After All


Sakura felt her heart swell with pride as she stared at her oldest daughter. Sakura could feel tears in her eyes as she helped Mitsuko fix her vial. "Mom, please don't cry," Mitsuko said before turning to look at herself in the mirror. Her silver hair was up and small ringlets fell around her face. She was wearing a beautiful white strapless dress. .

"I know, I know. I'm trying not too," Sakura said wiping away her tears with out messing up her own make up. It was hard to believe that her baby was all grown up and was going to start her own family. Sakura smiled. It only felt like yesterday that she had had her own wedding. "I'm just so happy for you."

A small knock on the door made Sakura turn. She opened the door to find her son, Obito. "Dad's freaking out," he said. His silver hair was a mess and sticking up in all directions. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"I'll take care of it," Sakura said moving out of the room. "Obito, please do something with your hair. Before I do." Obito rolled his gray eyes and his mother before shutting the door. Sakura smiled as she walked down the hallway and out into the court yard where she found her husband of ten years passing back and forth. Sakura's heels clicked on the concrete until she reached Kakashi and took his hand. Kakashi's miss matched eyes met her green ones. She stepped in front of him and took both of his hands in hers. "Calm down love," Sakura said reaching up and brushing her hand through his hair.

Kakashi signed and leaned into her hand. "I'm trying. It's just our oldest daughter is getting married. It won't be long until all of them are gone and adults. She's still my baby,"

"And she always will be. And besides, she's going to marry the best man we could ever hope for."

Kakashi nodded. "I know, I know. I'm gonna go check on her," Kakashi said. Sakura smiled.

"Make sure your son fixes his hair before he steps out of that room. Or you both are going to hear an ear load from me later," Sakura said sticking her tongue out. Kakashi chuckled before turning away and walking the way Sakura had come. Sakura smiled before looking up at the sky. It was a beautiful summer day in Konoha. Sakura flattened her pink dress out before standing up one more.

"Momma?" Sakura turned around. It was her youngest daughter, Saki. Saki was the spitting imagine of Sakura. With short pink that had beautiful white flowers in it. She was wearing a pink dress that matched her mother's. "They're going to start the ceremony soon. Daddy says we should take our seats."

Sakura nodded before walking over to her. Sakura took Saki's had and they walked out of the building and into the field that was filled with seats that held every person the Hyuga's and Hatake's knew. Sakura smiled at Tenten who walked over and hugged Sakura. "I'm so glad this day has finally come," Tenten smiled.

"I know," Sakura said, she looked up and saw Naruto going over what he was going to say for the ceremony and of course Shiro stood at the front breathing heavily. Sakura chuckled slightly. "Go sit down sweetheart," Sakura said, she watched as Saki moved to sit down. Sakura walked up and took Shiro's hands. "You look very handsome today Shiro," Shiro smiled.

"Thanks mom," he said.

"Calm down," she brought one of her hands up and pushed his hair back before cupping his check. Shiro leaned into her hand. "You're going to make a wonderful husband. You two have loved each other since you were eight. I'm pretty sure that you have nothing to worry about," Shiro took in a deep breath before smiling at his soon to be mother-in-law.

The music started to play and Sakura winked at Shiro before taking her seat next to her daughter and son. Sakura glared at Obito. "Nice hair,"

"Thank mom," Obito winked and Sakura smacked him in the back of the head causing his hair to stick up even worse. Sakura smiled as she watched all the brides maids and grooms men walked down the aisle. Sakura stood up and turned to face where Mitsuko and Kakashi walked into the room. Sakura's smile only grew when she saw her daughter's face light up at the sight of Shiro. Sakura turned and looked at Shiro who's face was lit up like Christmas day.

"I give her away," Kakashi said before kissing Mitsuko's hand and then handing her off to Shiro. Sakura reached her hand out and took Kakashi's hand in hers before they both sat down together.

"You know what?" Kakashi whispered into Sakura's hair line. "I'm not even worried about Mitsuko... I know she's in great hands," Sakura smiled before kissing her husband's cheek.

"Yes, yes she is,"


The end. :) It took me a few times to write the end. I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to end it. But somehow I think I found the perfect way to do so :) Thanks again for everyone reading this and reviewing it. You guys are awesome!