Inuyasha's Fantasy (Part two)

(The next night, Inuyasha dreams of his futuristic family.)

Renashu: (Skipping joyfully) Daddy, can I have my allowance early please?

Inuyasha: No, you're just going to have to be patient.

(Renashu has no patience!)

Renashu: (Red eyes) I don't wanna be patient! I want it now!

Inuyasha: I said no! End of story!

Renashu: Grrrrr… I need it now!

(Renashu falls to the ground and beats on the floor, causing the entire house to shake!)

Inuyasha: Fine! Here! Take it!

Renashu: (Normal eyes and sweet little girl voice) Thank you daddy. (Skips off joyfully)

Kagome: She's something else isn't she?

Sinshida: She's a stugit.

Kagome: Sinshida, try to be nice. Now go get ready for school.

Sinshida: Oh fooey. I gotta get ready for FOOEY School. Fooey!

(She goes upstairs to get ready.)

Renashu: Did you try these new chocolate pep tart bars? They're really good!

Sinshida: No. Besides I told you that I would never EVER take another pep tart from you as long as I live.

Renashu: Just try it.

Sinshida: No.

Renashu: Try it!

Sinshida: NO!

Renashu: (Red eyes) Try it!

Sinshida: Fine! (Snatches pep tart)

Renashu: You'll love it. I just know it.

Sinshida: I don't love… (Takes a bite) but now I do! Oh chocolate pep tart, where have you been all my life! (Hugs pep tart)

Renashu: See! I told you you'd love it!

Sinshida: (Protective) Away! My pep tart!

(Sinshida runs down the stairs with her pep tart clenched in her hands.)

Kagome: Are you ready for school?

Sinshida: Get! Shoo! Mine! Go away!

(Grabs her space board and dashes out the door. Renashu comes downstairs.)

Kagome: What happened to her?

Renashu: (Dreamy face) Oh she discovered love. Love at first bite… (Back to normal) Later mom! Gotta get to FOOEY School! Bye! Hee hee.

Kagome: (Confused) Umm… Okay, bye dear. Hmm…

(At FOOEY School…)

Renashu: I'm so glad you love pep tarts now.

Sinshida: What! You can't prove that!

Renashu: Oh, come on. You loved it.

Sinshida: Negative. I don't love. I'm gonna go cause some trouble. Later, stugit.

Renashu: Oh, she's just in denial. Whoa! Cute boy! I'm gonna ask him to the dance!

(Renashu runs joyfully to the boy.)

Renashu: (Cheerful) Hiiiii! I'm Renashu! What's your name?

(He's a bit creeped out by her over-joyous attitude.)

Kyote: I'm… Kyote.

Renashu: Would you like to go to the dance with me?

Kyote: I, umm, don't think I can… Bye.

(Renashu's eyes turn red and she growls. Kyote begins to walk away, but Renashu grabs his shoulder and forcefully turns him around.)

Renashu: (Red eyes and a deep voice) You must go to the dance with me or ELSE!

Kyote: (Fearfully) Okay! Okay! Can't argue with that. Just don't hurt me!

Renashu: (Cheery again) Excellent! I can't wait! Bye! (Skips off joyfully)

Kyote: (Gulp) Uhh, yeah… bye… (Teeth begin to click)

(Renashu finds Sinshida in the hallway.)

Renashu: Sinshida! Guess what!

Sinshida: (Unamused) Surprise me.

Renashu: I got a date for the dance! Guess who it is!

(Sinshida just stands there and stares at her.)

Renashu: Okay, I'll tell you… It's Kyote! Do you have a date yet?

Sinshida: No.

Renashu: How come?

Sinshida: I don't want a date.

Renashu: Why not?

Sinshida: I hate people. People make me mad.

Renashu: Come on. I'll hook you up… (Grabs a random boy and pulls him over) Here, take him!

Sinshida: No. He's a dork. (Walks away)

Renashu: Sorry boy. (Boy walks away) Sinshida! Wait! (Runs after her) Let me hook you up!

(Back at home…)

Renashu: Mommy, I'm a hero! I saved the school!

Kagome: Wow! How'd you do that honey?

Renashu: The school's chemistry lab caught on fire, but it didn't get a chance to spread because I used my water blast to put out the flames!

