Chapter 6: Mission to Suna

"Ryuu, wake up", Mom said while lightly shaking me.


"Lee wants to see you right away. He's waiting at the front door", She said.

"Ok, I'll be right there".

I got ready and walked out the door. "What do you want?".

"I wanted to teach you how to use the second Chakra Gate", Lee said.

"Ok, so what do I have to do?".

"Activate the first Gate and then flow your remaining energy here", Lee said while pointing at an area next to my right shoulder.

I did as he told and I felt a bigger power incease then last time.

"Now try the secondary lotus again", He ordered.

"Ok...". I started running around him, and this time it caused an even bigger dust cloud. Big enough to disable him from blocking my attack. I did the roll kick and he was caught completely off guard. I continued with the lotus and I thinked I went a little too hard when I threw him to the ground, because he coughed up a little blood.

When I looked behind me I found Kaze staring at me. "Umm... Hi...".

"Well, it looks like you got the secondary lotus down, but wait until he teaches you the primary lotus", She said. "It almost killed my uncle. Remember that Lee?".

"Yes I do, and if he didn't have that stupid sand I would've won that fight!", He complained

"Quit complaining. So is there another reason you had my mom wake me up?".

"Yes. The Kazekage requested that we bring an intelligence report about... Well, that's not any of your business. He needs it 2 days from now so pack up your bags", Lee said.

"I finally get to see Uncle Gaara!", Kaze exclaimed.

"Wait, you've never met your uncle?".

"No, Mom says he's always too busy to come over on my birthday, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or anything!", She said.

"Oh. I'll be over to your house to pick you up in 30 minutes".

I walked into the kitchen to get food to take on the mission. "What are you doing with all of that stuff?", Mom asked.

"I'm going on a mission to deliver something to the Kazekage. I should be back the day after tomorrow at 12:00".

"Hey, I'm home from the Hokage Tower", Dad said as he walked into the house.

"Anything new going on?", Mom asked.

"Well, Tsunade is moving out and turning over the Tower and her job to someone", Dad said.

"You mean...?".

"Yep. The Hokage Tower is now mine!", Dad said happily.

"Awesome! Does that mean we get to move to a nicer house?".

"Yeah it does!", He said.

"Where are we going to be living at?", Mom asked.

"You know that huge 3 story house about 4 blocks from here?", Dad asked.

"We're actually gonna be living there? Are you sure you're ok with me living that close to Kaze?".

"Yes, we're going to be living there and I'm ok with you living that close to your girlfriend", He assured.

"Good. Well, I have to go now".

"Why?", Dad asked.

"I have to go on a mission, so bye!".

"Bye!", Dad replied.

At Kaze's house...

I knocked and walked in. "Hey, is Kaze ready to go?".

"Go where?", Shikamaru asked.

"We have to go on a mission to deliver something to the Kazekage".

"You mean my brother, the Kazekage?", Temari asked.

"Yeah, why?".

"Nothing, I'm just wondering", She replied.

"Hey, I'm--. Hi Ryuu...", Kaze said.

"So, you're ready to leave?".

"Yeah", She replied. Shikamaru checked her pack to make sure she had everything that would be necessary for the trip.

"Ok, you're ready to go", Shikamaru said.

Outside of Konoha...

"Do you want to walk, or do you want me to carry you so it will go faster?".

"You would actually carry me that far?", Kaze asked.

"Well, yeah, Carrying about 215 pounds at about 300 miles per hour will make me run out of energy in about 15 minutes. That means 75 miles which is about 3/4 of the distance we need to travel".

"Ok, how did you get that?", Kaze looked confused.

"Basic mental math. I learned how to do that when your dad gave me a private lesson at the academy".

"He never taught me that...", She complained.

"Whatever. Do you want me to carry you or not?".

"Duh", She said.

"Then I hope you don't mind high speed winds in your face".

"What does my name mean?", she asked.

"... I have no clue...".

"It means wind. So do you really think I mind the wind in my face?", She asked.

"I'm guessing that's a no...". I activated the second Chakra Gate and picked her up the same way I did when she was sick and started running. After 15 minutes I stopped.

"It's been 15 minutes already?", Kaze asked.

"Yeah, I guess. Ugh". I collapsed with Kaze still in my arms.

"Hey, you broke the fall", Kaze laughed.

"Your chest in my face made me forget the fall! Hey, it's roomy in here!".

Kaze pushed herself up. "Shut up".

"What? Sorry, I was thinking about the fact that as soon as I close the Chakra Gates, I'm gonna fain...", I said before I fainted.

"Well, I guess that leaves me to watch you", Kaze sighed.

6 hours later...

I woke up. "Took you long enough", Kaze said.

"Sorry, running 75 miles with you in my arms kind of wears me out!".

"Well, we have another 25 miles to go, so get up", She ordered.

"Fine, just let me get something to eat". I took a bag of potato chips out of my bag.

"You actually carry potato chips when you go on a mission?", She asked.

"Yeah, so what?".

"It's unhealthy, and kind of loud", She said.

"True, but they taste good!".

"Whatever. Just eat and let's go", She ordered again.

