Pairing: Sara/Sofia, Sara/Catherine
Timeline: Season 6
A/N: Not one of my best works. But the idea wouldn't leave me alone.
A/N2: My first Sara/Sofia. And Catherine POV. Tread lightly.
Beta: Insane Vampiress


People don't know when to keep it to themselves. They're at work for christsakes, and the locker room's not exactly soundproof. Catherine can hear them down the hall. And if she can hear them, chances are Greg can, too. Which means he'll be trying to figure out who's in there rather then working on their case.

Storming down the hall, her heals click on the floor in an attempt to warn the couple someone's headed their way, but they obviously don't hear her. She practically shoves the door open, her reflexes only stopping it from slamming it against the wall at the last second.

No way. No way in hell. This is not happening. She must have fallen into one of Greg's fantasies. Sara and Sofia making out against her locker. She'd been so sure they'd both had feelings for Grissom, and she'd sure as hell never thought either of them were gay. How could she not have seen this? She's a professional investigator, for crying out loud!

Frozen, Catherine realizes she's gaping. Closing her mouth, she blinks a couple of times then clears her throat. Sara's eyes fly open and she blushes, giving the detective a little push. Sofia lets out a small growl, of all things, but doesn't turn around.

"Greg, I swear, this time I'm gonna kill you and even the best of the lab won't find your body." Sara gives a little embarrassed giggle, and shakes her head at the woman she's been engaged with.

"It's not Greg." Now she turns around, her face flushed with what Catherine is hoping is embarrassment.

"Shit. Catherine..." What pisses the senior CSI off the most is she has this smug little smirk under her discomfort, like it's funny she's been caught. This really isn't a side of her Catherine ever wanted to see.

Giving them a disgusted look, she spins around and leaves to find Greg. Who apparently knew and didn't warn her when she told him where she was going. Find Greg and kill him. Painfully.

Why is she so upset, anyway? It's not as if she's jealous. She grew out of her crush on Sara ages ago. But it still bothers her that she didn't know. It's her job to notice these things, but she missed it from two of the people she works closest to. It never even occurred to her that this could happen. And if Greg knows, it's probably all over the whole lab by now. He's not exactly what anyone could call subtle.

"Hey, Cath?" Looking up, she's already in DNA with MTV Boy grinning at her. "We've got him. The hair from the keyhole is a match. He's going down." Catherine grunts at him, her mind still back in the locker room. "This is a good thing, remember?" gesturing around wildly, he scowls when she still doesn't really acknowledge him. "Thank you, Greg. It was good of you to test it yourself since Mia's on her break and the SOB just lawyered up."

"Thanks, Greg." Forcing a smile, she takes the results from him, looks them over and feels her smile become real. "We've got him."

"Are you okay? You look kinda... I donno." Greg shrugs. "What's up?"

"Nothing. I'm fine. Let's go get this guy." Starting to leave, she looks at him, "You coming?"

"You bet." Greg's cheerfulness is infective. She grins back.

Catherine still can't help but be pissed, though. Mostly because of the way she found out, the smug look Sofia gave her and that they couldn't manage to keep it professional, at least in the lab. But also because Detective Curtis saw what she didn't, and now Sara's with her.