Title: Love-Hate
Rating: PG
Warnings: May shake one's faith. Don't read if you are sensitive to this kind of thing, or if you are just going to flame me for having a bit of sympathy.
Author's Note: This may well be the riskiest thing I have written so far. I'm not sure I'm happy with it, but I can't say that I regret it either.
Summary: Lucifer's point of view in the final moment.
DISCLAIMER: I didn't write the Bible, nor do I own the rights to it, although I do own a copy.

There before the throne he stood, a tragic parody of his old life, before the Rebellion. Before the Fall.

So long ago.

Yet the 6,000 year span that had since passed was a mere breath in the mouth of Eternity.And now, on the brink of Forever, the inconvenient dread he had felt for so long peaked and levelled off. The cliff before the drop.

The waiting was almost over. He knew what was coming. Prophets, apostles, and even one or two still holy angels had foretold his fate, over the millenia. Yet he still could not quite bring himself to believe.

A holy, loving God.

Loving was not the operative word.

Why did God give second chances to pitiful, frail, easily-corrupted man, yet deny that same mercy to the first companions His hands had so lovingly crafted? Why did he hear out man's grievances and not those of the angels?

He had forgiven Adam, Noah, and even Peter who had denied Him.

Not Lucifer.

And waiting to be cast into Hell, the fallen angel felt his throat close and his eyes burn.

God did not seem to care.