A secret

"Release me!" Koenma snapped only to wince as the grip twisted his arm a little more.

"I don't take orders from you anymore, Prince Koenma," Sensui informed as he bent down to place his face against the brunette's, still holding the other's arm high above him. "No… I like it much better when you are the one taking orders from me."

"I won't take orders from you anymore!" Koenma snapped only to cry out when Sensui's hand grabbed his chin tightly.

"You think that, do you?" He inquired with a twisted grin. "That's too bad… I hate to disappoint you." Violet eyes lifted slowly with a small hum. "We have company, do we?"

"Let him go," Yuusuke ordered in a calm voice, Kazuma standing beside him.

"He is quite lovely," Sensui purred toward Koenma as he stroked the prince's face, ignoring the growl that the brunette emitted. "What is it you like best? Is it his eyes? He has quite lovely eyes."

"I repeat… let him go," came from Yuusuke once more.

"Or maybe it's his attitude," the sorcerer continued as he leaned in to brush his lips against Koenma's ear. "It reminds you of me, doesn't it?" Koenma let out a small gasp at these words and had no time to struggle as Sensui released his arm and lifted him off the ground by his grip on the younger man's chin.

"Prince Koenma!" Kazuma gasped but remained behind Yuusuke with a look from the younger guard.

"Where is my ring?" Sensui's inquiry was playful as he giggled slightly, Koenma struggling in his grip, hands clawing at the powerful arms and legs kicking uselessly.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Yuusuke informed coolly.

"I don't believe you," Sensui responded, still grinning and his tone one he would use while talking to a good friend. "Where is my ring?"

"They don't know," Koenma mumbled out as best he could. "I hid it."

"Oh?" Twisting around in a speed neither guard could keep up with the sorcerer slammed the prince into a wall. Yuusuke gasped out in pain while Koenma let out a small scream. "Tell me where it is!"

"Never!" He snapped in response.

A few seconds later Sensui laughed lightly. "That mage… merging your souls. He is smarter than I thought…" He dropped Koenma to the ground and turned to Yuusuke. "Where is the ring?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Yuusuke stated again, his arms shaking lightly from pain.

"Tell me or I'll kill him."

"He doesn't know!" Koenma growled as he attempted to stand only to fall back to the ground. "I am the only one that does!"

Violet eyes glanced over a broad shoulder before Sensui let out a giggle that sounded twisted to their ears. "Tell me or I'll kill him." This time it was directed at Koenma.

"If you kill him I will die too," Koenma whispered.

"Is that what the mage told you? No… you will feel like you are dying but you will not die." Golden eyes widened at this. Kurama had not said he would die but he had assumed… "Tell me, Koenma, or I will kill your precious guard."

"Fuck you!" Yuusuke spat. "Koenma will never-"

"I swallowed it."

Both guards gaped at the prince whose head had fallen, eyes closed and lips trembling. "Koenma…" Yuusuke breathed.

"Swallowed it?" Sensui laughed as he approached the prince once more. "We'll have to take care of that, won't we?"

"Don't touch him you bastard!" Yuusuke finally lost it and made to rush at Sensui only to have his body freeze up. "What the-!?"

A tall man with cuffs on his wrists stepped up to them, his turquoise hair hanging just past his shoulders and his glowing green eyes appearing foreign on his face.

"Itsuki," Sensui greeted, ignoring the gapes that came from both guards. "Can you remove the ring?"

"Not without killing him," the mage stated.

Sensui reached down to grab hold of Koenma's shirt. "That's not a problem."

"Koenma!" Yuusuke cried as the brunette struggled against Sensui's strong hold. "You bastard! Let him go!"

Itsuki laughed as the sorcerer began to walk off. "He says that as if you're actually going to listen."

"Mother fucker!" The guard accused. "You're a mage! You took an oath to never harm anyone on the side of good!"

"I did?" the inquired. "I never took that oath. Farewell." Laughing he turned to leave only to find Sensui stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Sensui?"

"We meet again, dragon," Sensui commented toward Hiei whom stood before him.

"It would be in your best interest to release the prince," Hiei growled as he pulled his sword from beneath his heavy cloak. "Now."

"Itsuki," Sensui snapped. "Take this." He tossed Koenma as if the boy was a doll and Itsuki caught him easily. "Work quickly."

"Of course." Itsuki placed Koenma on the ground and bound down his arms and legs using a visible white magic. "Forgive me, prince, but I am going to have to do this while you are awake."

"Itsuki…" Koenma breathed before the other man placed his hands on his stomach.