Kagome: That's wonderful dear! I'm so proud of you! (Hugs Renashu) What about Sinshida? Did she help you put out the flames?

(Sinshida begins to look nervous.)

Renashu: No, she was too busy in the back singing, "Watch the school burn down in ashes, fa-la-la-la—"

(Sinshida violently covers her mouth.)

Sinshida: (Nervous) Ha ha… What a kidder. Ha ha… I didn't do that. Ha ha… Oh umm… I love you?

Kagome: Nice try. Sinshida, you didn't by any chance start the fire did you?

Sinshida: What? O-of course not… w-why would I do that? Ha ha…

(Kagome holds up a spray bottle.)

Sinshida: Oh no… Not the truth spray!

(Kagome sprays Sinshida's face with it. Sinshida tries to hold her breath, but it's no use.)

Sinshida: Mmm… Yes, I set the lab on fire! (Gasp)

Kagome: Well. Well. Well. Just as I suspected. You know what that means… Inuyasha!

Sinshida: Aaahh! No! He'll blister me! Nooo!

(Inuyasha comes with the belt.)

Sinshida: Now daddy, be reasonable.

(Inuyasha makes a smacking sound with the belt.)

Sinshida: Aaahh! (Runs through the house)

Inuyasha: (Chases her) Get back here young lady!

Sinshida: Nooo!

Inuyasha: Sinshida!

Sinshida: Nooo!

Inuyasha: (Getting tired) Stop… you're… wearing… me out.

(Sinshida sticks to the ceiling in her room, and Inuyasha comes in there.)

Inuyasha: I know you're in here.

(Sinshida is about to sneeze, and she makes a tiny sound.)

Inuyasha: What was that?

(Sinshida gets even more nervous, and she finally sneezes.)

Sinshida: AAA… CHOO!

Inuyasha: (Looks up) There you are!

(Sinshida screams and jumps down, trying to run from him, but he grabs her shirt.)

Sinshida: Oh, daddy… I umm… Hee hee… (Gulp)

(Inuyasha slams the bedroom door. Kagome and Renashu can hear her screaming.)

Renashu: Ooh… Well at least the dance wasn't cancelled.

(At the FOOEY annual dance, Renashu and Kyote are dancing, yet Kyote is a bit jumpy and jittery.)

Renashu: Put your hands around my waist.

Kyote: Umm, I…

Renashu: (Red eyes) Put 'em!

(Kyote quickly places his hands on her hips.)

Renashu: (Normal eyes) Isn't this romantic?

Kyote: Uhh, of course… I guess it's… neat. (Nervous) Umm… hey, do you want some punch?

Renashu: Why, yes I do!

Kyote: Well… then go get some 'cause I'm outta here! (Running away) Aaahh!

Renashu: What! He deserted me! (Red eyes) No one deserts me! Grrrrr….

(Renashu goes full demon and destroys the dance, and everyone runs out.)

Renashu: Destroy! Destroy! Grrr… Die dance die!

(The dance is ruined and Renashu worriedly turns back to normal.)

Renashu: Uh-oh… I'm in trouble.

(Back at home…)

Sinshida: (Walking and holding her butt) Ow… Ow… Ow…

Kagome: Oh please. He didn't hurt you that bad.

Sinshida: Yes he did. I can't even sit yet. Ow… Ow… Ow…

(Renashu comes in with a nervous look on her face.)

Inuyasha: What did you do?

Renashu: Do…? I didn't do anything. (Nervous)

Kagome: Hmm… I beg to differ. (Holds up spray can)

Renashu: Uh-oh…

(Kagome sprays the truth spray in Renashu's face.)

Renashu: Mmm… I destroyed the dance in my demon rampage! Whoops…

(Inuyasha grabs the belt.)

Inuyasha: (Walking toward her) Your turn.

Renashu: (Nervous) Oh no… Umm, pep tart? (Hands out pep tart.)

(Inuyasha doesn't buy it and makes a smacking sound with the belt.)

Renashu: I'll take that as a "no".

(Outside the dream, Kagome tries to wake Inuyasha up, and he quickly sits up.)

Inuyasha: (Half-awake) I'll blister your ass!

Kagome: (Smack!) Geez! Some greeting! (Storms out angrily)

Inuyasha: (Holding his cheek) But I… Oh forget it. Ow.