"Argh!" Doughnut yelled. Muffin yelled too. "Another perfect time to say they love each other!"

This is Doughnut. She has a friend named Muffin. Those are nicknames, if you couldn't guess. They were watching their favorite, sexiest cartoon: Danny Phantom!

And once again, Sam and Danny REFUSED to accept their love for each other.

"They are so CLUELESS! Why won't they get together?" Muffin wailed.

"Maybe," Doughnut started. "Let's kidnap them and force them to get together!"

So they did.


Danny woke up in a dark room. He was tied to a chair. Something heavy was tied to his lap. His eyes widened when he realized Sam was tied to his lap! Sam woke up about then. They started screaming. A struggle erupted as Sam and Danny tried to untie themselves.

"Ooh, that looks so wrong! It looks like you're humping each other!" Muffin screamed. A blond girl dressed in black had appeared. After screaming some more, Danny then tried to go ghost.

"Going ghost!" Nothing happened. "Uh, GOING GHOST!" Nothing. "Going ghost?"

"Ha ha!" Another girl had appeared. It was Doughnut. She had a black tank top, and tight black jeans. She wore Goth necklaces. "You can't go ghost! Those ropes are immune to ecto-thingies! We are here to force you to realize you love each other!"

Danny and Sam blushed and immidiately refusing loudly that they were more than friends.

"We'll see about that!" snorted Muffin. She pulled out a piece of paper. "We can think of millions of reasons why you should be together. But we'll just say fifty!"

"WHO ARE YOU!" Sam screamed.

"Oh, how rude. Well, I am Muffin, and this is Doughnut."

"Why are you called Muffin and Doughnut?" asked the ever so clueless Sexy Danny.

"Because I hate doughnuts and Muffin hates muffins ARE YOU STUPID?" Doughnut screamed. Danny shrunk back.

"Let's boogie."

Muffin started the toture. "Number one: It's thanks to Sam that you are a ghost. A sexy ghost! So to repay her, marry her!"

Danny and Sam squirmed uncomfortably. Muffin and Doughnut sniggered.

Doughnut paced back and forth. "Reason number two: Sam come to a football game, even though she doesn't like football, and she was sick, just to see you! And you were just the mascot!"

Sam protested. "Tucker was there too!" she said glowering at the two kidnappers.

"WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT TUCKER! And he was on his PDA! You were watching! Waiting for Sexy Danny!" Doughnut shrieked.

Muffin stared at her for a second, then shook her head. "Reason number three: Danny, you called Sam when she was sick!" Muffin grinned and said this in a sing-song voice.

Danny glared. "She's my best friend! Of course I called her!"

Doughnut calmly ignored Danny. "Number Four: Sam took care of you when you were sick!"

Sam sighed before replying. "You know, I was taking care of Tuck---"

Doughnut started screaming. "STOP TALKING ABOU TUCKER! Ahem, Reason Number Five: Danny, you offered to get stuff for Sam when she was sick."

Danny stared at them, confused. "How do you know this? AND SHE WAS SICK!"

Muffin said, quite calmly, "It doesn't matter how we know. Number six,"

"WAIT!" yelled Doughnut. "I love number six! Let me say it! AHEM! Number six: you both have black hair!"

Danny and Sam stared blankly at them. They looked at each other. Then back and Muffin and Doughnut. "Um, that has nothing to do with anything!" Danny said.

Doughnut scoffed. "Of course it does! It has everything to do with anything! Sam likes black! Therefore, she loves your sexy black hair." A dreamy expression crossed Doughnut's face.

Danny and Sam stared blankly some more.

Muffin shook herself and continued. "So, reason number seven: Sam, you fight ghosts with Danny! All the time!"

(AN: This is getting annoying so script form!)

S: We're just friends! Why can't you get that!

M: That's weird, it's so obvious you love Danny!

Dt: AHEM! #8! You're best friends!

D+S: EXACTLY! We're just friends!

Dt: Best friends make the BEST couples!


M: #9, WHEN THE GHOST KING THING TRIED TO TAKE OVER! Sam had something to tell Danny that she didn't… IT WAS A ADMISSION OF LOVE!

D+S: -,-

Dt: #10, one of the good ones. You're so CUTE together!