They Came...That Night

Wooziness was the first thing that hits Kasuki when he woke up. "What hit me?" He pushes the fresh warm blanket away gets up from his bed, a fact that startles him since he washes them only once per month. "That was nice..." He smiles as he inhale it's scent, a trace of warm flowery fabric softener he doesn't remember using. 'Feel like home.' Letting go of the blanket he thinks back to the dream he had. "Man! May be that Uki was right, I am just not cut out for a girlfriend or three..." He chuckles nervously.

"Um, Kasuki-san." The pink haired girlfriend from the dream knees beside his bed. "Are you alright? Would you like something to eat?" Kasuki stare at her with his beety eyes, rubs it twice, looks at her again.

"Waaah!" The events of the day ran over in his head. "Yu-Yu-Yuna-san! Why are you still here in my room?"

"What?" Yuna blinked. "Manager-san saids it's okay." Outside the room door it said Shikimori Kasuki and "His wife" Miyama Yuna. Feeling the leg iron the gentile manager had dropped into his lap, Kasuki tips over and bang his head against the wall. "Aaa! Kasuki-san! Are you alright!" Yuna quickly helps him to lie down on the bed. She fluff up his pillow and add her pillow on top of Kasuki's old one before laying the boy's head down on it carefully. "If you are still feeling sick I can make you some porriage."

"Nevermind, Yuna-san. You can just give me some of your leftovers." Kasuki sighs in despair. 'Nakamaru and the boys would take me apart tomorrow.'

"Growl!" Yuna and Kasuki's stomachs complained. Yuna blushed as she try to shoosh her empty belly, but only to hear it complain again.

Kasuki narrows his eyes. "You haven't ate either?" Yuna nods while trying to hide her blush. "What time is it?" He looks at his clock. "8:30 pm... the cafeteria is closed...sorry Yuna-san. I seems I have made you miss you meal, I will try to pay you back some how."

"Don't worry about that!" Yuna got up and uncovers the dinner she had made. "I finished making dinner a long time ago...but Kasuki-san needed my attention more, so..."

"You didn't eat a bite!" Kasuki stared wide eye at the full course on his/their dinning table. "And you were attending to me the whole time?"

"Yes!" Yuna blushed more. "Would you like to eat at the table or...or in bed?"

Kasuki looks at her. "I will eat at the table. It will be too troublesome to make you feed me in my own bed."

"Not at all!" Yuna saids with fire. "As a wife, I would gladly do so for Kasuki-san!" Her belly growls.

Kasuki laughs uncomfortably. "Okay! Okay! Why don't you eat first? I will join you shortly." He gets up and went to the sink. After he washes his hands, Yuna was there to hand him a towel. "Thank you...Yuna-san."

Yuna smiles. Their stomach roars. They laughed.

At the table:

Kasuki began to try out a bit of every dish. "Awesome! Yuna-san's cooking is very high class."

"Thank you." Yuna giggles at the complement. She spots a dish of octopus went untouched. "Kasuki-san!"


"Say Aaaahhh!" She held out a little red squidling with her chopsticks.

Unsure of how to respond Kasuke looks at the offering with unease. "Errr..."

"You don't like this Kasuki-san?" Yuna made a little sad face with her offering rejected. She brightens and pick another dish. "How about...this Kasuki-san?"


"What's wrong?"

"I think this whole husband and wife thing is moving a little too quickly. I am not yet comfortable with a girl in my room." Seeing Yuna totally deflated and feeling more than a little guilt for his part he addes. "But... if you... like you could feed that squid to me." His cheek flames. "It does look delicious."

"Yes!" Revived, Yuna catchs the squid and dangles it before Kasuki. "Open wide!"

"Aaahh..." Kasuki open his mouth and catches the squid with his cheek. "Oh shoot!"

"Ah!" Yuna squeaks as the little squid went bouncing off the table. They look at each other.

"I am sorry!" Both reaches for the dropped morsel. "Bonk!" They hit their heads. "Owie..."

"Sorry..." Kasuki rubs the bump on his head. "It's my first time for these kind of things. I am sorry to inconvenient you...Yuna-san" He cups Yuna's hands as she held the little squid in her hand. He smile openly. "Thank you for taking care of me."

Her heart went doki doki.

Realising what he did and said he panics, and drops her hand like a burning skittle. "Um! I am sorry if I acted in any inappropriate fashion."

Yuna giggles as she wipe a bit of sauce from Kasuki's face and brought it to her mouth. Kasuki looks nervous, but didn't pull away as Yuna gave a chaste kiss on the spot.

After she pull away, he got up and offered her a hand. "Come, let's finish our dinner together." They turn to look at the table, and was stunned.

There was Kuriko helping herself to the feast. "This is excellent! You should become a chef, Yuna. I could offer you a place on my permenant staff if you want."

"Kuriko-san!" Yuna squak in outrage. "Stop this! This is for Kasuki-san! Noo! I made that for our desert! Let go of the fish!" She rushes off the save the dinner.

Kasuki sweatdrops. "What is she doing here again?" A razor edge pressed against his neck and his sweating begins in earnest. "Ri-Rin-chan! You too!"

"Sorry." Rin said quietly as she adjusted her grip on her sword. "But you won't be able to finish you last supper."

"NOOOOOOO!" Screams Kasuki as explosions and crash shatters the tranquil night.

That night Kasuki mutters in his bed as Yuna prepared to sleep in her's. He had refuse to sleep in the same bed with the girl. She held up the little squid dropped earlier that night, and turned it into a small plastic charm. Satisfied with her act she insert it into her pillow case. "Good night, Kasuki-san. I hope I can get closer to you, tomorrow..."

End chapter 1