Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted something on fan fiction, it's amazing. I'm not the twelve year old girl I used to be, I'm seventeen now! You may be wondering why I decided to add to this story, right? Well the truth is, I was bored and decided to take a look at some of my stories on here to see which ones were good/kind of good to continue. As you can tell, I picked this one. Tell me if you think I should continue this chapter. I'm pretty sure there are no spelling mistakes so it's better than the first chapter. Kind of short but it will get longer if you want me to complete it.

I hope I still have readers out there…ha-ha

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Hiro's POV

I quietly enter the bedroom my girlfriend and I share and remove my wet clothing. I had been in the car for nearly two hours when it had started to down-poor. I shook my hair free of the water droplets and took a seat on the bed. My girlfriend was sound asleep on the other side and I was thankful. It'd be too hard for me to explain what had happened tonight to her. It could wait until the morning, or at least until tomorrow evening. I took a deep breath of air and let it out slowly, taking in the calming sent of my home. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and it read '2:00am'. "It's been a long night…"

My girlfriend stirred and I silently cursed myself for talking out loud. She rolled over and I had expected her to ask me where I had been but instead her eyes stayed closed I let out a quiet sigh of relief; she was still sleeping. I slipped under the covers and rolled over to face my beautiful wife. She had long blonde hair and light freckles that scattered across her cheeks. I allowed myself a brief smile but it quickly faded as I remember yesterdays events. My mind was wandering now and I knew it wouldn't do me any good to stop it.

What if I was the one that was killed last night? Surely Kai would've been the one assigned to tell my girlfriend about my death. How would my girlfriend react, would she be as devastated as Hilary had been? Or would she have moved on after a few months or so? Tears threatened to pour from my eyes but I closed them tightly. I promised myself that the grief would stay in the car and I wasn't about to break that promise. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself down enough to sleep. It was around 4:30am when I felt myself begin to drift off. The next thing I knew, I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock.

"Damn thing," My fist came in contact with the alarm, shutting it off instantly. "Good morning." I said while sitting up in bed. My girlfriend smiled up at me but didn't make an effort to move. I stretched my arms high above my head and then cracked my fingers. I leaned down towards my beautiful girlfriend and kissed her forehead, "I love you." Her blue eyes lit up as she giggled, "I love you too." Her words warmed my heart and gave me strength to get out of bed.

I threw the blankets off of me and walked towards our adjoining bathroom. I cracked the door and turned on the shower. I could hear my girlfriend finally getting up as she walked over towards the bathroom, "Where were you last night?" She asked curiously. I cringed slightly; I knew this would come up. I sighed sadly and turned to face her, "We lost someone last night," I paused. "It was Hiwatari Kai."

My girlfriend's hand flew up to her heart as she gasped at the name, "Hiro…I'm so sorry. He was your best friend, wasn't he?" She asked as she made her way towards me. My eyes glossed over and I knew I was about to cry. I felt so stupid for feeling this way. Kai was dead, he shouldn't matter anymore; yet I still felt so sad. I shook my head from my thoughts as I felt my girlfriend's arms wrap around me. I hugged back tightly and allowed a few tears to wash down my face. "I'm sorry." She said sadly. I pulled her off of me and kissed her on the lips gently, "Don't be, it wasn't your fault." She nodded and placed her hand on my cheek, "It wasn't your fault either."