After I finished eating I picked her up again and took off. In 5 minutes we were at the gates of Suna, capital of the Wind Country. I set Kaze down and we walked over to the guards.

"Who are you and what is your business here?", One of the guards asked.

"I am Nara Kaze, daughter of Temari, the Kazekage's sister", Kaze said.

"And you?", A guard asked while pointing at me.

"I am Uzumaki Ryuu. son of Uzumaki Naruto, the new Hokage".

The guard pulled out a list. "Here are your names. You may pass", The second guard said.

"Thanks". We walked through the gate after the guards opened it. Kaze looked at the map she had and pointed in the direction of the Kazekage's office.

"We have to go that way", She said.

"Ok, so what are we going to do? Stay here For today and the next day after we drop off the report or go back to Konoha right away?".

"First, did you actually mean that your dad is the new Hokage?", She asked.

"Yeah, he got back to my house after you left. He just blurted out the news like usual".

"So your dad's gonna be making the rules around Konoha. That's gonna be fun...", Kaze sighed.

"Oh, and by the way. Since my dad's becoming Hokage, we're moving into a better house".

"And...", She said.

"You know that huge house across the street from your house?".

"You're moving there?", Kaze asked happily

"Yep. That means it wont take 5 minutes to walk to each other's houses anymore".

"That's perfect", Kaze said as she hugged me. "So your dad becoming Hokage isn't so bad!".

"Ok", I said as we walked up to a huge building with guards at the door. "I think we're here".

"Yep", Kaze said.

"Hey, can we get in? We need to see the Kazekage".

"It depends. Who are you?", A guard asked.

"I'm the Kazekage's niece and I need to give him something", Kaze said.

"And you?", A guard asked me.

"I'm the Hokage's son and I'm escorting her", I said while pointing at Kaze.

"Leave all of your weapons with us and you may enter", A guard said. I left my kunai and shuriken pouch and Kaze left her needles and her fans.

The guards opened the doors and we walked in. A servant showed us the way to the Kazekage's office.
When we got there the servant knocked on the door and the Kazekage told him to come in.

"Sir, you have 2 young visitors", The servant said.

The sevant left the room and the Kazekage turned his chair around. "Who are you kids".

"Well, I'm your sisters daughter", Kaze said.

Ah. So you're Kaze. You could have no idea how much your mother has been yelling at me for never coming to Konoha for special occasions. I heard it was your birthday yesterday, is that true?", He asked.

"Yeah, I don't really mind that you've missed all of the family gatherings and stuff, as long as I've finally met you", Kaze said.

"That's good. And I believe you've brought an important report with you?", He asked.

"Yeah, it's right here...", I said while going through my pack. I found it and gave it to him.

"Thank you", He flipped through the pages. "Good. Exactly what I asked for. Here's your pay", He said as he handed me and Kaze $250 each. "Will that cover it?".

"Yeah, thanks alot!".

"Thank you Uncle Gaara", Kaze said as she hugged her uncle.

"You're welcome. And I promise to cancel whatever I have going on and come for Christmas, both of your parents birthdays, and Thanksgiving. And we'll see what I can do next year", He said.

"Thanks. Bye!", Kaze said as she followed me out the door.

Back in Konoha...

I opened the door to my old house and my parents already had everything packed up. "What happened to the day after tomorrow?", Dad asked.

"It went a little faster because I used the Chakra Gates Lee taught me and I carried Kaze".

"But what about Tenji? Didn't he go on the mission?", Mom asked.

"No he didn't".

"Why not?", She asked.

"Long story...".

"You hurt him didn't you!", She yelled.

"Fine, I used that move you taught me".

"YOU USED 64 STRIKES!", She yelled again.

"Yes... But he used it on me before just because I reminded him about how he used Byakyugan twice before he could walk".

"So what's your reason?", Dad asked.

"He called Kaze a bad name...".

?What bad name?", Mom asked.

"He called her a... Whore...".

"He's certainly inherited Neji's cockiness", Dad said.

"But that's no reason for him to try to kill Tenji!", Mom yelled.

"Well, I tried to kill Neji fo what he did to you", Dad replied.

"He tried to kill me. That's different than if he called me a whore. Which I think he has...", Mom said.

"Ugh. Can you 2 stop arguing and tell me what my punishment is so I can tell Kaze that she can't come in?".

"Sorry Ryuu. Since it's your birthday tomorrow, you're not punished", Dad said.

"Oh my god it's his birthday today I completely forgot!", Mom said. "Woops. Did I say that out loud"?.

"Yeah you did. Oh well. Can Kaze come in?" I asked as I walked over to the door. I'm sure she's tired of--". I opened the door and she fell inside. "EAVESDROPPING!".

"No need to yell. I was just tired of waiting. How could you tell I was listening anyway?", Kaze asked.

"Byakyugan. It gives 360 degree vision and lets me see through walls. In case you haven't noticed, I always have it activated".

"... Great", She said.

"Well, can she stay in or do I have to kick her out?".

"I don't see any point. We're about to start moving boxes", Dad said.

"How many do we have?".

"27 boxes and your secret stash of money", Dad smirked.

