Day Four: Danny and Sam are still tied to each ozzer's laps. Zey cannot get away. Ze two scary women, okay, ze two scary teenagers, were still trying to get zem togezzer. It is time for Muffin and Doughnut to try once again to get Danny and Sam togezzer.

Ze two scary girls carefully make zeir way towards the trapped couple. Zey are asleep. Zis is ze perfect time for ze hunt!

Zey sneak up and suprise ze trapped ones.

"DANNY! SAM! OMG! I just can't wait!"

Ze teenagers appear to be acting very strange and AAAAAAAAAAH!

"Sorry, French narrorater guy!" Doughnut yelled. She had trampled over him. "Didn't mean that!"

Muffin blinked. "What's a French narrorater guy doing in your room?"

"I have no idea whatsoever." Doughnut said slowly. "At least Danny and Sam are awake!"

To put it more precisely, Danny and Sam had jumped as high as they possibly could tied to a chair.

So once again certain parts of Danny's lap anatomy were crushed.

Once again Danny was yelling with pain and wriggling in his chair.

And once again that looked completely wrong.

Muffin and Doughnut rolled on the floor with laughter.

The French narrorater guy lay unconsious on the floor. Poor guy. Muffin and Doughnut pulled out the dreaded LIST.

(A/N Please don't do this to me.)

M: Kay Kay! #41: You always talk on a videophone. You just love to look at each other!

D: OMG! Is it so wrong to look at your friend?

M: If you look at her the way you do!

D: SHUT UP! And how do I look at her?

(A/N I really shouldn't have to do this.)

The T.V. turned on. It showed many times where Danny and Sam were talking on the videophone. Muffin and Doughnut kept pausing it and pointing out every little time Danny or Sam looked at each other thinking more than friends...

"WE ARE NOT 'MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS'!" Sam yelled indiginantly. "Those few----"

"Try few dozen," Muffin muttered to Doughnut.

"---- times that Danny and I may have made weird faces were just ACCIDENTS!"

"Hey!" Danny said looking more hurt than he was in his pants. "Are you saying I'm repulsive? Is that why I've never had a girlfriend?" He began sobbing.

Sam looked suspiciously at Muffin and Doughnut.

"Okay, okay, so maybe we might've put some estrogen in Danny's drink."


Shrug. "Well, we just wanted to see what would happen. Oh, and we put some testosterone in your drink."

Sam gave them a glare that would've reduced the demon spawn of Captain Hector Barbossa, a Kraken, Davy Jones, and Hitler to a sobbing puddle.

"What. Did. You. Do. To. My. DRINK!"

Muffin and Doughnut, being very stupid, started laughing.

"Oh, we didn't do anything to your drink. We would never dream of giving YOU male hormones. Imagine how badly you would hurt us! We were just curious about Danny, and what would happen if we gave him girl hormones."

"Just keep going with the list." Sam growled.

"What!" they exclaimed, shocked.

"The sooner you finish the sooner I can go home!"

(A/N I hope you liked that.)

Dt: #42: Everyone calls you lovebirds. Everyone knows you would be great together. And you will get together eventually! Everyone knows! Stop making this suspenseful!


M: #43: You and Sam slowdanced at the dance after Sam was a dragon!

D: The DJ was playing a slow song!

M: Yeah, so? You still slowdanced! And Sam told you to keep your pants up. That means she hope you liked her the way you like Paulina! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee!

Dt: Yeah, she gets like that when she hasn't watched, listened, thought of, or had the Phantom of the Opera mentioned every five minutes. AHEM! #44: Sam, you got mad when Paulina and Kitty used Danny! You turned into a dragon! And dented a locker, smashed a napkin dispenser, and broke someone's mailbox!

S: I was wearing that stupid necklace! And for the last time – WE. ARE. JUST. FRIENDS!

D: When did Paulina use me?

Dt: smacks herself in face – Let's not talk about that.

M: # 45: Danny, you always try to protect Sam, by telling her not to fight the ghosts! You risk Tucker's life, but not Sam's!


Dt: speaking loudly over Danny whining - #46! Sam is rich!

S: And?

Dt: You could use your status! You could become more popular than Paulina! You are beautiful and smart! Yet you choose to stay with Danny!

S: And Tucker.


M: She gets like that when she hasn't watched Pirates of the Caribbean for the seventh time each day. So, #47: Sam always lectures you on using your powers for good! She worries about you! And no doubt she prefers the Good Danny. Evil Dan Phantom is SO UGLY! Never turn evil Danny. You're hot just the way you are.

Dt: #48: You – care – about – each - other! You've – been – friends – for – YEARS! You – know – each – other – better – than – your – parents – know – you! You – belong – together!

(A/N Just give me a little moment here.)

Doughnut was slamming a pillow against the wall.

(A/N Okay, moment gone.)

M: -,- Okay, that was weirder than normal. Well, #49: Wait! 49! We're almost done!

(A/N I don't know why I do this.)

Doughnut and Muffin burst into tears. Danny and Sam burst into cheers!

(A/N Please.)

M: Well, better keep going. Even though I love having a sexy halfa tied to a chair.

Dt: And I'm making great money with internet pictures.

M: I know. I'll miss the money too. - sobs - #49: Sam always heals you! Tucker never bandages your wounds! Sam does! And I think she enjoys it the way she touches you!


Dt: I get the last one! Okay, # 50: BECAUSE YOU'RE BOTH FRICKIN UGLY!



They sat back quickly when they realized what they had said. Doughnut and Muffin grinned evily.

Dt+M: The real reason #50: You just admitted you love each other!\

(A/N Okay, last one!)

The two teenagers let Sam and Danny out of the chair. They immidiately started making-out.

"Our work here is done." Sam and Danny left the room.

Tucker stepped out from the shadows.

"Thank God that worked!"

"I know!" Tucker, Muffin, and Doughnut started hugging.

"I was thinking they would never get together!"

Tucker went to leave the room.

"Ahem. Tucker?"

"Oh, right."

He pulled two PDA's from his backpack.

"Here you go! Payment! Now, I better go back before they find out I paid you to get them together. Nice work, by the way."

Danny and Sam went back to Amity Park. With one little sidestop…

"Hey! Danny! Sam! Where have you been for four days? Everyone thought you ran away together and got married!" Tucker said, barely able to contain his giggles. Danny and Sam hid their left hands behinds their backs.

"Don't be stupid, Tuck!" Danny said.

"Yeah, we were kidnapped by evil teenagers who tied us to a chair and forced us to listen to a list of fifty reasons why Danny and I should be together."

"Good one Sam!" Tucker chuckled.

"While we're on that topic, Tucker, Sam and I are together!"

Tucker fainted from shock.

Or at least he pretended to...