Something to Talk About
By Misha

Disclaimer- I don't own "Grey's Anatomy", if I did Derek and Meredith would be together, it belongs to people with a lot more money than me. I'm not making any money off of this, so please don't sue me. Thanks.

Author's Notes- This is another new story. It's Alex/Meredith, because there's something fascinating about the idea of that couple. It's set after the second season finale and will explain itself from there. Well, that's all for now, enjoy!

Pairing- Alex/Meredith.

Summery- Everyone else left them and somehow they'd ended up together, they just didn't know what to do about it.

Rating- PG-13

Spoilers- Up to "Losing My Religion".

Part One- Every Morning

Meredith crawled out of bed and fumbled for her clothes. She really had to stop doing this.

"What time is it?" A sleepy male voice beside her asked.

"Five." Meredith told him as she located her clothes. "I have just enough time to get home nad get dressed before work."

"You could always bring clothes with you, then you wouldn't have to rush." Alex pointed out, sitting up.

Meredith gave him a look. "That's not how this works, Alex, you know that."

Alex shrugged. "I know that you've been waking up here every morning for two weeks and rushing out the door in a hurry."

Meredith couldn't deny that, but at the same time... She didn't wnat to do anything to confuse what it was. She and Alex were having sex. Lots of sex. They were co-workers and they were kind of friends, but nothing else. They couldn't be anything else.

"I have to go." She told him, pulling on her clothes. "I'll see you at work."

"See you." Alex said, giving her an amused look.

Meredith hurried out, wondering how she had gotten herself into this mess. She was having sex with Alex. Not once, not twice, but many times and she knew it would probbaly happen again. Because she was an idiot. But of course, she already knew that.

Alex watched Meredith rush out again and wondered why she made such a big deal out of it. So they were having sex, so what?

They were both consenting adults and it was there decision to make, but try and tell Meredith that. Every morning it was the same story, she rushed out, trying to get home before Izzie and George realized that she was gone, refusing to bring a change of clothes or tell anyone about them.

Alex shrugged, wondering why it even mattered to him. It was just sex, though really great sex, and it shouldn't matter one way or the other if people knew.

Alex thought briefly of Izzie and how she would react, then pushed the thought out of his mind. Izzie didn't care about him, she'd made that perfectly clear, so why should he care about her?

Besides, it's not like she'd ever find out, Meredith was clear on that.

"Another night with mystery man?" Izzie teased as Meredith came in.

Meredith blushed and shrugged. "He's not really a mystery."

"Yet, you won't tell me who he is." Izzie pointed out.

"I--" Mereidht began.

"I understand." Izzie told her with a smile. "You don't wnat to jinx it." She could understand why Meredith was relunctant to share her new romance, God knows her last few had been disasters.

"Yeah, that's it." Meredith admitted, blushing again. "I know it's silly."

"No, it's okay." Izzie assured her, though she was dying to know who the guy is. "I know you'll tell me when you're ready."