kidnapped them once they decided against it. Gathering the things she went to the girls room to get them ready.

Harry had just gotten back from the Burrow to let the Weasleys not to worry that they would be safe and they wouldn't be home for about a week. Ascending the stairs he walked silently to the doorway of the room Jade was in with the girls and watched them with pride. He had three beautiful girls in his life and things couldn't be any better. As she put them back in their cribs he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Jade. Ready to go?" he asked kissing her cheek.

Laughing she turned around and put her arms around his neck. Kissing him lightly on the lips she smiled. "Of course I'm ready to go. Let me get Emily and you can apparate Lily." She said. Bending over the crib she scooped up Emily and held her close while waiting for Harry. Carefully Harry picked Lily up and rocked her. Nodding to his wife they both disparated at the same time. Appearing at the most beautiful room in the world or so it looked in Jade's eyes she saw that Harry had thought ahead. There was two bassinets in the room waiting for Lily and Emily. Walking over to them they both placed them in separate bassinets.

Tackling his wife in a hug they fell on the bed behind them. Giggling softly Jade held her husband and looked at him adoringly. "I love you Harry James Potter." She said. While the girls slept they laid in bed talking quietly and eventually drifted off to sleep.

AN: I hope you liked that chapter. I am honestly out of ideas for this story so I think that only an epilogue chapter will be next. I can take the story farther into the future when the girls are old enough for hogwarts if that's what you all want. I'll never know unless you read and review. Tanis.