A scream echoed from the prince as well as Yuusuke when magic began to cut through his skin slowly, ripping straight through the soft material of his clothes. Hiei and Sensui rushed at each other at speeds that no human eye could catch and blood began to splatter from Koenma's stomach, Itsuki's magic releasing Yuusuke as he dropped to the ground.

"Prince Koenma!" Kazuma shrieked. "Yuusuke!" The brunette was twitching as he screamed. "Hiei!" The dragon flew back and hit a wall only to growl and burst forward again. "Damn it… is there anything I can do!?"

"Faster, Itsuki!" Sensui growled.

"Of course," Itsuki responded, as he placed more magic into the spell. Koenma's screams grew louder and he threw his head to the side, blood splattering across Itsuki's face but not distracting him one bit.

Guards rushed up after hearing the prince's screams but were taken down easily by a blast from Sensui, which did not even distract him from his fight.

"You stupid dragon!" Kazuma growled. "Can't you turn into your dragon form or whatever and kick his ass!?"

"And bring down the whole palace with me!?" Hiei snapped in question as he barely dodged a kick. "What is that going to do aside from killing all of us!?"

"Damn it!" The guard growled. "Where is Kurama when you need him!?"

As if called by his name, Youko appeared then behind the redhead. "What is going on he- Prince Koenma!" He approached but remained behind Kazuma. "Itsuki!?"

"Hello Master Kurama," Itsuki greeted without removing his hands.

"Itsuki, what are you doing!?" The Youko inquired. "You are killing him!"

"Not fast enough, I'd say," was the response as Koenma let out another desperate shriek and Yuusuke's body jolted from the shock.

"Itsuki, cease this instant!" The kitsune ordered only to be ignored. "Itsuki!"

"Shut him up, please," the mage pleaded.

"With pleasure," Sensui responded before kicking a ball of energy toward Youko who jumped out of the way, the wall behind him exploding.

"Itsuki!" He snapped although he remained helpless. He could not get close without Sensui blowing him to bits without the use of magic or a speed like Hiei's.

Playing the hero at a hopeless time, Kurama appeared then with a shield that protected Hiei from an explosion that would have blown him to bits had it hit. The dragon turned as smoke cleared toward the almost glowing form of the half-kitsune, braided hair a mess and clothes torn slightly, his face smudged with dirt. He appeared to have seen hell.

"Am I late?" Kurama inquired before Sensui attacked him. "Hiei!" He cried in between blocks and attacks. "Stop Itsuki!"

Hiei did not need to be told twice as he jerked himself around and headed toward the mage. He was stopped, however, by a quick spell, which left Itsuki to cut Koenma with only one hand, slowing down the process and reducing the prince's screams to quiet sobs of pain.

It was up to Kurama now and the redhead knew that. It didn't seem to halter his attacks, however, as he went at Sensui full-force.

Magic against magic. Curse met with spell. Attack met with shield.

It appeared as if the battle could go on forever although they both knew Kurama would attempt to shorten it as best he could. The mage appeared to have grown slightly stronger within his weeks spent training though not by much. Sensui was laughing on the inside… there was no way the merely nineteen year old boy could beat him, one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence.

"Prince Koenma," Kurama panted as he attempted to catch his breath. "I hope you did not care about these windows."

"What?" Sensui inquired. The windows were fine-

A crash filled the air and within seconds sharp needles shot through his body. Plants, he realized a moment later. Plants had cut through his back and were now sticking out of his chest. Merely plants.

He had not known the mage had power over plants. He had not known the mage would have the indignity to attempt an attack from behind.

"You little-" Sensui wheezed as he clenched his fists around a ball of energy before shooting it toward the redhead.

Kurama fumbled with the seal before managing to send an attack back toward him, the two clashing in the middle. Instead of crackling against each other they both curled off toward the side and were sent flying.

Both mage and sorcerer gasped when they hit another target instead.

"Itsuki!" Sensui gaped when the pale man let out a soft cry, both types of spells he was using breaking as he toppled over.

Youko stumbled over to the fallen man and quickly checked him over. "He is not dead, but he will be within moments. The dark and light magic mixed together gives us no chance to heal him." Because both attacks were magic there was no wound on the man… instead the attacks were within his body.

"Sensui…" he breathed as Youko lifted him up and carried him toward the ex-guard whom was still locked in place by the plants sticking from his back. Lying in his once mentor's arms the mage lifted a hand to trace Sensui's face. "This has gone on too long… it was fun at first but now it seems so pointless…"

"Itsuki…" he breathed in response, hand twitching although he did not dare to touch the other's.

