There's a child on the corner

Her crying's un-consoled

Eyes are rimmed in bloody red

Feet are raw and cold

There's no one there to shield her

No one to take her hand

The streets are ruff

And times are cruel

And though she's wishes

That things were good

The sunlight is not near

She stares at the pool

That's at her feet

It's made of all her suffering

Reflected in its surface

She sees a tortured soul

The child looking back at her

Is skinny as a pole

And when the people pass her

They shake there heads and sigh

But no one ever looks back

Or stops to dry her eyes

Caring must be unbecoming

Shameful is the lack of aid

That I should spend my time like you

In egoistic bliss

And later watch as all of us are burning in the pits

Instead I'll spend the time I have

Giving God a helping hand

He's quite the mighty fellow

But there's only one of him

So lend your hands, your ears, your eyes

Your tongue, Your feet


The physical is not so much

It's about what lies within

Give to those that need the most

Take a moment and close your eyes

Hear your heart

You know it best it and search it well and true

Now tell me if there's not somewhere

Down deep inside of you

Concerned for mankind's loss