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Her head ached. Everything seemed to spin all around her. This was a nasty feeling; as bas as an overdose of anesthesia

Yet, this time was different. Her stench was no more and she felt covered by something soft and white. Even a few sun rays bathed what seemed to be a floor.

She started to feel comfortable (apart from the dizziness), and close her eyes slowly… when a bundle of noisy shapeless figures entered in a hurry.

She felt curious about what was the hustle; but, alas, she couldn't move. She even tried to open a little bit more her eyes…. With no result.

Frustration started to run through her veins; but, as if a magic call, the peach oval approached her, and once it was in front of her, it muttered something on Lilia's ear.

Lilia couldn't understand what the oval was saying, so she forced her voice; only for a faint squeak to come.

The oval froze for, what seemed to be 10 seconds; then, it started to shout in a dead ancient language, to roll in the floor-still shouting-, slam itself against the big green circle, run in circles and threw itself against a window.

Nor the green circle or the red stripe moved.

Lilia felt ashamed.

-"This kind, basic-shaped deimos helped me out, and I just scared one of them!...I must apologize!"- She thought.

Now the Big green circle approached her. It stood right in front of the bed and suddenly grew something that looked like fat tentacles.

Lilia almost had a stroke when the tentacle curled around her wrist and stayed there for a minute. Then it approached the red stripe, said something on that weird language and both left.

Lilia felt relieved, and now she could feel her surroundings a little bit better….even though everything kept fussy and dizzy.

With her regained sensing ability, he realized that she was wet… really wet.

-"Well, at least I don't stink"- she muttered to herself, trying to feel better.

Hours passed and she started to sleep.

After a couple napping hours, she got suddenly awoke by the cerulean spot. It was atop the bed, shaking her from her shoulders. Even though the sudden shaking was painful and almost made her peanut-size brain to collapse; she noticed that the cerulean spot smelled nice.

When she finally opened a little bit her eyes, the spot loosened the grip and turned to face the other basic forms. It shouted in glee and ran out of the room.

After a few mutters, the circle, the oval and a newly arrived white triangle left, leaving Lilia alone with the red stripe.

The red stripe was bound to leave, but it stood still, and, after a while, it turned to face Lilia.

The stripe started to speak in an evil tone, with words on that language she could not understand. Then it grew an arm and pointed at her. Lilia was puzzled. What in the world did this stripe-shaped deimos want with her?

An eerie silence invaded the room. But it abruptly got interrupted by a small chuckle from the stripe. Then the chuckle became a crazed EVIL laugh.

The stripe said something more and started to grow some sort of brown arm, with a blunt black edge.

It approached Lilia… with this evil chuckle painted in its face.

A horrible pain invaded Lilia's body; and before blacking out, she saw the red stripe leaving the room, muttering something with joy.


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As the snakes ran away from the ugly taste, the cerulean spot found Lilia. But this cerulean spot was no spot; in fact, it was Kharg, which went out to investigate the "ugly stench" the others were talking about.

There, in the middle of the forest, he found Lilia, and tried to drag her to the village; yet, the stench was too strong; even for Kharg's politeness.

So he ran back to Yewbell and asked his friends to get the biggest bucket they could find; fill them with water and bring them along up to the Forest trial; where Lilia was.

So Kharg grabbed some soap and chlorine and ran to the forest, where everyone was waiting.

They got ready to "bath" Lilia…but Maru's voice interrupted.


-"Yes Maru?"

-"do you have any idea of how to bath a girl?"

-"Paulette must know"- stated Kharg-" right Paulette?"

Paulette stood there in silence; thus she has never bathed another girl before.

-" No…. but Tatjana must!" –Said the long-haired girl, in hope of getting rid of the problem.

Tatjana thought for a minute. Then, with her scientist-tone, stated:

-" Throw the chlorine atop her until her skin is red and the clothing had dissolved. Then throw the salty lemon juice atop her."

-"are you sure that is gonna work? It sounds painful to me"- Maru added.

Yet, Ganz turned over to defend the former scientist.

-"Those baths were a common wake up signal in the army!"

-"plus, that is what I do to clean my guns"- added Tatjana.

So, they did. Lilia woke of her unconsciousness only to shout as hard as she could; and lie down again.

An incredibly annoying silence floated around the area; until Paulette broke it.

-"well; no pain no gain, right?"

And everyone laughed. After the comical moment, they dragged Lilia back and stuck her into the inn.

Kharg and Tatjana left, so they could bring some cold tea to the others.

Here, Lilia started to awake and Maru approached, then he muttered to Lilia:

-"are you awake?"

Lilia squeaked and Maru observed. Then, he got the brilliant idea that Lilia was possessed by the Lord of the Black abyss, and thus, he started to shout so, he rolled in the floor, slammed against Ganz, then against a wall, only to finish jumping out of the window.

What he forgot is that they ere on a second Floor. Oh well.

Both Paulette and Ganz stared in awe, as the stupidity level Maru's brain could reach.

After the commotion, Ganz approached Lilia and measured her pressure level.

-"She seems to be fine" –said Ganz

-" that's good!"-Answered Paulette- "why don't we go tell the others?"

So, they left. Here is when Lilia felt that she was wet. She fell asleep.

Later that day, Kharg got to know that Lilia was ok, so he ran towards the room and took Lilia from her shoulders, and started to shake her happily.

-" Lilia, are you still alive?!"- Kharg asked over and over, in an exited tone.

As Lilia opened her eyes, He shouted in glee.

-"Lilia's ok! Let's go celebrate!!!" –Shouted Kharg.

Everyone was leaving. Paulette was the last one to leave the room; but as she was turning to face the door; something unexplainable happened to her.

Three eerie shadows stood in front of her, and murmured something.

Paulette's sight instantly changed, and an Evil smile appeared in her face.

-"You are right"- Paulette said with a slightly more fierce tone of voice, as she pointed Lilia –" She does not deserve mi compassion; as she is only a block in my path…"

An eerie silence invaded the room. But it abruptly got interrupted by a small chuckle. Then the chuckle became a crazed EVIL laugh.

-"YES, YOU ARE RIGHT, MISS SHADOW! BET RID OF HER I MUST!... but not just Like that. A block like her must be dissembled slowly and painfully…."

Then this shadow smiled, as the other two materialized a giant Hammer, which was given to Paulette.

She approached Lilia with a creepy smile.

-"Sleep well, b$&h, as you'll face a nightmare you've never lived before."

The shadows laughed as Paulette smashed Lilia's head.

Then, both the shadows and the hammer disappeared, leaving not a single trace that they were there.

Paulette was standing at Lilia's side, feeling blank-headed.

-" my… what was I… oh, yes! I was going to celebrate that Lilia's ok!"

And she left the room, dashing through the stairs.

What were those Shadows? Why did they brainwash Paulette? Or… Did they brainwash Paulette? What if they just helped her to realize her deepest desires? Is this gonna be the worst time for Lilia?

Stay tuned to find more about the story…



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