"How did you know about that?".

"We gave you $800 when you were 4 years old and you never came back with anything more than ramen.
That kind of gave me a hint and I found it in an expensive book that you cut the pages out of", He said.

"It couldn't have been THAT expensive".

"$75", He replied.

"Uh, can I have my money back?".

"Fine", He said as he handed my money back to me.

"So that's how you payed for the necklace you bought me!", Kaze said.

"Yeah. Well, we might as well get the boxes over to the new house. I'll use the Chakra Gates to get some boxes over. Dad, can you use some of your Chakra to make you move faster?".

"Yeah. So you 2 relax while me and Ryuu move the boxes", Dad said.

After we had all of the boxes in the new house we walked Kaze and Mom over. "I already marked my room".

"How?", Mom asked.

"I put a small dent in the door".

Mom sighed. "So young, so destructive...".

When we got to the pile of boxes, I picked up my boxes and showed Kaze the way to my room. "Try to restrain yourself from fainting when you see my room. And by the way, it's the smallest bedroom". I opened the door and behind it was a huge room, almost as big as an apartment.

"Wow", Kaze whispered.

"Yeah. That's what I said when i saw the room. Let's unpack my stuff".

"Ok", She said as she opened one of the boxes I set on the floor. After we unpacked my stuff we headed back to the pile of boxes.

"Wait. I completely forgot about something".

"What did you forget?", She asked.

"I forgot that this is a place I've never slept before".

"And?", She asked.

"And if I try to sleep somewhere I'm unfamiliar with, I stay awake unless someone stays in the room with me until I fall asleep".

"So what happens if nobody stays in the room with you ever?", She asked again.

"I don't sleep. I just can't no matter how tired I am".

"Ryuu, you're finally back", Dad said.

"Hey, it kinda takes a while to walk across a 2 mile house".

"It's not 2 miles", He replied.

"It certainly seems like it. Whatever. You remember my sleeping problem right?".

"Yeah why?", Dad asked.

"I was hoping Kaze could help me with it tonight".

Mom looked like she was about to choke me. "What did you just say?".

"I didn't say anything I asked something".

"Hinata, calm down. I think we should let her stay", Dad said.

"Why!", Mom asked.

"2 reasons. First, it's Ryuu's birthday tomorrow, and second, if we try to keep them apart, they will just be together behind our backs. Remember how your dad told me to get away from you and stay away?", He reminded her.

"Good point. Fine. Just don't make too much noise. Our room is only 3 doors away", Mom said.

"Wow, that's almost exactly what your mom said", I said as I walked off.

Mom jumped at me and Dad grabbed her by the foot and dragged her off. Kaze laughed when she saw Mom clawing at the ground.

"Why did she do that?", Kaze asked.

"Ever since my dad cured her of her shyness problem she got anger problems".

"Oh", She said.

"We have to tell your parents you're staying here".

"Ok. They will say yes as long as I have a good reason", She replied.

At Kaze's house...

"Mom, I'm home!", Kaze said.

"Ok, dinner's almost ready", Temari replied.

"I'm hoping I can stay over at Ryuu's house, actually", Kaze said

"For what reason...", Temari sighed.

"Ryuu, can you answer that?", Kaze asked.

"I have sleeping problems. If I sleep somewhere new, I need someone to stay in the room with me until I fall asleep. And we just move to the house across the street from here".

"How did you afford to move there?", Temari asked.

"We got the house for free. My dad just got the job of Hokage".

Shikamaru suddenly choked and fell out of his chair. After he finished choking he said, "What was that? Did you say your dad, Uzumaki Naruto, the fool of the Ninja world, is Hokage!".

"I guess we shouldn't have told you that...".

"No, you shouldn't have. I need some time to get over this. Kaze, go ahead and go", He replied.

"Thanks dad!", Kaze said as she walked out and dragged me with her.

"You don't have to drag me".

"Fine", She said as she dropped me.

"Yeah, thanks alot".

"Sorry, I'm just excited that I'm going to sleep in a mansion! Especially with you", She smiled.

"Do you have to make a habit of acting pathetic whenever I'm mad or disagree with you?".

"Yes...", She looked pathetic again.

"I give up...".

She smiled. "Come on, lets get to your house!".

"We're already there".

"Oh", She replied.

I could tell Mom and Dad were in their room because I was hearing grunts and moans, So I just went straight to my room. When we got there it was freezing, despite the usual warm climate. "I guess the air conditioning's broken. Or just working a littile too well".

"So is there any way to get warm?", Kaze asked.

"Well, there is one way, but we both have to take pretty much all of our clothes off".

"Doesn't bother me, as long as I get warm!", SHe said.

We both took off most of our clothes and got in bed. Dad taught me a trick to transfer Chakra in a form of heat. I focused my Chakra and ran it out of my fingertips and into Kaze's body. She let out a slight gasp.

"Why did that feel so good?", She asked.

"Well, it's about 40 degrees in here, a sudden wave of heat is supposed to feel good, and second,
that's just what it generally feels like when Chakra is exchanged".

Oh. You know what that feeling made me think of?", She asked.

"Yeah, andI won't argue this time".