Green eyes had become dulled before they filtered back into the golden ones they had once been. "Don't give me that look, you bastard," Itsuki whispered playfully, his voice fading. "I know you're not going to cry over me." His hand dropped from the other's face then as his eyes closed slowly. "At least… I hope not, Shinobu…"

Youko bent down and placed Itsuki on the ground before standing and walking away.

There was no look of sympathy on Kurama's face as Sensui stared in horror, his own life slipping away from the bleeding wounds in his chest. "Why did you want that ring so badly?" He inquired after a moment. "The two of them would be useless on anyone except Koenma."

Violet, dulled eyes turned to him. "I was going to use them as wedding rings," Sensui explained. "For he and I."

The redhead said nothing before he turned to Koenma and began to heal him, ignoring as Sensui slumped against the plants, his own life ending without the dramatically whispered words that Itsuki's had held.

No one cried.


"He'll live, right?"

Kurama's head dropped as Hiei approached, red hair curling slightly around his face. "Yes," he established. "Although not without quite a bit of shock and disdain, I suppose."

Hiei hummed lightly, leaning his back against the railing that Kurama was resting his arms against. "You showed no mercy on that man."

"What sort of mercy is there to show?" was the question he retorted with. "No matter what his excuse the fact is that he was attempting to kill the prince and had already nearly done so. I do not show pity on those who do things that do not deserve it."

"I had always thought you someone who would show pity on a murderer," Hiei informed.

"Is it pity you think that I have for you, Hiei?" Kurama responded with as he glanced toward the red-eyed dragon. The only reply he got was a small snort. "You have quite a bit to learn about me, then."

"What makes you think that I will stick around to learn it, kitsune?"

A small smile crossed Kurama's face. "Your sister has grown to like it here and I doubt you will trail from her." He pushed himself off of the railing then. "It does not matter if you stay, however. I will be the one leaving this time."

"More training?" Hiei inquired while Kurama made to walk away.

"You could call it that," the kitsune responded before he paused.

"Fox?" Hiei inquired as Kurama turned and walked back over to him. He gaped lightly when lips pressed lightly to his and before he knew it the door to the other's room had already closed, leaving him outside on the balcony. "Huh… stupid fox." Hiei turned back to the garden, ignoring the blush that had covered his face.



The guard entered the room slowly, his smile forced and his eyes tilted upward at the sides as he attempted to fight off the tears. He approached Koenma's bedside and plopped down onto it. "This is how this adventure began, huh? You laying in this bed."

A small smile crossed the prince's face. "Yes, but this time I won't be here long. How are you feeling?"

"Shouldn't you know?"

Koenma forced a laugh at the fake joke. "I suppose."

"Heh… did you actually swallow that ring, anyway?"

A small smile fell over Koenma's face before he reached into his pocket and pulled the object out. "Of course not."

Silence fell over them before Yuusuke whispered, "Kuwabara told me everything you said."

Koenma's head fell and his fingers curled into the blanket, not quite holding it tightly but about to, it seemed.

"I want to hear it from you, though," Yuusuke whispered, reaching over to pull up the lowered face. Golden eyes met his brown ones. "I want you to say it to me, Koenma…"

"Yuusuke… I…the consequences-"

"Fuck the consequences, Koenma. Say it."

Koenma watched him for a few moments before he breathed out, "I love you, Urameshi Yuusuke."

They were the words that had needed to be said for a long time and now they hung in the air like a burden that should have been lifted, but instead had become ten times heavier.

Koenma dropped his eyes. Yuusuke brushed his thumb across one warm cheek before standing up.

Nothing else was exchanged.


When he entered his house, Yuusuke was surprised to find his mother sitting in the living room, reading.

"Mom?" he inquired. "What are you doing home so early?"

"They let me have the day off," she told him. "Why are you home so early?"

"I quit," he breathed.

"You quit!?" She shrieked as she stood. "How can you quit, Yuusuke!? You're a guard for the prince! You can't just… just… quit!"

"He told me he loved me."

Her face paled. She had known of both males' feelings for each other for a long time of course (or at least Yuusuke's feelings for Koenma), but it was obvious what the words meant.

"That doesn't explain why you quit," she told him.

"Mom," the young man breathed. "He can't love me. I'm just his guard. It's not like I'm a prince."

"What do you mean?" The woman inquired as she approached. "Yuusuke… I told you who your father was."

"Yeah?" He asked. "Some guy named, uh… Raizen, right?"

Her eyes were focused on him as if trying to get him to remember something important. "Yes, Yuusuke. Raizen."

He searched his own mind before finally realizing something. "Wait… as in…"

"King Raizen, Yuusuke. King Raizen of the country Makai. You are a prince, Yuusuke."